Free Proxy Services: Why You Need to Leave Them Alone

Free proxy services do have their uses. But people who value their privacy and data security should think twice.

Most online consumers have gone through a period of extensive education on how to behave in the online world (whether they follow the advice or not is their choice of course) and what to watch out for.

What we mean to say is that most online consumers have a good head on their shoulders.

They know that any service that has the term ‘free’ in it is probably doing something bad behind the scenes.

Most people now see this term ‘free’ as a red flag rather than anything else.

The operative word here is ‘most’.

And today, we want to talk to those people who can be, if they want to, criminally gullible when it comes to things like free online services.

One of the free services that we hate is a free proxy service.

For one reason or another, free proxy services have actually managed to become quite popular.

The sad part is that their popularity does absolutely nothing to defy the fact that free proxy services can become lethal to anyone’s online safety.

With that said, we are aware of the fact that some would continue to make the argument that free proxy services do work since they unblock different streaming websites.

And we’re not going to disagree with them.

Sometimes free proxy services do work.

But a working free proxy service is a bit like driving an old car.

In other words, all that is standing between the car and a crash is one bad day.

However, we get that most readers would want some more proof of why they should not make use of free proxy services.

So let’s get into it.

5 reasons why we think free proxy services are bad for anyone’s online privacy

Let’s take a look at some of the most convincing reasons as to why making use of a free proxy service is as bad an idea as anything else out there when it comes to securing your data.

Poor connectivity.

Cybersecurity experts agree that the most obvious and probably the most significant reason why free proxy services are not any good is because free proxy services offer users somewhat terrible browsing/streaming speeds.

And the reason for free proxy services offering slow speeds is easy enough to understand as well.

Since these proxy services are free, there are literally thousands of online consumers using them.

A lot of times, they are using the free proxy service at the same time.


And when that happens, we all know that things start to slow down a lot.

Our research pretty much shows that almost all proxy-relay are choked with a large number of user connections.

And because of that, you should never expect any given free proxy service to give you good speeds.

Of course, slow free proxy services may not present some users with any sort of problems.

If you are not looking to make use of heavy websites or apps or streaming services and are only looking to browse the internet via some low-density sites then free proxy services may not hamper your online experience.

However, if you have a need to accessing and doing business of various e-commerce websites and platforms like regular people or even if you want to stream video content from streaming services such as Netflix then a free proxy service is only going to make you want to smash your computer machine into pieces.

The only way to have a reasonable experience with a proxy service is if you pay for it.

Premium proxy services charge money for their services (as they should) and because of that they are not always flooded with a ton of free user connections.

Paid proxy services not only allow users to get online and consume content but do so without making them go through buffering issues.

Server problems

Now, the thing about free proxy services is that there is hardly any proxy service that makes use of multiple servers.

In fact, online proxy services making use of servers is rarer a phenomenon than proxy services themselves.

If you spend a bit of time reading about free proxy services online then you will come to know that it is not uncommon in the free proxy service industry for a multiple number of proxy services to make use of the same (and single) server.

What does that mean for the end user?

It means that each given proxy service on that same server is choked and also overloaded.

A ton of user connections on the same server basically strangle free proxy services.

And we do not really know how free proxy services can overcome this problem since no server on earth can deal with a ton of network connections and still clock in at reasonable speeds.

You should not find it surprising in the least bit that free proxy services will make you experience the internet at snail’s pace (that is, if you decide to route your internet connection through these free proxy services)/

As before, for online consumers who want to stream video or other heavy online content or even browse through some complicated websites then they should stay away from free proxy services.

Their only option is to sign up for a clean and working online proxy service that can provide workable speeds.

So avoid slow connection speeds and experience a livable online experience by signing up for a good proxy service instead of a free proxy service.

Free proxy services make it hard to access the most in-demand websites

One other major reason why you should keep away from free proxy services is that free proxy services do not take care of their users by allowing them access to specific websites in an easy manner.

A good number of free proxy services have spammers eating up all of their bandwidth.

And because of that, many free proxy services find themselves on various online blacklists.

For the end user this means that whenever they try to access a website for which they originally wanted to use the free proxy service, they are denied by that specific website.

You could wish to buy nothing but organic oranges from an online shop only to find that the online shop has banned your machine.

Moreover, again the real problem is that such issues are not going away any time soon.

If an IP address is blacklisted, it remains blacklisted for a considerable period of time.

This, in turn, pushes a good portion of online consumers to keep on changing proxy addresses unless they stumble on an address or a free proxy service that works.

The process of trying and re-trying is more or less frustrating.

Online consumers who have a habit of making use of common free proxy services would have no problems attesting to the fact that these free proxy services actually require them to connect a multiple number of times before getting things to work.

You probably do not need us to tell you that time is the only non-renewable resource.

And you do not really need to waste such a valuable commodity with something that gives you nothing but a slow internet connection along with buttons that you have to press several times to get a good connection.

Especially when the internet gives you way better alternatives.


We’re talking about alternatives such as paid proxy services and VPN services.

Click here to read more about the best VPN service providers in the world right now.

Our research shows that if you had the choice to pick between paid proxy services and VPN services then you should go with VPN services for the simple reason that the process of signing up and using a VPN service is far easier and simpler than that of proxy services.

The other thing is that now elite VPN service providers have started to offer their proxy services that come included in their VPN packages that their customers can use.

Most VPN services offer a good number of working and non-blacklisted paid proxy services.

Free proxy services are where the hackers are at

Just listening to the news should give you enough indication that cybersecurity threats are pretty much on the rise in every country and not just the US.

Creepy little folks with super-human computing skills are able to make lives miserable for a lot of people.

And they are only increasing in numbers.

All you have to do is go to a site like haveibeenpwned to know that every other week we have a story coming out talking about how hackers managed to compromise a couple of hundred of million valid social security numbers.

And once hackers get a hold of all these numbers, the first place they go to is the Darknet and try and sell them there.

Of course, on the other hand, we have giant technology companies who are constantly improving their software applications and are always coming up with updates that fix bugs.

Software companies now have a separate budget and department for patches that they put out for their products in order to cover up for the weaknesses of most of their products.

But cybercriminals are a bunch of skilled people.

And slow-moving software companies simply do not have the resources to keep up with the pace of hackers developing different tools to hack people and make a life for themselves with their personal data.

And since they are so many people accessing free proxy services (and hackers know that these people do not really know a lot about how to stay safe on the internet, otherwise why would they be using a free proxy service in the first place), hackers can set up traps.

These traps come in the form of phishing scams.

And if an online consumer falls prey to it, it is pretty much game over since hackers gain control over all of the user’s data.

Free proxy services are also notorious for infecting the user’s machine with malware.

You can avoid all such problems by simply refusing to make use of free proxy services.

In fact, if you think just a little hard on it, when you open up a communication line between a free proxy service and your computer machine, what you are really doing is inviting anyone from the other side of the world to have a look into your internet-enabled device.

Again, all you have to do is go through recent news to know how free proxy services play their role in major privacy breaches along with device compromises.

Free proxy services are not inherently bad.

But it is the way that they work which makes them susceptible to abuse.

One of the most popular and effective malware out there in the open is what the community calls keystroke recorder.

And what it does is that it records all of the user’s keystrokes when it detects that the user is accessing his/her online bank account.

You do not need us to tell you that once a hacker is able to record the keystrokes, it effectively means that he/she has stolen all of your access details.

The worst part is that, most of the times, you would not even know about it.

All that you will really is the result of the hacker cleaning out your bank account.

Privacy Breach

We have touched upon this at the beginning of this guide as well.

But now, we are here to tell you that if you had this idea that the worst thing you will face in the online world is malware or spyware then you have another thing coming to you.

Because the internet has gone way past that stage.

Hackers used to be the scourge of the internet.

Not anymore.

Now they have partners.

There is no doubt about the fact that hackers can do a lot of damage to your machine as well as your online experience.

But the really bad stuff happens when users who don’t take care of their security end up giving up their personal data to free proxy service providers for, free.


You probably already know this but when you attempt to relay your internet connection via a free proxy service, the free proxy service has all the opportunity and time in the world to see each and every piece of information about your device.

Now, at the same time, you could also have your free proxy service provider monitoring and recording what you are doing in the online world.

You really should not need any more convincing that free proxy services are nothing but bad news and potentially a major security threat.

Moreover, there are plenty of other good reasons why every cybersecurity expert recommends that online consumers should stick to making use of only trusted proxy services.

One good example that we would like to mention here is a VPN service that also offers a proxy service.

And if the VPN service is any good then it would have no problems in transferring its no-logging policies from its VPN product to its proxy service.

When a company offers you features such as no-logging what that really means that it does not engage in recording or observing your online activities or anything else.

Simultaneously that also means the VPN service would not record any information regarding your device and will not access your device without your permission.

You can probably imagine how free proxy services cannot provide any such promises and that is exactly what makes then high risk when it comes to privacy and online anonymity.

The other thing you need to understand is that any and all online services require hosting.

And someone needs to pay for that hosting service.

So how do free proxy services get around this obvious problem?

Well, we’ll start you off by telling you that free proxy services also need to generate a good amount of revenue to keep its business open and sustainable.

And if it is not going to get the funds for that through subscriptions (since it is free) then it will employ some other less than ideal methods to move forward.

Our research shows that free proxy services make up for the lack of revenue from subscriptions by compromising their user’s data.

How do they do that?

Well, they sell your data to hundreds and probably thousands of online advertisers who are out there in the market famished and requiring user data for nourishment.

And because these advertising companies are so desperate for user data, they are willing to pay anything to a service that has lots of it.

Free proxy services do not really have a choice in this matter, if you want to give this a positive spin.

Either they charge you money for their service (which they don’t and hence the term free proxy service) or they sell your data (which they do because without it they simply would not exist).

In simpler terms, free proxy services cannot survive without messing up your privacy.

If you are one of those users who regularly make use of free proxy services then it is highly likely that at some point in time your free proxy service sold your data off to third-party advertising companies.

Best proxy services

Even if we put aside free proxy services, proxy services are still pretty popular.

They are in fact as popular as VPN services in some cases.

And because of that, you will most likely come across a ton of them (both paid and free ones).

Each and every proxy service varies from the next one in one or more aspects.

But since we have already mentioned that you need to stay away from free proxy services because they are unreliable and not safe, you are left with only paid options.

That cuts down the overwhelming number of choices you had before.

People who care about their online privacy and anonymity should know that the best investment they can make to protect their data is either in a VPN service or a proxy service.

Let’s take a look at some of the best proxy services and how you can get them.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • BulletVPN
  • StrongVPN

As mentioned before, we live in a world today where the best proxy services are actually those that are offered by VPN services.

ExpressVPN offers all users its own Smart DNS proxy service and calls it MediaStream.

Our research shows that this streaming service can unblock potentially hundreds of channels for you all over the world.

If you make your way to the official website of ExpressVPN, you should not have a hard time in finding complete guides on how to actually set up the smart DNS service that the company offers on any given internet-enabled device.

ExpressVPN does the hard work for you so that you do not need the services of someone with technical knowledge to get the job done.

The same is the case with NordVPN.

Even though NordVPN is a VPN service provider (and a good one at that), it also offers a Smart DNS service that comes with its VPN packages.

With NordVPN’s smart DNS service you should be able to unblock most major streaming sites such as,

from any location on earth.

NordVPN has set up its Smart DNS service in a way that you only need to make a small number of adjustments to your present DNS settings in order to get going and exploring the online world as it should be explored.

NordVPN calls its proxy service SmartPlay.

Our research shows that it supports over 150 streaming services and websites internationally.

To make use of the service, you will have to subscribe to a NordVPN package which can cost you differently based on how long you commit to the service.

Click here to learn more about the top VPN service providers in the world.


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