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How to Unblock Sky Go outside UK

Watching TV and stream the content you love while you are on the go is a true blessing. A lot of us miss out on their favorite shows, series or even documentaries and the news, simply because of our heavy duties in our personal daily routine. Business and running errands can be tough and the additional drawback of not having the fun that you would, should you be at home, seems frustrating.

If you are in the UK, there is great chance that you enjoy Sky Go as one of the most qualitative solutions in online streaming. With a plethora of wonderful channels covering a lot of different tastes and target audiences, Sky Go is one of the most treasured habits for the Brits.

However, due to geographical restrictions and copyright conflicts, it is true that only British people are able to enjoy the content of Sky Go. No matter if you live in Britain, when you step outside the comfort zone of the UK you cease to have the right to watch Sky Go.

Of course, this cannot be justified as there is the indisputable right of everyone (let alone the same person located in different places!) to enjoy the same quality and quantity of online streaming. Fortunately, we have got the solution for you toward succeeding in enjoying Sky Go outside UK. But, before we head to that, let’s have a look at some of the channels that you will be able to stream upon accessing Sky Go!

Channels Supported by Sky Go

Diversity and quality are the two distinctive characteristics of the streaming content available by Sky Go supported channels. As you will come to realize for yourself, there are many different channels that cover a vast spectrum of the audience (not only in the UK, but in the whole wide world).

Besides the various Sky Channels (like Sky 1, Premiere, Showcase, Family, Disney, Action, Drama and Sports 1, 2, 3, 4), you get to watch Discovery and Animal Planet, National Geographic and History Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, MTV, Fox, TLC and many more. You are bound to get addicted to some of these channels! Now, let’s see why the restrictions apply, prior to figuring out how we can overcome them.

Why is Sky Go Blocked outside UK?

As we have highlighted earlier, there are copyright conflicts applied by the major studios and the companies related to the film industry. This is the basic principal that is followed and that prevents people from outside the United Kingdom to access the same content as the Brits. Even if we agreed that there is validity in such claims on behalf of the people working for the industry of cinematography and so on, there is a paradox that can never be justified.

To be more specific, the person who resides in the UK has got the absolute right to watch Sky Go; the very same person who goes on a business trip or wishes to go on vacations cannot enjoy the same content that was accessible to him before. British expats and students have to face with this cruel truth, as well. So, let’s cut to the chase and find out how we can watch Sky Go in the USA and everywhere else globally.

Unblock Via VPN

VPN is one of the most popular methods used for getting Sky TV online everywhere in the world. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and acts like a middleman between the website required to become accessible (in our scenario, this website is Sky Go) and the Internet connection that is used. What we need to keep in mind is the fact that access is granted based on the IP of a person.

In specific, UK IP addresses access Sky Go – all the other IP addresses are denied passage. So, we have to change the IP of everyone who does not reside in the UK and therefore does not have access to a British ISP. With the use of the various remote servers within Britain on behalf of the VPN, this can be accomplished. Behold the steps that are needed for you, in order to get Sky TV outside UK:

  • Proceed with a VPN subscription
  • Complete the installation-setup
  • Select a UK based server from the VPN
  • Connect and enjoy Sky Go

Besides the unblocking benefit deriving from the use of VPN, there is the bonus of data encryption. This means that, if you choose to subscribe to a VPN service provider, you will also get the privilege of remaining anonymous and out of reach from hostile intruders online. One of the most quality solutions that we definitely recommend is – as this is a UK based VPN with a plethora of UK servers and great performance.

Watch it via SmartDNS

Another solution toward getting Sky Go while being outside UK is that of SmartDNS. DNS stands for Domain Name Service and works similarly to the VPN. It redirects the traffic from your Internet connection, so as to appear coming from a desired server (in this case, this is a server coming from the UK). Without the bonus of data encryption, this is an equally simple and easy method to be used by everyone online. Let’s read through the instructions required:

A reliable SmartDNS service provider is StrongDNS, if you are lucky enough you might catch one of their complimentary trial up to 7 days.

Unblock Via Tor

This free and open source software allows you to unblock any site (in our case, Sky Go) anywhere, with the help of remote servers that mask your true IP address and enable you to appear from within the UK. Tor is a truly helpful option for those who do not wish to spend money for getting the desired results. Following some simple steps, you will be able to enjoy the content of Sky TV in USA and universally. Let’s see what you have to do:

Which Option is the Best for Me?

Now that we have completed highlighting the methods needed to be used for getting Sky Sports and other content in places like the US and everywhere else, it makes sense that may of you are left wondering which method suits them the most. Nevertheless, there is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on what you value most when it comes to web surfing.

If you wish to protect your Internet connection and if you want to keep your data private by all means, getting to choose VPN seems like a one-way street for you. If cost is a primary concern for you, though, perhaps Tor is a great solution that covers your needs to the fullest. We would advise you to consider shielding your privacy online through the use of VPN, but it is in your hands!

Feel free to broaden your horizons and avoid settling for anything less than what you truly desire. Try out with the methods that we have displayed to you, and of course, share with us as well as others!

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