Unblock Netflix with these 4 Easy Ways, Anywhere

Netflix is a popular Internet streaming service, allowing you to access more than 20,000 HD movies, series and shows, documentaries and other cool stuff. People turn to Netflix, due to the gigantic variety of entertainment options they can get and the amazing flexibility offered by on-demand options. However, this service is not available globally. Due to several copyright, Geo-restrictions and other issues, Netflix in its genuine version is only available in the United States.

Over the years, there have been some other versions of Netflix established in places like Latin America and United Kingdom. Though these are versions including high quality of streaming material, they cannot measure up to the original US content. This is why it is of such paramount importance for most customers to figure out how they can unblock Netflix from anywhere in the world. This is what we are going to display here in this “how-to” article of ours, so stick with us and you’ll definitely have the answer to this burning question!

1st Method: With the Use of a VPN

Top 10 VPN ProvidersThe precious Netflix US library can be yours to enjoy regardless of your location if you choose among the methods that we have been outlining for you in this article. The next method is none other than the use of a Virtual Private Network account.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) will offer you the flexibility to alter your IP address and appear to connect to the web from the United States, even if you have never set your foot there! There are many VPN service providers available within your reach and therefore you will have no problem subscribing to a VPN package. As for the steps that you need to follow for unblocking the US Netflix version globally using VPN, behold:

  • Subscribe to the VPN Provider You Like AND is compatible with Netflix (NordVPN is the best)
  • Complete Your Setup
  • Choose a US Based VPN Server Specifically for Netflix
  • Visit Netflix Website
  • Choose Your Streaming Video and enjoy!

2nd Method: Using Browser Add-ons

Hola for Unblocking Netflix
If you are in search of a quick fix for streaming US Netflix while being outside of it, browser add-ons can be a truly helpful solution for you. There are quite a few add-ons available on the web, depending on which browser you are using at a time. One such fine example of browser add-ons, which is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer is Hola.

UPDATE: DO NOT USE HOLA! They have been found to sell your data and your interenet bandwidth to others. They are exprely untrustworthy.

It is really easy to download and install, offering instant ability to unblock Netflix alongside any other blocked website you’d want to access that you are interested in watching. The steps that you need to follow, in order to gain the privilege of watching any version of Netflix from your home or anywhere else include:

  • Download and Install the Add-on
  • Visit the Netflix Website
  • Click on the Flaming Smiley (which is Hola)
  • Choose the Location that Best Suits You
  • Refresh Netflix.com and Enjoy!

3rd Method: With Proxy Servers

Unblocking Netflix via Smart Proxy
Image by: Randomicc / Wikipedia (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Esquema-proxy-internet.svg)

Whether you are looking for a way to stream UK Netflix while being abroad or you are searching for a method to overcome boundaries and access US Netflix internationally, a proxy server can help you out. There are two categories of proxy servers, including free proxies and premium ones.

The former choice will offer you a bunch of dynamic proxy servers that you can use, so as to change your local IP. However, there will be a lot of ads throughout the process (they need the cash, who can blame them?). The latter will give you the opportunity to access both dynamic and static working proxy servers without the hassle of ads. According to your needs, you get to visit the proxy of your choosing and write down the URL that you are interested in accessing securely. So, the steps you have to follow include:

  • Visiting the Web Based Proxy Server You Have Chosen
  • Selecting the Proper Location (one of the regions where Netflix is available)
  • Typing https://www.netflix.com/us
  • Accessing the Site

4th Method: Using Smart DNS Services

Are you craving for accessing US Netflix TV series and shows? Another method that you can use for lifting the restrictions applied to you from whichever country you might be involves the use of Smart DNS services. You subscribe to a Smart DNS service provider and you amend your IP address, according to the server that you are going to use every single time.

There are various DNS Smart services, from which you can have your pick from; so, it is up to weigh their pros and cons and select the one that does the trick for you. In case you go for this method, you will be expected to:

The Security Gladiators team has gone out in the wild and done a massive amount of research to bring you a humungous list of thousands of hidden categories for Netflix shows. Find all of your favorite categories with just one click right here.

Unblock Netflix US Version with Nord VPN (November 2017) 5 Simple Steps!

Which Method Is the Best?

All these methods that have been outlined above will work just fine for you and provide you with a safe pathway towards accessing Netflix US abroad. Still, if we had to choose the very best method for accomplishing your goal, this would have to be the VPN. Most VPN providers pride in having a wide variety of servers located in multiple locations all over the world.

So, you can easily switch from one country to another and get to enjoy the content of UK Netflix in the USA or vice versa and so on! VPN works effectively and enable you to mask your IP address on the spot. Besides unblocking restricted content and lifting any geographical limitation applied to computers internationally, VPN uses encryption and thus helps you safeguard your anonymity and privacy in the best manner possible. In a cyberspace that is filled with threats and dangers, shielding your security layering is a must and VPN is able to provide exactly that.

Important Note

For all these methods, it goes without even questioning that you need to have a Netflix account already in use. It does not matter if you have subscribed to the Latin version of Netflix; once the service identifies your IP as an American one, it will automatically redirect you to the US version. Likewise, UK version will be offered to you upon using a UK IP address. If you do not have a valid Netflix account, though, you ought to subscribe to the service at your earliest convenience. This is how you can do that and get a US Netflix account:

  • Make use of the method of your choose for changing your IP to an American one
  • Choose United States as a default, if it has not been made automatically
  • Sign up with a US address (which might as well be fake, nobody is going to check)
  • Insert a valid Zip Code, according to the State you appear to be in
  • Use your credit or debit card (generally, Visa and MasterCard are acceptable) – take help from our Netflix without credit card guide, in case you don’t have one or simply aren’t willing to use your card
  • Alternatively, use a Netflix gift card as payment method (Hint: just Google, “Buy Netflix Gift Cards” and you’ll be able to find some decent providers
  • Enjoy!

That’s all. We have gathered simple and at the same time effective ways for you to unblock any version of Netflix from anywhere. They all come with their pros and cons, of course; Browser add-ons are super affordable solutions and easy to use, just like proxy servers. Additionally, Smart DNS services are generally truly fast in the streaming speed they offer to the users and this is crucial in on-demand videos.

If you are in search of an integrated solution that provides not only a way to change your IP address and lift any Geo-restriction, but also to shield your online privacy, VPN is the answer for you. If however, you are not willing to invest some money for your goal and you do not care about any disadvantages that derive from free options (for instance, slow speed and unreliability or ads included), you are most welcome to experiment with the respective alternatives! Feel free to let us know how your experiences have been so far!

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