Le VPN Review: The Ultimate Edition Right Here

Le VPN is not a big player in the VPN industry. But can it become one?

Le VPN is a rather unknown name in the VPN industry.

And for good reason.

The VPN industry is tough.

In other words, it is ultra competitive.

If you want to make it in this industry as a VPN service provider then you will have to do a bit of work.

Does Le VPN do the work?

Well, you’re going to have to read the whole of this Le VPN review in order to find out the answer to that question.

The first thing you should know about Le VPN is that even though it is not a household name yet, it still has some things going for it.

For example, Le VPN has VPN servers that are neatly located in various parts of the world.

That is great not because other VPN service providers don’t do that, but because most VPN service providers don’t have to sense to spread their VPN server locations.

Le VPN understands the requirements of the people and hence has come up with a VPN server list that is as varied as you are likely to get from any other VPN service provider.

Moreover, the company makes use of various VPN protocols as well.

And because of that, they are able to offer users a nice range of VPN protocols.

Le VPN has a strong enough encryption implementation and a reasonably powerful VPN client.

The VPN client is not that user friendly, to begin with but it has some really neat features.

The company calls its VPN client Viscosity.

And that’s what we will call it as well.

At least for the duration of this Le VPN review.

LE VPN isn’t the most attractive VPN name either.

But the company knows how to increase its appeal.

Le VPN tries to get one up on its competitors by boosting its packages with another service called HybridVPN.

What’s HybridVPN?

It is basically a combination of a VPN service and a SmartDNS service.

The aim of the HybridVPN service is to simplify things.

And speed up the internet connection of the user.

In other words, if the user wants to stream HD content from geo-restricted websites then the HybridVPN service will smoothen out the user’s streaming experience.



Even though the official LE VPN website will tell you that the company offers three VPN subscription plans.

It doesn’t.

It offers just one plan.

And the price of that plan is dependent on how long you subscribe to LE VPN.

So, you have this one single subscription package.

No need to confuse yourself with the feature list of other VPN packages.

The monthly price, as mentioned before, will vary.

It will vary on how much you want to pay for your service at once.

LE VPN has reduced the cost of its VPN packages quite recently.

And that’s probably why they don’t have any discount offerings at the moment.

Of course, the price of the packages will decrease or increase depending on your commitment to the company.

If you want to pay on a monthly basis then you will have to pay around $9.95 per month.

That price is of course expensive.

But get this:

If you pay on an annual basis then you can have LE VPN subscription package for around $4.95 per month.

That’s quite a decrease in the original price.

What About Money-Back Guarantee?

What you really want to know is if LE VPN offers any money-back guarantee right?


The company offers a seven-day money-back guarantee.

If you aren’t fully satisfied with that you see in LE VPN service, then you can simply ask for your money back and cancel your subscription within seven days to claim a full refund.

Does Le VPN have A Trial Period?


It doesn’t.

But the point is that if a VPN service provider is offering you a money-back guarantee, then there is no need for a trial period.

Okay. Let’s talk About Payment Methods

LE VPN offers the following payment methods at the time of writing this LE VPN review,

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Credit card

The inclusion of Bitcoin in payment methods is great for users who want total anonymity and privacy from the beginning of the signup process to the end of the installation process.

So No Discounts?

Well, there are those discounts if you know how to access their official website from special links.

Sometimes, LE VPN will offer these discount links that can grant users around $30 percent off regular price, but they don’t stay online for long.

However, if you are lucky enough to catch one then you can buy the monthly plan for just $6.97 per month.

This cost is reasonable if not low.

Of course, you can save more money if you catch a discount season and sign up for an annual subscription plan.

In such a case, you will only have to pay $3.47 per month.

Now that is cheap.

You can view the video below if you want a proper and official introduction to their VPN service.



As mentioned before, one of the options that users have with LE VPN is the HybridVPN option.

It is an innovative solution to common user streaming problems.

What is HybridVPN service?

Is just your regular OpenVPN connection technology.

But this connection also uses a SmartDNS in order to access content that is geo-restricted via filtering and other techniques.

What kind of content are we specifically talking about here?

We are talking about videos and audio files that you usually try to consume via streaming sites such as,

  • BBC iPlayer
  • Netflix

With a service like HybridVPN it doesn’t really matter which country you reside in.

If you have the service turned on then you can watch all the streaming sites from the comfort of your original country.

There is more.

LE VPN allows users to take advantage of its various technologies and its wide range of VPN servers and countries with not one but two simultaneous connections.

Does Le VPN Allow P2P File Transfers?


It does.

But not entirely.

In other words, it only offers peer-to-peer file transfers on some of its servers.

You can send P2P traffic via LE VPN servers that are located in countries such as,

  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Czech Republic
  • Luxembourg

Let’s Talk A Bit About The Official LE VPN Website


As far as the homepage of LE VPN is concerned, it is pretty good.


Because it gives you all the information that you require while hunting for a VPN service provider on one page.

It doesn’t beat around the bush.

And hence it saves you lots of time.

LE VPN makes sure that it gives out information such as,

  • Price
  • Platforms served
  • List of countries available
  • Types and number of VPN connections available

right on its homepage.

You don’t have to search for any important information once you go to the homepage of LE VPN official website.

The drop-down menus on the official website are a bit overwhelming though.


Because they appear the top of the screen and when you click them, they drop down to a long list of available sub-sections.

For a lot of users, that is not okay.

Too overwhelming, as we mentioned before.

A better approach is to simply use broader categories and then use multiple pages to go into deeper sections or topics.

LE VPN official website has tons of subsections.

That shows you how much effort the company has put in to ensure that users have all the information they need about their VPN service.

Even though the official website has lots of information, each web page is pretty clear.

The writing is concise.

And most of all, the presented information is helpful.

If you are a registered use then the site allows you to access the special Clients area.

There you can find valuable and organized information for a complete overview of your account.

This section will also show you invoices, pending invoices along with your submitted support tickets.

It is your dashboard, in other words.

The Official Blog


The official website also has an official blog.

LE VPN has populated the blog lots of varied articles that focus on areas such as,

  • VPN news
  • Streaming issues.
  • And security alerts.

The articles aren’t in-depth.

But they are more than enough to give you the gist of the issue.

Moreover, they are present there to show the users that the company behind your VPN service is making an effort to make your stay with them as comfortable as possible.

Some alternative options for you...

Our score: 9.8

From $3.49 per month

Our score: 9.5

From $3.95 per month

Our score: 9.1

From $6.49 per month

Extra Features


LE VPN has a VPN service and it has a SmartDNS service.

If you combine them both, you get HybridVPN service which we already have discussed.

However, LE VPN also has a dedicated SmartDNS service.

You can buy it via one of the subscription plans on offer.


Security doesn’t just mean how secure is a VPN service.

What it really means is how a VPN service provider goes about its business in protecting your data and securing your privacy.

On a side note, did you know that LE VPN in French means “the VPN”?

We don’t know if that makes you feel more secure or not, but still.

The name basically reflects the fact that the company is based in France.

Or rather, has French origins.

Now times have changed.

The company came into existence in 2010.

Since then, LE VPN has changed its headquarters to the region of Hong Kong.

Why has it done that?

Well, the answer is really simple.

The company wants to appeal to a broader range of VPN users.

And to tap into that international market, the company decided that it had to move to an international location.

Hong Kong is that location.

What About The Company’s Terms of Use?


LE VPN’s terms of usage stress the fact that the company does not keep on direct logs on its customer and/or their activities.

The company also says that it does not actively monitor its users’ online sessions to see if they are engaging in any illegal online activities.

With that said, the company makes it clear that LE VPN reserves the right to take a look at and potentially investigate their users’ activities if they suspect that the user is doing something illegal.

Moreover, LE VPN also says that the company would fully comply with law enforcement authorities if they come knocking on their door with an information request from proper authorities.

What About Protocols?

When it comes to encryption technologies and VPN protocols, LE VPN comes with all the right answers.

It has a great selection of protocol options.

And when you add to those offerings its innovate HybridVPN solution that we mentioned in the Features section of this LE VPN review, then you have a VPN service provider that knows how to handle its customers’ security.

LE VPN offers different VPN protocols for all its VPN server locations.

These options include,

  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP

The OpenVPN protocol is available on a selection of three ports.

Two of these connections are over TCP and one is over UDP.

Moreover, the company uses the industry standard AES 256-bit encryption on all its connections in order to ensure that it keeps its customers’ data safe and sound away from hackers and other online cyber criminals.



As mentioned before, if LE VPN has one strength point then that is its number of VPN servers.

LE VPN offers VPN servers in a total of 114 countries around the world.

The list of countries is so diverse that LE VPN is able to cover the whole of the five continents with its list of VPN servers.

As expected, the list of VPN servers if dominated by locations in the USA and European countries.

And perhaps that is for a good reason.

No one wants to change his/her location to Afghanistan.

So there is no point for a VPN service provider to offer VPN servers that are located in Afghanistan.

What people want to do is change their location to some place in the US, the UK or European countries.

Hence VPN service providers try to offer more VPN servers which are located in the US and the EU.

LE VPN is no different.

But it does try to go beyond what is considered normal by offering VPN servers in a host of locations in Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America.

Each of the offered location has around six VPN servers that users can connect to and change their IP address.

Customer Support


The main form of customer support on part of LE VPN is its Knowledge Base section.

It also has a regular ticketing support system if you prefer that option.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer any live chat feature.

So you can’t really talk to a company representative if you are facing some problems in real-time.

Moreover, the Knowledge Base section is a bit tricky to navigate through the first time around.

The section has these tiny little links which hide behind the official website’s footer.

But that is only a problem if you are a non-subscriber.

If you have subscribed to a package then you have access to the special Clients Area and hence you don’t need to access the support menu from the bottom of the web page.

Once you have discovered that area, it does more than a reasonable job of answering your questions.

Your common questions, that is.

Most of the questions are related to the installation problems that people face while trying to install LE VPN client.

And because LE VPN offers clients for different platforms, there are lots of guides present there to help you out.

As mentioned before, we would like LE VPN to make their guides and question-answer section a bit more in-depth.

They should also increase the breadth of topics they deal with in the Knowledge base section.

Let’s discuss the ticketing system as well.

For the most part, it is quite easy to use for subscribers.

And LE VPN has done a good job of making sure that the feature as full integration within the official website.

Our research for this LE VPN review tells us that you should expect a reasonably prompt response from LE VPN to your queries.

Don’t expect a fast reply though.

Just reasonable.

In other words, a few hours.

LE VPN does allow users to alter the priority of their queries.

Users can also add their comments and/or supporting files.

Moreover, there is also a rating system.

You can use this rating system to score the general helpfulness of the official response LE VPN sends you.



To gauge the effectiveness of any installation process, you have to start at the actual sign up process.

If you want to sign up for LE VPN service then you will have to register with your email address.

That is the company’s requirement.

You will also have to provide LE VPN with a valid password and your preferred method of online payment.

LE VPN didn’t have such a streamlined payment method before.

As we have to give them credit for their massive improvement.

Now the signup process only asks you two things, an email address and a payment method.

Before, it used to ask for other personal information as well.

And that is not cool when you are talking about the VPN industry because it is based on privacy and anonymity.

Moreover, LE VPN also allows existing subscribers to edit their accounts.

They can also update their user profiles and can remove or add their previously submitted details.

Once you have registered with the company via a subscription package, then LE VPN will move ahead to send you a confirmation email.

The confirmation email will have a username and a password (an unobfuscated password).

This same email will also have a link that will lead you to the company’s quick start guide.

You will have to pay attention though because it is rather easy to miss out on.

And you shouldn’t miss out on it.


Because it is essential especially if you happen to have subscribed to a VPN service for the first time in your life.

This quick start guide will guide you on how you can download LE VPN client.

And you will need help.

Because the process isn’t so obvious.

The guide will also help you to set up everything that needs setting up in order to run a VPN service.

User Interface


As mentioned at the top as well, LE VPN makes use of some version of Viscosity VPN client.

The company uses Viscosity on both its Windows VPN client and Mac VPN client.

Nevertheless, the solution is a robust one.

It has some really cool features.

Along with that, it comes with some useful technical options.

If you are the type of user who likes to tweak with advanced settings then Viscosity will provide you with much content.

And because Viscosity offers so many options, it is not that user-friendly.

It is also not accessible.

Let’s talk about the actual home screen first.

The home screen comes in the form of folders.

Or a list of options in the form of folders.

LE VPN has organized the folders by country and continent.

Each folder contains the connection profiles that are related to each type of VPN connection.

And that option is itself available for each country.

If you double click these folders, you would expect the client to connect to a VPN server.

But no.

The client won’t do that.

Instead, you will have to perform another click to open the relevant profile in order to edit it.

To connect to a server, you will have to perform a right-click on the option.

The same holds true when you want to disconnect from a VPN server.

Once the user has connected to a VPN server, there is no quick option available to disconnect from the VPN server.

To disconnect, you will have to find the specific server again via the list and then right-click the server again and then you can disconnect.

If you want to connect to a different server then you will have to follow the previous process again and then connect to one that is present on the list.

If you try to connect to another VPN server while connected to another VPN server then the client will give you an error message.

A useless and valueless error message.

How To Manage Your VPN Servers.


There is an easier way to manage your VPN servers that you frequently use.

After learning this method you will have an easier time in finding, connecting, and disconnecting from your favorite VPN servers.

The process involves some manual work.

You will have to duplicate your VPN servers and then move a given connection profile directly into your root folder.

LE VPN makes it possible for users to automatically connect to a given profile.

But to do that you will first have to duplicate that profile in order to enable editing.

After that, you will have to edit the profile in order to find the relevant checkbox.

We have to tell you honestly that after a while it gets a bit tedious.

The VPN client will frequently ask you for your username and password.

Especially when you want to connect to a new chosen server.

That is irritating.

But you only have to do it once per VPN server.

It is a problem.

But you will start to notice is less and less as time moves ahead and you get to grips with how LE VPN client works.

Remember, you must duplicate the related VPN profile directly into your root folder.

That way you can have an easier time accessing the VPN server with the help of a simple rick click on your system tray.

Of course, the more time you use the client, the easier the whole operation will become.

The Viscosity client, though unruly, is fast.

And as well as responsive.

There are tons of technical options.

Along with that you also have more advanced privacy stuff such as graphs and connections logs.

All of this information is a good sign for all those techies out there.



A VPN service could have all the features in the world, but if it is not fast enough, those features would not matter.

So how do you measure a VPN service’s speed?

You measure it via speed testing sites like,

But you can’t just go to these sites and measure speed and then judge whether a VPN service is fast or not.

You have to first test your internet connection without a VPN service.

Then with a VPN service.

And then perform it multiple times to average out the results.

After that, you need to perform tests with different VPN servers.

Test the VPN service with VPN servers that are located near your physical location.

And then test again with VPN servers located farthest away from your location.

Then average the results.

This is how you really do it.

So what about our results?

Our research for this LE VPN review tells us that this VPN service isn’t blisteringly fast.

But it does have good speed.

That speed isn’t consistent though.

But if you are looking to just browse and stream a little then LE VPN is a reliable VPN service provider.

It won’t give you many problems, in other words.

If you struggle with HD streaming though, then LE VPN has the HybridVPN service for you.

You should use with service with a VPN server that is located near to your physical location.

And this action will likely improve your streaming experience.

If you want to access the UK Netflix then you can but you’ll have to do it via manual methods.

What About DNS Leaks And IP Leaks?

We didn’t detect any problems.



We have already mentioned the fact that LE VPN offers its Viscosity client for platforms such as Windows and Mac OS X.

Now, you should know that it provides support for other platforms as well.

That support mainly comes in the form of OpenVPN Connect iOS application.

OpenVPN Connect is an open source VPN client and it is pretty good.

But do download profiles on the iOS app, you will, again, have to do a bit of work.

And it won’t be easy work.

That is the reason why LE VPN has a guide for it on the official website.

You should definitely check it out.

It will save you lot of time.

The Android app is also good enough.

You have the option of downloading the app from Google Play Store.

Or you can use the older method of setting up your Android client via a manual process where you have to use your device’s built-in options to set up a genuine VPN connection.



  • If you can get a hang of a discount link then LE VPN is dirt cheap
  • Plenty of countries to choose your VPN server from.
  • Lots of connection types
  • Lots of VPN servers
  • Reasonably powerful and rather unobtrusive VPN client that gives you lots of advanced options
  • Customer support has good response times
  • The company has dedicated and OpenVPN support apps for iOS.
  • Reliable VPN connection
  • HybridVPN feature is an innovate way to allow users to access geo-locked content from any country in the world using the same VPN service
  • Bitcoin option is available as a payment option


  • The Windows client isn’t all that user-friendly
  • It is not easy to use either
  • There is no live chat support
  • The company doesn’t have the best of logging policies

Bottom Line

LE VPN wants to make its mark on you by offering you a truly global VPN network.

It has robust support for various VPN protocols.

And its innovate HybridVPN feature is very convenient for those online users who want to stream content from streaming sites that are located in different countries.

The main areas of concern are related to the Windows VPN client.

The client isn’t easy to use.

And is not particularly attractive.

Users who are new to VPN services will not appreciate such a client.

Moreover, the company says that it can conduct official investigations into its user activities if they receive legal complaints.

That is not okay for a VPN service provider.

Despite all of these flaws, if you are one of those users who are willing to spend a bit of time and learn everything there is to learn about Viscosity then LE VPN is a good enough VPN service.

It may cross the “decent VPN service” mark by just an inch.

But if you can get it for a reduced price then it is definitely worth checking out.

However, if you are serious about your VPN security, privacy, and anonymity, then check out IPVanish.

It is our top ranked VPN service provider and is very reliable.

Click here to read the full IPvanish review right now.

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