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How to Get a UK IP Address outside UK

There are times when having a UK IP address seems vital, regardless of your actual location in the world. British citizens who wish to go on vacations and travel overseas do not want to give up on their favorite shows, series, and documentaries. Young people who want to study and leave the United Kingdom or those who relocate due to business purposes all want to keep in touch with their roots and pretty much to continue with their routine, including the UK broadcasting options. Of course, there are numerous different reasons why a person would want to maintain his British identity online.

All at once, some people do not come from Britain, but who wish to get a UK IP address. The United Kingdom is an important place where a lot of different kinds of entertainment are met and blended wonderfully.

For example, channels like BBC iPlayer and Video on Demand services like UK Netflix are attractive options that are only available for viewing within the United Kingdom. So, there is the growing need of acquiring a British IP address for being able to access all that great stuff and even more than that. This is what has driven us towards writing this how-to guide on how to get a UK IP address outside the UK. Let’s reveal the secrets and shed light to the mystery, right?

Why You Need a UK IP Address

As we have stated above, there are many different reasons why somebody would want to get a UK IP address universally. Below, we highlight some of them:

  • Unblocking Content: Since a lot of channels and websites are geographically restricted, some options are not available to everyone for viewing. Instead, some sites and channels are permitted for broadcasting only within the boundaries of United Kingdom. So, unless you are ready to settle for less qualitative and quantitative options in the field of online entertainment and information gathering, changing your IP to a British one seems crucial.
  • Remaining Anonymous Online: Besides the excellent content that can be unblocked through the use of a UK IP address anywhere in the world, another appealing benefit is that of remaining anonymous on the web. This means that, no matter where you truly are in the globe, you will have the opportunity to mask your identity and maintain your anonymity on the Internet. A British IP address for somebody residing in India or Australia is the perfect camouflage, don’t you agree?
  • Safeguarding Online Information: Similarly to the anonymous identity that is maintained, all the online information of yours is safeguarded and thoroughly protected with the use of a UK IP address. There will be no actual trace of yours for crackers, snoopers, and other eavesdroppers to take advantage of and therefore you are kept safe at all times!
  • Avoiding Online Censorship and Country Restrictions: There are cases when online censorship is tormenting. Whether you are at school or your office, whether you live in an authoritarian regime, or you are forced to settle for less freedom online, the use of a UK IP address is refreshing and liberating. You can trick everyone and enjoy the benefits of being a British citizen on the Internet!

Now that we have found out why so many people out there are seeking to change their online identity – let’s have a closer look at how to go ahead with getting a UK IP address outside UK!

Methods Used for Getting a UK IP Address outside of the UK

Below we are going to display the most commonly used methods for changing your IP address and helping you to get a UK IP address everywhere in the world. As you will come to realize, all these methods come with their pros and cons, and they all allow you to alter your online identity according to your will. So, let’s get started:


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a network of remote servers that allows you to connect with them and gain the IP address of your preference. Alongside with the brand new IP address, you will notice that the VPN encrypts all of your data and thus enhances your overall online protection.

So, you will be able to change your IP address and mask all of your details in avoidance of online scams and people who want to intercept personal, sensitive data of yours. Once you have chosen to subscribe to a VPN service provider, you will have to follow the guidelines offered and install the app that helps you to connect to the web via the VPN. Of course, you will be expected to choose a UK based remote server so that you can get the respective IP address.


  • Data encryption
  • Reliable
  • Easy to setup


  • More expensive than other options
  • Slower at times


DNS is another method used by many people everywhere in the world, with the intention of changing their IP address to a UK one promptly and more efficiently. The Domain Name System offers you the same option as the VPN, without encrypting all of your data.

This means that you can change your IP address using the remote network, but you cannot mask your data in any way. However, the lack of encryption makes the connection of yours much faster. There are DNS service providers that can offer quite wonderful plans for you to consider.


  • Faster, no encryption involved
  • Easy to use, no connection sharing
  • No knowledge required              


  • No encryption required, which can be risky as well
  • No connection sharing might be problem in case someone wants to use his/her connection to another device
  • Static IP or manual configuration


Many people choose Proxy as their preferred method of getting a UK IP address. With the proxy server, you can connect to the Internet and mask your IP address free of charge or for far less money than in any other method.

Nevertheless, the proxy servers are not always fully operational; on the contrary, you will see that sometimes you will be displayed with messages alarming you of the servers’ downtime, and you will be forced to find a different proxy again and again. Moreover, there are frequently ads that can deteriorate your user experience while making use of free proxies. Still, the masking of your IP is a given in this method as well.


  • Cheap or free
  • No setup required
  • Easy to handle


  • Unreliable
  • Often downtimes and ads
  • No encryption

Overplay (Discontinued)

Important Update:

Overplay is closing its services down very soon. So it is best for users to find another DNS service provider. Click here to have a look at the top DNS service providers in the market right now.

Overplay SmartDNS is an excellent service to get a UK IP address while outside the UK. What you need to know is the fact that there is no encryption available in this option. So, if your primary concern is that of privacy and if you are in search of top anonymity online, you will need to think twice before selecting this alternative and probably get a VPN instead. In a nutshell, the pros and cons of Unblock Us include:


  • Really fast
  • No logs are kept
  • Affordable


  • No encryption here either
  • No Linux guides are offered
  • Can be tricky for non-tech savvies


Unlocator is a quality Smart DNS service that enables you to hide your true IP address and thus unblock the content that you are interested in. You might have guessed already that no encryption is included within this option, though! The use of Unlocator makes the performance of your device pretty fast, and there is absolutely no software that you are urged to download. There are numerous locations that you can benefit from, featuring the United Kingdom of course.


  • No need to install software
  • Easy to use
  • No logs are kept


  • No encryption
  • Traffic can be heavy, even for newbies

Which Method is the Best for Me?

Now that we have finished our display of the primary methods used for getting a UK IP address all over the world, it is high time we found out which of them stands out. Of course, it is all a matter of priorities, and not all people have got the same concerns and personalized needs. Nevertheless, we have to admit that data encryption is truly appealing and can help you stay out of the radar and keep all the online dangers at bay.  IPSGUKIP

So, with that in mind, we cannot help but recommend the use of VPN as the number one option for masking your true identity. It is affordable, and it does not slow your device down noticeably, while offering strong encryption that protects all of your data. One VPN that I can recommend here to you is , tier one VPN provider and one of the very best VPNs available worldwide. Still, the choice is yours to make you, and you had better make it a great one!

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  1. Thanks for the above info about using a VPN for watching shows such as BBC iPlayer…it used to work from here in Canada.
    Recently it seems as though usage of a VPN is now being blocked by  BBC iPlayer. Is there another way?

    • Hi Trevor.
      Thanks for the comment.
      BBC iPlayer, some reports say, has started to use GPS coordinates to authenticate users.
      We suggest you download a location-spoofing app from Google Play Store.

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