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Easily Unblock and Stream Fox News outside US

Fox News is a popular American channel that has been broadcasting ever since 1996 and has gained universal acclaim. It is a part of Fox Entertainment Group and is of course linked to the mighty 21st Century Fox. “Fair & Balanced” is the motto of the channel, offering unbiased information and breaking news through its streaming (although it has been criticized for favoring more the conservative side).

Nevertheless, the truth is that the channel is not free for viewing to everyone in the world, and this can never be interpreted as fair and balanced. On the contrary, only viewers mainly from the United States of America and Canada are able to watch the content of Fox News without any obstacle getting in the way. The rest of the world seems to be cut off from the quality content that Fox News can offer live.

On the bright side, there are methods that can allow you to bypass the restriction that has been applied to you due to your location. Fox News is an important channel that can add to your overall information and therefore you should not be forced to settle for anything less than its free live broadcasting.

As you are going to see below, this is not too good to be true; you simply need to know where you are looking! Prior to initiating our how-to guide on the steps required for you to unblock Fox News streaming outside US, let’s see why this phenomenon exists.

Why is Fox News Blocked outside US?

First of all, it goes without even saying that channels invest on their popularity and wish to be kept popular so as to gain profit out of the whole process. In order to ensure their profits, there are several international agreements that are signed between channels of various countries and outline in detail their broadcasting spectrum. In avoidance of conflicts between these channels, there are specific countries where each channel is free for viewing.

For the other countries, there might be tunnels to watch channels like Fox News through a cable or satellite subscription on a monthly basis. The whole accessibility of an Internet user to a channel is determined by his IP. In the case of Fox News, you simply need to have a US IP for accessing the content of this channel. Well, let’s have a look at the methods used for offering you this chance!

How to Unblock Fox News Everywhere?

Well, as you are about to witness yourselves, there is nothing complicated in the whole procedure of enjoying Fox News streaming live anywhere in the world. We have already explained that your IP is what will either grant or deny access for you. There are various different methods that will lead to the very same outcome, though!

Using VPN

You have definitely heard about VPN (which is none other than Virtual Private Network). This is a reliable method that masks your IP address and is able to help you get a new one from the States. If you are wondering how this service works, you should think of a middle man between your Internet connection and the site that you wish to visit (in this scenario, the site would be Fox News channel). You choose a remote server that is located in the US and you connect via that portal, in order to get the IP that you have been searching for. In short, the steps that are required are the following:

This is it! Of course, VPN is world renowned not only for its ability to offer you the opportunity to change your IP. Instead, it can be used for encrypting your traffic throughout your web surfing and thus offering you anonymity and precious privacy online.

Using a Smart DNS Service

Another method that provides the same result in your attempt to get Fox News live streaming for free is the Smart DNS services available on the web.

For instance, StrongDNS is one such service that enables you to change your IP for selected sites.

Although there is no data encryption available within this service, nobody can deny that it is easy and simple to use and that it can provide instant and remarkable effects.

It works similarly to the VPN that we explained above, with the steps needed being the following:

  • Subscribe to the Smart DNS service of your preference
  • Make any configuration for your device
  • Select a US DNS server
  • Connect and enjoy streaming

Using Other Methods

Apparently, these are not the only methods that you can rely on for getting the opportunity to enjoy Fox News free live stream globally. You can also choose to use Tor, as a free and open-source program that enables you to change your IP for the sites you are interested in accessing. You download the Tor browser and you are ready to alter your IP.

Then, there is the option of using proxies as your safe passage to Fox News live stream internationally. Proxy services are easy to use and can be free, providing immediate results. You just copy and paste the URL of the website you need to unblock and press the Enter button. You can experiment with different methods, programs and apps that aim to offer you a US IP address; this is the cornerstone of unblocking Fox News outside US and in every single country of the world.

Which Option Qualifies as the Best?

Many of you might be wondering which method of the previously mentioned ones in this article is the very best solution for you to follow. Still, there is no easy question that can cover the needs and criteria of every Internet user with the same goal; to access the unblocked content of Fox News. There are people who find that the safety online is of indisputable value and this is why it would be wise for them to go for the use of VPN accounts.

People on the other hand who do not worry about that a lot and who wish to get something affordable or even free should not consider VPN as an option. As you can easily comprehend, it is all a matter of priorities. So, you need to think a lot and conclude as to what matters to you the most. After that, you will be able to reach the most suitable decision as to how you should get Fox News channel live from your home or from your current location.

No matter if you are a US expat living overseas or a student abroad, a tourist or a business man outside of your home; no matter if you do not live in the States, but you still want to enjoy the content of one of the most popular news channels in the world; after complying with the simple guidelines highlighted above, you can rest assured that Fox News streaming abroad (outside US) will be made true for you even more easily than you had anticipated! BTW practically, you can watch Fox sports, soccer or any other channel online by making use of the same guidelines being given above. Enjoy!

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