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How to Fix Kodi Error: No Streams Available at This Moment

Suffering from no streams available Kodi error? Then read this guide to find some relief.

Cord cutters have a lot of benefits if we compare them to traditional cable subscribers.

First of all, they don’t have to pay outrageous subscription charges.

Second of all, cord cutters don’t have to worry about geo-restrictions and/or blackouts.

However, there are some problems that cord cutters will eventually into.

This holds true specifically for cord cutters who use Kodi to stream most of their content.

The problem we want to talk about in this guide is the Kodi no stream available error.

It is an annoying problem.

Nonetheless, it is pretty common.

Hundreds of people on the internet want to know the answer to this problem.

They may phrase the problem differently, but when one goes down to solve the problem, it always boils down to Kodi saying to the Kodi user that it can’t show the user any content because there are no streams available.

Now, the first thing users should know about this error is that, this Kodi error can come about for a variety of reasons.

We will try our best to cover each of those reasons and their possible solutions.

After reading this guide, we are confident that you will have no problems in streaming content from Kodi without getting the no stream available Kodi error.

Of course, it is always possible that our solutions may not work for all Kodi users.

It is also possible that users may have solutions of their own to this specific problem.
To such users, we say that they should use the comments section below in order to let us know those solutions.

The best way to fix No stream available Kodi error

Sometimes this error may manifest itself as a Kodi addon not working.

As mentioned just now, there are multiple reasons why a Kodi user may get this error.

But the most common reason why so many Kodi users have to see this Kodi error is that, they are using a Kodi addon that is no longer in working condition.

If the developers of the Kodi add-on have not updated their Kodi addon in a long time then Kodi will show some sort of a streaming error.

In some cases, the developers of the Kodi add-on have completely dropped support for their add-on.

That is also a reason for a Kodi users facing no stream available Kodi error.

The abandoned Kodi addon in question will continue to malfunction unless and until another developer takes it up and starts updating it.

Now, if no one comes to update or fix the Kodi addon then it goes without saying that the Kodi addon would not work and whenever a Kodi user would try to play some media through the abandoned Kodi addon it would simply show the user a Kodi error instead of streaming some content.

No movie or TV show would work on such a Kodi add-on.

Now, there are a couple of Kodi add-ons that have become notorious in the Kodi community for showing such “no streams available” Kodi add-on.

One of them is the Exodus Kodi add-on.

It is a popular add-on.

Regardless it still gives this error.

In fact, our research shows that Kodi Exodus is not only popular, it is also one of the most popular and widely-used Kodi addon of all time.

But that doesn’t help Kodi users one bit.

Recent reports have suggested that the developers behind Exodus abandoned their Kodi add-on way back in 2017.

Since then, it has given a lot of Kodi users that “no stream available” Kodi error.

A similar situation has also developed with Covenant, another popular Kodi add-on.

This Kodi add-on has also started to give users the no streams available Kodi error.

And the reason is the same as well.


Developers behind Covenant have also stopped giving their popular Kodi add-on any meaningful updates.

Once, Covenant could count itself among the most popular and regularly-updated Kodi add-on.

Now that is not the case.

To find out which Kodi add-ons are the best the moment check out our guide right here and right now by clicking here.

Our guide on best Kodi add-ons that we have linked to above should give you enough options if you want to get rid of this “no streams available” Kodi add-on.

At the time of writing this report, our research shows that one of the most effective and reliable Kodi add-ons for watching TV shows and movies is Placenta.

It is a relatively new Kodi add-on.

But in terms of effectiveness, it is almost as good as Covenant and Exodus.

That is just our research.

You can check it out yourself.

Now, looking at our guide on the best Kodi add-ons right now, some readers may find that we have listed a lot of old Kodi add-ons.

The reason for that is simple as well.

Many of old Kodi add-ons are very good when it comes to specializing in different types of online media.

And Kodi users are always looking to consume a different variety of online media.

Our list ensures that if the user doesn’t feel comfortable with a given Kodi add-on, he/she can always work with another one.

The trick to making sure that older Kodi add-ons work with your Kodi setup is to use services like Real-Debrid.

You can read more about how to use Real Debrid by clicking here.

As mentioned just now, we always recommend that users should install a multiple number of Kodi add-ons for each type of media.

That way if a given Kodi add-on is not working, they can at least move to another Kodi add-on in order to continue watching premium content on the internet.

The process of installing the best Kodi add-ons for different media types is also not that hard.

You can read up more on that if you do a simple Google search.

Now, users who want to know an efficient way to determine whether a given Kodi add-on still works or not, should first try to play some content on that given Kodi add-on.

If they find that the Kodi add-on is not playing the TV show or the movie that they want to watch then they should try to play another movie or piece of content.

That way, one can make sure if it is the fault of the Kodi add-on or of the media source of the content that the user is trying to play.

The majority of good Kodi add-ons come with categories such as,

  • Oscar Winners
  • Featured
  • Trending
  • Popular

Kodi users who are experiencing the “no streams available” Kodi error should check out one of these categories by really digging in.

Then they should pick a title from these categories that is slightly old and is available on Blu-ray and/or DVD.

A few months old Kodi addon should do the trick.

Kodi users should try playing such type of a Kodi add-on.

If the user finds that the add-on has worked then this means the user has the option of accessing other content from different sources as well.

It also means that the Kodi add-on if fine.

And that the Kodi add-on simply does not have access to the content that the user wants to watch at that time.

Kodi Sources not Available Kodi Error.


As mentioned at the start, there are many reasons for getting this Kodi error.

One of the reasons that we have partly discussed is the fact that Kodi simply does not have access to the content that the user is searching for.

When it does become available, there is a possibility that the Kodi add-on will start streaming it.

This type of Kodi error (the “no stream available” error) most consistently hits Kodi users who are searching for a very old TV show or a movie.

Kodi users who want to watch content that is not popular will also see this error a lot.

We don’t blame them.


Because sometimes, Kodi will display the names of those movies and TV series even if the Kodi addon does not have access to any sources of those TV series and movies.

It is also a possibility that the distributors of that TV show or movie may have removed their content from the internet.

Such a problem may also exist for other TV episodes that their distributors aired recently or movies that some theaters may still be showing.

One problem is the title being old.

The other problem is the title being too new.

With Kodi, a user has to hit the balance.

In other words, Kodi users should make sure that the content that they want to watch should not be old and should not be new.

It should be somewhere in the middle.

The problem with new titles is the same problem with old titles:

Kodi simply does not have access to any functioning online links to the content from where it can pull data.

Our research shows that users should stay away from trying to find and then playing movies that theaters are still playing.

There are two reasons for that.

One, which we have already discussed, is that the content will simply not come up in the search.

Second, is that even if the new content is available, it won’t be of high quality.

And it is always better to not watch content instead of watching the content with horrible quality.

By horrible quality, we do mean horrible quality.

It is not a first-world problem.

The majority of the times, new movies only come in the form of cams.

In other words, someone went to the theater and used a camera to record the entire movie.

Sometimes, people do that with their smartphone devices. While they are sitting in the theater itself.

For clarity’s sake, our experience tells us that Kodi users are better off watching grass grow rather than a new movie while it is still in its cam version phase.

Kodi users should also know that they will get the “no streams available” Kodi error more frequently if they always try to watch soap operas or daily political news shows.

These are hard shows to get, even for Kodi add-ons.

The problem with these shows is that their producers and distributors air them almost on a daily basis.

Our research shows that it becomes very hard for Kodi add-ons to find legitimate outlets for such shows because it takes a lot of work for someone to come up with reliable links to these shows and then upload those links to the wider world of the internet.

Kodi Network Problems

There is always a chance that even after trying out all the solutions that we have mentioned so far, a particular Kodi user would still get that No Stream Available Kodi error.

The first thing we want to tell such Kodi users is that, there is no need to panic.

Our recommendations do work.

But sometimes the problem is more complex than normal.

Instead of blaming everything on Kodi and Kodi add-ons (or developers) such Kodi users should probably take a look at their network settings.

There is definitely a chance that something is wrong there.

Now, when it comes to network errors, there are two different scenarios that the user has to deal with.

Either the network problem is external.

Or internal.

Let’s deal with them one by one.

First, the internal errors.

Kodi Internal Network Errors

What do we mean when we say internal network errors?

We mean that the Kodi user probably has something bad happening with his/her home network.

The only good news about this bad situation is that the solution is usually quick and simple.

On that note, the first thing that users should do is to restart the home network router.

That is something we tell all users and not just Kodi users.

How do you do that?

Well, that is simple as well.


All that the user has to do is to unplug his/her router by pulling out its power cord.

After that, the user should leave the WiFi router for a minute or two without the power cord plugged in.

Users who have a separate DSL or cable modem should do this step with those devices as well.

Such users will have to reset all of their devices which are affecting their network.

Our experience tells us that this solution may not work for all Kodi users.

If that is the case with you then the best way forward is to first test the speed of your internet connection.

That is easy to do as well.

Just open a good web browser on your internet-enabled device and go to a website like speedtest.net or speedof.me.

These should tell you the speed of your internet connection.

This method will work for all devices including,

  • Android TV Box
  • Fire TV
  • FireStick
  • Desktop computer

The tools provided by Speedof.me and Speedtest.net are designed to work from within the user’s web browser.

In other words, the user does not need to install or download anything.

We hope you don’t need a tutorial for that.

If you do then here it is:

  1. Go to your Kodi device.
  2. Open up a web browser.
  3. Go to speedtest.me or speedof.me
  4. Check the speed of your internet connection

And that is it.

Some Kodi users may find that the speed of their internet connection is very slow.

Such users should try and get close to their wireless router.

In other words, they should move their Kodi device closer to their home WiFi router.

That will certainly help in strengthening the signal that the device may receive for streaming.

Some users may have a network adapter working with their Kodi box.

For such users, if possible, it is a good idea to check out a nearby internet connection.

Connecting to another network rather than the same network can also help pinpoint the problem.

Kodi users who are living in rural areas may have to just deal with the slowness of their internet connection because there is no solution there.

So is there another solution?

Well, for Kodi users who don’t have the option of upgrading their internet plan can make some adjustments to their Kodi add-on settings.

These settings are available either via the settings button or under the menu that says tools depending on the version of Kodi that the user has installed on his/her Kodi device.

Changing the settings of your Kodi device is a great way to improve downloading speeds as well as streaming smoothness in record quick time.


This is especially true for those users who have a fast internet connection but are still suffering from slow downloading speeds and buffering while streaming.

Perhaps this is also a good time to mention once again that users must run the Security Gladiators Speed Test Tool through the sites that we have mentioned above.

Why is it so important?

Because you want to rule out the possibility of a problem with the Kodi device itself.

Users who have to deal with a slow internet connection should know that a slow internet connection actually extends the precise amount of time that a given Kodi device’s Kodi add-on would take to scrape the online world and find the user’s preferred TV show or movie that the user wants to watch.

We’ll introduce you to a short tutorial now.

In this short tutorial, we’ll use Placenta as our example for Kodi add-on.

  1. Open up Kodi on your Kodi device and go to Kodi add-ons and then click on Placenta.
  2. Once there you need to click tools
  3. After that go to Settings:General
  4. Then click on the option that says Providers Timeout.
  5. After that, you need to move the slider according to your preferred position. The maximum limit on this option is 60 seconds.
    This is a limit that Placenta places on this option, not Kodi.
  6. Then you have to click the button that says OK. This appears towards the bottom.

That is it.

Easy right?


Let’s move ahead.

External Network Kodi Problems

What are these?

Well, these are (mostly) problems that occur because of factors that are outside the direct control of the Kodi user.


We’re talking about network problems that occur because of bad internet service providers.

Internet service providers don’t really like people using Kodi.

So sometimes, they try to discourage its use by blocking or limiting access to the most popular Kodi streams.

Is there are an efficient way around it?


There is.

The best way to get around all such problems is a VPN service.

Users have to first purchase and then install a VPN service on their Kodi streaming device.

A VPN service is the ultimate online privacy, security and streaming tool.

It works by encrypting the user’s connection to the wider world of the internet.

In the process of doing so, it makes it almost impossible for any internet service provider to track or log what the user is doing on the internet.

That holds true for Kodi streaming as well.

A VPN service is the best option for users who want to stop their internet service providers from successfully censoring what they want to access on the wider world of the internet.

But a VPN doesn’t just do that.

It also protects users from spying organizations and hackers.

With a VPN service on a given streaming device, such adversaries have no way of accessing the user’s online history.

Our research shows that most internet service providers try to block Area 51 which is the most popular IPTV service.

If a user does not have a VPN service on his/her device, then the IPTV service won’t even work with that given device.

That is what is happening with most of the Kodi users who keep on seeing the “no stream available” Kodi error.

Our research also shows that once the user has activated his/her VPN service, he/she can work with Area 51 perfectly fine.

Which VPN Service for Kodi Errors?

Our research shows that IPVanish is the best VPN service when it comes to resolving errors like “no streams available” Kodi error.

Why do we say that?

We say that because IPVanish offers fast internet download speeds.

It also has a zero log policy and a genuine one at that.

IPVanish also offers users custom VPN applications that work flawlessly with devices such as Android TV Boxes, and Amazon Fire TV/Stick.

Users have the option of setting up just one account with IPVanish and protecting a total of 10 devices at the same time without paying anything extra.

IPVanish also provides dedicated applications for,

  • Chromebook
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows

There are lots of other reasons why Kodi users should use a VPN service with Kodi.

Do you want to protect yourself online?

Do you want to stay safe while downloading and streaming stuff online?

If so, then you need a VPN service.

We recommend that Kodi users should never shy away from signing up with a VPN service when they want to stream content from Kodi, the world’s only premium media player.

A VPN service helps users to protect their privacy and identity.

It also keeps the user’s device safe while the user streams,

  • Live channels
  • Sports events
  • TV shows
  • Free movies

There is no guarantee that your government or internet service provider is not logging each and everything that you are doing on the internet.

We don’t even know if a hacker is watching you.

The only way to make sure that they don’t have anything on you is to sign up for a VPN service and then use that service to connect to the internet.

As mentioned just now, we recommend that users should use IPVanish on all their devices or at least all of their streaming device.

We highly recommend that users should sign up for IPVanish whenever they want to stream content via Kodi.

to sign up for IPVanish right here and right now from the official website.

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

We recommend that all online cord cutters should adopt the practice of having a multiple number of streaming devices.

These should be available to users at all times when they want to watch something.

We have already mentioned the fact that Kodi users should also take the very good idea of installing a multiple number of Kodi add-ons on their streaming devices, to heart.

This way, if a single Kodi add-on is not working out for them then they can always switch to another Kodi add-on to watch their favorite content.

Interestingly enough, this idea also holds well when it comes to leaving Kodi and finding another completely different streaming application to utilize for watching online content.

Two of the best Kodi alternatives that we have come across during our research are Morpheus TV and Terrarium TV.

Check them out to make sure that you have all the options available when trying to watch online content.

The one thing that Kodi users need to keep in mind with regards to these two options is that these are completely separate streaming applications.

But they can work with each other and Kodi at the same time.

In other words, they can coexist positively on the same Kodi streaming device.

There are lots of online consumers who use Morpheus and Terrarium as their primary streaming applications.

Such users also keep Kodi as their backup application when these two don’t work.

So install Kodi.

And Morpheus

And Terrarium.

The major point that we have users to understand here is that, they have the option of installing other applications on their streaming devices as well.

There is no need to show Kodi a lot of faithfulness.

Our limited research, in this case, also shows that sometimes these other applications perform better than Kodi.

But it does depend on the kind of content that the user wants to watch at the given time.

One last thing that we would like to mention here is that Kodi users should probably stay away from installing those “best Kodi streaming tools and apps in a second” tools.

These are not safe.

Many of them cost money.

Others are free.

You should stay away from both.

Developers behind these one-click-all-addons don’t know what they are doing.

They don’t have the skills either.

And they try to seduce Kodi users by promising them a pleasurable streaming experience from a single screen.

That may be true in some cases.

But they are simply not worth the risk.

We know that these products and tools claim to eliminate the boring and tedious process of first researching and then installing the best Kodi add-ons, but (again) they are not worth it.

Why do we say that?

To read more on the reasons why we say that click here.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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