How to Update Kodi To Krypton From Jarvis on Fire TV, Android and PC

Update your Kodi right now and enjoy the benefits.

Kodi (formerly XBMC) has finally moved on from Jarvis to Krypton, which goes by the name of Kodi 17.

The new Krypton version of Kodi ships with great skins, enhanced radio and TV setting and a lot of other slightly less obvious modifications that will all come together and help people stream content better.

So what to do if you desire to experience a great HTPC setup?

Well, the first thing you should do is update your Kodi.

And then all its add-ons.

The latest iteration of Kodi has far fewer errors and bugs.

Hence, it gives the user a stable streaming experience.

But Kodi developers have worked very hard on this new version.

It didn’t just come out after a night’s work.

In other words, the Krypton version of Kodi ran in its Beta phase for a decent period of time.

Many months in fact.

Only after that, did Kodi developer released the much-tested new Kodi to the public.

So, you have the stable Kodi Kryption ready for download.

How to get around all the issues with Kodi Krypton and your add-ons?

Well, to learn how to do that, you will have to read the whole of this guide.

Let’s get cracking.

How To Download Kodi With All The Updates

This guide will show you two things.

One, how to update Kodi to the latest version that is Krypton.

Two, how to stabilize all the add-ons to work with the new Krypton Kodi.

We will try to cover Kodi Krypton for a number of devices including,

  • Windows
  • Fire Stick
  • Android

Don’t worry if you happen to use XBMC on some other device.

If you can’t update your Kodi then do let us know in the comments section below.

If you want to use XBMC on an Android box then this guide will do the trick for you.

Click here.

All The Big Kodi Krypton Updates

Update Kodi right now and enhance your streaming experience

Kodi 17 Krypton, thankfully, ships with a brand new skin.

XBMC developers have optimized this new skin for touch screens as well as regular screens.

That means, more support for mobile devices.

Most of the touch screen gadgets in the market use the Estouchy skin.

The majority of the regular devices run Estuary as well.


The simple reason is the optimization potential of Estuary.

It allows developers and users to control all sorts of devices such as smartphones and remote controls.

XBMC also has a web version.

The web version has undergone many changes as well.

Now, XBMC developers have modified it Chorus.

Chorus is the same thing as before.

It just has a better overall structure and the user interface is more intuitive.

That’s when we compare it to the older versions of XBMC.

All of Kodi updates in 2017 have brought a lot of functionality to Kodi.

The user experience has progressed much in a space of 12 months.

For the end user, among many other things, that means better Live TV streaming.

Kodi developers have also brought major updates to the Kodi 17 Video engine.

Developers say that XBMC Player will now provide better stability.

The new Krypton XBMC Player will also upgrade other features such as video/audio sync along with automatic refresh rate switching.

XBMC Player has also received a good bit up extra streaming protocols.

It supports a lot more of them now.

In other words, users can now stream their content via,

  • SmoothStream
  • TRMP


What About The Android Version?

The Android version of XBMC Player has a new built as well.

It now supports playback in 4K resolution.

The Android version of XBMC Player has also undergone major changes in its core functionalities.

XBMC Player developers say that all the new changes will enhance XBMC Player Android box experience for everybody.

Do take note that the new update means that you will require Android 5.0 or later, to run XBMC Player on your Android device.

The Focused Checklist For XBMC Player Updates

  1. First, you need to check your device for disk space.
    If it has enough, then install the latest version that is available for XBMC Player.
    Moreover, follow this checklist if you are using XBMC Player on an Android Box or Amazon Fire Stick.
    People who are using XBMC Player on Linux or Windows PC won’t face such issues.
  2. Remember, that XBMC Player can run on any given hardware.
    But if you want to upgrade it, then it is better to know if it will support your existing hardware.
    Check whether your hardware can support the new XBMC Player before you upgrade it.
    The latest version of media player known as XBMC Player, may actually not properly work on a lot of older hardware and/or devices.
    So, ensure that your hardware or mobile device has around 2.0 GHz CPU and around 1GB of RAM.
    After you have ensured that, then you can proceed to install Krypton XBMC Player which is XBMC Player’s latest version.
    What to do if you experience a certain amount of slowness from the new XBMC Player?
    THis means your hardware can’t handle it.
    Revert to the older version.

Click here if you want to learn how to install XBMC Player on Amazon Fire Stick.

XBMC Player Krypton Update For WIndows And PC

Before you update Kodi, you need to consider a few things. Read on.

As mentioned before, if you want to update XBMC Player for your Windows computer, then the process is as easy as it gets.

All you need to do is go to the official XBMC Player website and download whatever the latest version of Kod is present there.

Then you need to run the downloaded file.
It will come in the form of an installer.

So watch out.

XBMC Player doesn’t have any built-in functionality for automatic updates.

Hence, it will not inform you when you have to update your XBMC Player version.

You’ll have to update XBMC Player manually.

As mentioned before, just go to the official website of XBMC Player to do that.
Click here if you want to do that right now.

Remember, download the absolute latest version of XBMC.

That is the most stable one.

After your download has finished, run the exe file for XBMC.

If everything goes to plan, your XBMC will now update itself.

It will update to Krypton and the later XBMC versions after it.

Remember, that updating Kodi will not hurt your data or change settings.

What to do if you are using Windows 10?


You’ll get another option to install the latest version of Kodi though.

In other words, if you have Windows 10 then you can visit the Microsoft App Store in order to install the latest version of Kodi.

Does it have any advantages?


If you install from Microsoft App store then updating your Kodi will become a piece of cake.

How to Update Kodi On An Android Box

If you have an Android box then updating Kodi will become slightly difficult

Android devices are easy to setup and cheap to buy.

That is why a lot of people want to run XBMC on their Android boxes.

Moreover, Android boxes are usually very portable.

Which makes Android boxes the perfect kind of device to consume content with.

Most of the Android boxes come with access to Google Play Store.

If you have one of those Android boxes, then you’ll spend very little time in updating Kodi.

All you need to do is go to the Google Play Store app and then search for Kodi.

Then look if Google Play Store has an update for it.

If Google Play Store has an update for XBMC, then click the shown Update button.

After that, Google Play Store will install the latest version of XBMC on your Android box.

You will not lose any data or settings.

What to do if your particular Android device or Android box doesn’t have Google Play Store?

Without Google Play Store, things can become a little tricky.

In other words, you will have to update XBMC via manual methods.

But since you have already gone through updating XBMC on PC (haven’t you?), you’re primed for updating Kodi on your Android devices as well.

Here are the steps

  1. Go to official Kodi website and enter its download page. Click here if you want to do that right now.
  2. Then download the absolute latest Kodi APK file.
  3. Use it on your device.
    The APK file will automatically update Kodi on your Android device

If you want to experience the full power of XBMC then you will have to update it on your Android device.

Updating XBMC will also smoothen out your streaming experience.

Want to know how to install Kodi on your Smart TV?

Then click here.

How To Update Kodi On AMazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon Fire TV has an Android base.

And that’s good.

The only problem is that Amazon deleted Google Play Store from their Android devices.

What did they do instead?

They came up with the Amazon version of App Store.

In other words, if you have Amazon App Store, then there is no XBMC on it.

Hence, you will have to find an indirect method to update Kodi on your Amazon Android box.

Again, you will have to first download and then install the latest version of Krypton XBMC.

The method will feel familiar if you have done the same on Windows.

Note that it is very important that you update Kodi for your Amazon Fire Stick.


The latest version of Kodi has very few issues with lags.

To know how to install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick, click here.

Just follow the awesome guide and it will take you through all the steps in an easy-to-understand manner.

By the end of it, you will have the latest version of Krypton XBMC on your Amazon device.

Remember, that Kod will always update to the latest version without modifying any of the user’s settings or data.

What to do if you are using XBMC on some other lesser known device?

How to perform an update on that lesser known device?

Well, use the comments section below.

Let us know the precise model and make of your device.

And we’ll consider it for a new tutorial.

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