NewIPNow Review: The Comprehensive Edition

Should you try out NewIPNow?


  • Customer service available 24//7
  • Official seven-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited user bandwidth
  • Decent servers in terms of speed
  • No ads on  the premium version
  • multiple-IP services available
  • URL encryption scheme which secures the user’s browsing history from actors such as hackers and other cybercriminals.


  • Not well known
  • There are more robust IP changer and/or proxy shifting services in the form of extensions and plugins.
  • The extension interface is not up to the mark
  • Some free web proxy services are better than the paid version of
  • The free version comes with ads


Online consumers today have a ton of choice when it comes to proxy service providers.

Amidst a plethora of them, are some that are not worth your time nor your money.

But there are also some good ones.

In this NewIPNow review, we will take a look at exactly where the proxy service provider NewIPNow falls.

NewIPNow is an affordable and shared private proxy service provider.

Our research shows that this proxy service provider has been working to move up in the industry for a considerable period of time now.

In fact, it might just well be one of the very first proxy service providers

NewIPNow presents a decent enough option for those online consumers who are in serious need of a cheap but reliable proxy service provider.

So if you have a small budget and don’t want to sign up for an expensive VPN service (relatively speaking) then you should take a look at NewIPNow proxy service.

The actual official site is fairly simple and again, offers low prices for its service.

There is also a customer support section

These three features alone make NewIPNow a proxy service provider that has potential.

People who are relatively new to the wide world of internet proxy services should also give this one a try since it essentially caters to the beginner class of online consumers looking for some privacy.

NewIPNow offers users a reasonable money-back guarantee as well.

That way users do not have to take any risk while signing up with

The service also has a simple online web-based proxy service that comes for absolutely nothing.


They are free for a tryout.

The free version of proxy service does not offer users as many features as the paid ones or some of the other elite proxy services in the industry today, but the free version does offer significant value for the actual price (which is equal to nothing)

Our research shows that proxy services are also reliable enough for those online consumers who only want to make use of a proxy service for casual purposes (in other words no sensitive work like banking, email checking or signing in to your health records).

So don’t expect a ton of involvement in how works because it is a simple one without any bells and whistles to set it apart from the crowd.

Currently, NewIPNow provides users with cheap and reliable anonymous HTTPS/HTTP proxy services.


NewIPNow full review

The first thing readers should know about NewIPNow is that it is quite an old proxy service provider.

It started offering its services sometime in 2011.

Some of our readers might already know that 2011 was the same year in which online proxy services really started to push hard to put themselves out there in front of their potential customers and get into the mainstream media.

Now, the fact that this proxy service provider is eight years old comes with its own downsides.

And the first downside is that, its official website is pretty much dated.

Or at least it looked dates, maybe the systems at the backend are up to date.

In any case, NewIPNow’s longevity in a tough market can be considered as a testament to what the company has to offer to users who are willing to pay.

As mentioned at the top as well, NewIPNow does more than just offer users online web proxy services.

It also offers users private IPs which have the capability to work with all major web browsers.

These IPs can even work with applications and programs that make use of HTTPS/HTTP proxies.

The point readers should note here is that even though NewIPNow is old and looks dated, that doesn’t mean it can’t offer users some fairly good online services to choose and use.

NewIPNow facilities users with its unlimited bandwidth policy as well.

Add to that fast servers (some sources say that they power their servers with 1000 Mbps connections) and the fact that users do not have to make use of any external software in order to set up the service, and yo have a recipe for a service that users will at least give some consideration to.

All that users have to do in order to use this service is to set their HTTP and then begin the work.

Apart from the free versions, NewIPNow also offers users some premium paid online proxy services.

As alluded to before, these online proxy services are shared ones.

What does that mean for the end user?

It means that users will have to use the company’s proxy services along with other people who would have connected to the same servers at the same time.

That usually leads to a significant speed decrease.

So be ready for that.

The other problem with using a share web proxy service is that if any user on the same server uses the proxy service for something illegal then the IP could actually get banned on specific sites.

With that said, even such proxy services are a safe way for users to manage their various online proxy requirements. proxy service can enable users to work on sites such as,

  • Webmail
  • TweetAttacks
  • Craigslist
  • Scrapebox
  • GSA

These sites have the ability to provide users with a brand new custom URL for the purposes of accessing the site’s premium features.

From the given link, users have the option of selecting the site that they wish to form a connection with and then start their journey of anonymously browsing the web (while not causing any problems obviously!).


The actual price of using all these services is just $1 per IP.

As mentioned at the top as well, NewIPNow offers users a generous and official seven-day money-back guarantee.

In other words, if the proxy service gives you any problems while trying to connect to a given site within a period of 7 days, then you have every right to ask for your money back and move on to another proxy service.

Of course, there is also the option of simply contacting the service.

Our research shows that as per their policy they should refund all of your money.

Now, combine that with the fact that the service only costs around $1 per IP and offers a money back guarantee to all users, we don’t think there is any reason to not give proxy service at least a try.

We’re not saying that is the best web proxy service in the world.

However, what we are saying is that perhaps you should give this service a try on your non-work laptop.

Now, let’s go over some of the packages that NewIPNow offers to users.

Users have the option of signing up for the company’s services in order to access sites such as,

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • eBay
  • Yahoo

And lots of other sites.

Moreover, users also have the option of getting dedicated IP address that only start at $5/month.

Our research shows that the prices that offers to users are actually lower than the competition and by a good margin.

In other words, this web proxy service is as budget-friendly a web proxy as you are likely to find.

In fact, if we only ranked web proxy services on the price category then would make it very close to the top.

Official sources say that the proxy services are almost guaranteed to work with all normal websites (don’t expect US Netflix access with this service though).

So users do not really need to have to think twice about whether or not they would be able to access a site that they want to.

As for payment methods, the service allows users to purchase its web proxy packages with the help of,

  • 2Checkout
  • PayPal

We are aware of the fact that these options are severely limited.

However, it is also true that these two are the most common online payment methods.

We hope that the lack of other payment methods won’t be a problem for too many of’s customers.


  1. offers users 5 proxies for $5 with two cities and two subnets and features such as instant setup.
  2. It offers 10 proxies for $10 with two cities and 4 subnets and features such as easy to use interface.
  3. The company offers 50 proxies for $50 in three cities and 6 subnets along with unlimited bandwidth.
  4. also offers 100 proxies for $100 with 4 cities and 8 subnets with new features such as high anonymity.
  5. It also offers 1000 proxies for $1000 with 7 cities and 14 subnets and a customer support that is available 24/7.


Our research shows that offers users premium online services that provide users with a total of 17 IPs which they can make use for anonymous online web browsing.

Not only that, they also happen to offer users a free proxy service.

This makes enter the world of free proxy services as well.

Currently, there aren’t too many options for users in the market looking for a free multi-IP proxy service for the purposes of surfing the web anonymously.

The thing readers need to take in mind is that these services are web only.

And hence users do not get the option of configuring their web browser to work with the proxy.

The service works after the user has input his/her desired destination website into a given field on the official NewIPNow website.

Moreover, they also direct the users to the desired website all the while making sure that the user’s data is secure and safe.

Our research shows that currently, these services only have three locations available on the free edition of the service.

Those three locations are,

  • Quebec
  • Georgia
  • New York

Users should note that since these are free web proxy services, they can only work with simple websites such as news sites and others.

Again, don’t expect them to work with complicated sites like Hulu, Netflix and/or Amazon Prime.

However, that should not be much of a concern to most online consumers since, after everything is said and done, they are using a free web proxy service.

As expected, the service does show users a bearable amount of intrusive advertisements which is how the company is able to generate revenue and hence offer the service for free to online consumers.

Our research shows that this is usually a fantastic way for anyone to actually test out the web proxy service and not pay the company a single dollar in return.

Some people would call it a good deal.

Locations of Datacenters

NewIPNow, at the moment, only offers internet-based web proxies which are based in countries such as,

  • Europe
  • Canada
  • The US

Fortunately enough, these three regions are actually the most in-demand regions in circles of those online consumers who want to make use of a web proxy service.

Official sources say that the company’s web proxy services are hosted in Georgia and Atlanta.

The service itself and the users do not really have a lot of options to select from.

So this is definitely one of those areas where really suffers.

The company can conveniently make the excuse of the low prices it offers to users.

And perhaps that makes sense.

But that does not change the fact that the number of locations is severely restricted and limited and this is probably the reason why has not been able to climb up the rankings of good web proxy services even though it has been in business for many years now.

The reason why we are mentioning this fact is that users should keep that in mind before they go in and purchase this proxy service and value location as a very important part of their online proxy service requirements.

We suggest you should look at other proxy services online.

But why is proxy location so important?

It is important because it is the very thing that allows users to access different sites from different countries.

A site which the user’s government might have banned in the whole country might be totally accessible in some other country.

And this is why proxy services need to provide users with lots of locations so that they are able to cover all popular websites.

However, for users who do not really care about specific websites or specific locations, for them, still should not lose any of its appeal (which mainly has to do with the fact that the service is very low cost).

And there are users who never change their purchasing decisions based on the number of locations which a given anonymizing online service offers them.

Customer service

The main form of customer support program that offers to users is via a ticket based system.

Our research shows that it is relatively simple to find and use.

You should not have any problems with submitting a ticket with your problem via the service’s official website.

With that said, it is also true that we would have appreciated it if the company had made an effort to offer an official email address for customers to contact their customer support department.

In any case, that does not change the fact that the customer service can become helpful and can provide timely responses.

The company also offers users a Tutorial and Frequently Asked Questions section.

It is also available via the official website.

Each section comes to a good number of helpful resources and information for users to better understand the web proxy service that the company offers and how to properly make use of the service.

So from an overall perspective, offers users fairly good customer support for their paying clients and that is indeed a nice touch given the fact that they charge such a small amount of money for their services.

Add-ons and authentication

The NewIPNow service makes use of IP Authentication feature which makes sure that no one else is able to use the proxy service that one user has used or is using.

Readers should keep in mind here that does not support authorizations that involve usernames and passwords.

With that said, IP Authentication can be considered secure and reliable.


We hope that this review helped you make up your mind about whether or not you should try out

If you do go ahead and purchase one of their packages, or have already managed to buy one of their packages recently, then do let us know your thoughts, comments, and suggestions about their service.

Our conclusion is that if you are really concerned about your privacy, data and identity then do not go with

However, if you are in the market looking for a new proxy service and want to see what is the experience like before trying out premium proxy services such as those from StrongVPN and Hide My Ass then sure, give a try.

Of course, does have some good points.

Some of which are as follows,

  • Supports software applications that make use of HTTP proxies
    Yahoo, Craigslist, Facebook, Scrapebox, Xrumer.
  • As for the update frequency of its proxies, the company refreshes them on a monthly basis.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for paid users.
  • Offers multiple cities.
  • Offers multiple subnets.
  • Also offers a full refund if the request is made within three days of first use.
  • Supports proxy protocols such as HTTPS/HTTP
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