UnoTelly SmartDNS VPN Review

Info: UnoTelly is no longer in business

Nowadays, online breaches in security have been made a wide-spread phenomenon and therefore there is the eminent necessity for the proper shield against them. Every single Internet user needs to find the best way for securing his digital presence. This is why companies offering VPN and Smart DNS services have made their appearance and have been multiplied over time. One such company is UnoTelly, which has become quite popular and drew our attention. We have looked through all the aspects of the services provided by UnoTelly and we have finally reached our verdict, as to whether or not someone should invest in a subscription. So, let’s get started with our review and see through the truth!

As it has been stated above, nowadays VPN and other methods aiming at preserving your anonymity and privacy are more of a necessity than a luxury to concern. That being said, UnoTelly offers two different services to people who wish to lift restrictions online through its official website. The Premium Plan concentrates on the use of Smart DNS servers for overcoming limitations based on your geographical location. Still, there is no encryption involved and thus you do not have the opportunity to mask your IP or conceal your data under a bulletproof cloth.

So, this plan is mainly suitable for those who just need to access channels like Netflix or BBC, NHL or Showtime internationally. If you are interested in the wider picture and you want the whole package, you should go for the Gold Plan. Since we review the VPN services of UnoTelly, this is where we are going to focus on!


The service is able to provide PPTP and OpenVPN encryption protocols and secured UnoTelly global servers from US and UK, Netherlands and Canada. Although the locations are definitely limited and there is great room for improvement, the encryption is advanced and can help out towards ensuring that there are no security glitches throughout the web surfing. Unlimited access and bandwidth are offered.

You can switch from the VPN service to the DNS, if you are having troubles with the speed of the servers at some point and this is a smart alternative for those who want to stream HD videos from a collection of over 250 channels universally. When security is a priority, VPN is a must, though – even if this means that you settle for slower speed! Generally, there have been some issues with the speed of UnoVPN; nothing serious, fortunately.


Unotelly Price
When it comes to its pricing, you will see that UnoTelly VPN is quite affordable. The Gold Plan (which combines VPN along with Smart DNS) costs $7.95 per month and there is a 7-day full money refund guarantee for you to take advantage of, without any contract. Other than that, you can try out the services for free and there is no credit card requirement for your free trial. You simply request that from their site and you are in! Payment methods accepted to this date include PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

What has impressed us is that they are willing to incorporate new payment methods and this is why they encourage you to send them an email with the specific option you wish them to add. Another cool thing, especially for the social media literate, is the fact that they activate promo options for anyone who is willing to tweet and share UnoTelly or upload a video on YouTube. Such activations can motivate people to spread the word, so the marketing department of UnoTelly really hits the spot!

Help and Support

Unotelly Contact US
The support of UnoTelly is pretty stellar and particularly when it comes to its setup instructions. There are detailed descriptions of how you can setup UnoTelly on any device, router and OS. Still, some might claim that the instructions are not ideal for those who lack any computing experience. What is more, you can navigate through an analytic knowledge base and the really enlightening FAQ support home section. In case you do not find the answer to what you have been looking for, you are more than welcome to submit a support ticket and check its status online.

Last but not least, there is a blog where you can keep up to date with technology trends and other cool stuff. What support lacks is a phone number and possibly a live chat. This is what has probably resulted in 98% customer satisfaction rate, according to their stats, rather than a perfect score.

Some alternative options for you...

Our score: 9.8

From $3.49 per month

Our score: 9.5

From $3.95 per month

Our score: 9.1

From $6.49 per month


Unotelly Compatibility
UnoTelly is compatible with Windows and Mac OSX, Android and iOS, as well as Linux. This means that you can benefit from UnoTelly VPN even when you are on the go, which safeguards your privacy while using mobile devices. In a mobile environment that is characterized by exponentially growing threats, this is a truly promising thing to keep in mind. If you get past the somehow advanced instructions, you will be able to use UnoTelly on any device and without any limitation as to the number of devices you use it on.


Having completed our thorough review, we can say for sure that this is a reliable service provider that can help you out combine the speed of Smart DNS with the security benefits of VPN. In case you need a safe pathway to access restricted channels, besides the rest of your web surfing patterns, you will be delighted to mix these services and their pros. In the case of VPN alone, there is certainly room for more servers in more locations. The price is reasonable for what you get and the support is above average, to say the least.

There is great compatibility regarding devices and OS, as well as detailed instructions (which can be a bit difficult to grasp for some people, we admit). Overall, UnoTelly can be recommended and particularly to those whose main goal is to get Telly online and a rich collection of hundreds of channels at a fast speed.
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