3 Ways to Use ExpressVPN for Netflix

Looking for a VPN server that works well with Netflix can be frustrating, especially when uninterrupted streaming is a priority. Netflix has strong VPN-blocking technology and sometimes, VPNs that work well with Netflix can only access a few regional libraries. ExpressVPN works excellently with Netflix, almost always unblocking the service and providing access to many libraries. ExpressVPN is simple to use, provides access to servers in a wide range of locations, and has fast speeds, allowing for uninterrupted watching. In addition, all subscriptions come with a 30-day money back guarantee. ExpressVPN has a network of servers around the world, with servers located in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and many more.

Once connected to an ExpressVPn server, Netflix can be accessed from any device. The service also provides apps for Android and iOS devices so streamers can watch Netflix on either iPhone or iPad. Multi-device compatibility is convenient as it allows users to select the best device and server combination for the required task. ExpressVPN provides three core plans, costing $12.95, $9.99, or $6.67 when billed either monthly, every 6 months, or annually, respectively. Using Express VPN with Netflix is perfectly legal, however, distributing illegal files, using illegal websites, or engaging in illegal activities online must still be avoided. If a crime is committed whilst using a VPN, the VPN usage itself may also become illegal. It should also be noted that some countries restrict the use of VPNs.

Follow the steps given below to use ExpressVPN with Netflix.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN
  2. Connect to a server
  3. Start watching

1. Sign Up for ExpressVPN

To sign up for ExpressVPN, follow these steps.

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  • Download ExpressVPN from the official website
  • Install and Open the Software
  • Sign up for a new account or sign in
  • Head to ExpressVPN’s website and choose a subscription plan

2. Connect to a Server

The next step is to connect to a server.

  • Open the ExpressVPN app
  • Select a server from the list
  • Ensure to choose a server in the location of the Netflix library you need

3. Start Watching

To watch Netflix with ExpressVPN:

  • With ExpressVPN open and a server connected, open Netflix
  • Begin streaming as usual!

How ExpressVPN Works With Netflix?

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ExpressVPN works with Netflix by providing a secure and private connection to the service. However, note that ExpressVPN is not a proxy server or a VPN proxy. ExpressVPN is a VPN service that provides an encryption tunnel between the device and the server to which the user is connected. The encryption tunnel links the user’s device to the ExpressVPN server, enabling Netflix streaming.

Is Netflix Free With a VPN?

No, using a VPN to access Netflix is not a way to avoid paying the Netflix subscription. In fact, as most VPNs charge a subscription, using a VPN with Netflix is slightly more expensive. The main benefit of the VPN is that it enables users from anywhere to access US Netflix (or indeed the version of NEtflix available in any other country). It is, however, possible to access many VPN services effectively for free for a limited time. This is because many VPN providers, including ExpressVPN, offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

How To Fix ExpressVPN if Its Not Working With Netflix

Below are some of the simple troubleshooting tips to get Netflix and ExpressVPN working together.

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  • Check the device’s internet connectivity
  • Double-check the IP address
  • Clear the device’s browsing history and cache
  • Switch the ExpressVPN server
  • Change VPN protocol
  • Update ExpressVPN app
  • Turn off the antivirus/firewall
  • Flush DNS cache
  • Manually configure the DNS settings
  • Manually, perform proxy configuration
  • If the problem persists, contact the ExpressVPN support team
  • Switch to an ExpressVPN alternative that supports Netflix

Why Use ExpressVPN to Watch Netflix?

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With ExpressVPN, users can immediately connect to 20+ Netflix libraries and set up VPNs on any device in just 2 minutes. The VPN can also access Netflix on smart TVs, video game systems, and other gadgets that most VPNs cannot connect to.

Also, ExpressVPN allows users to unblock Netflix geo-restrictions by connecting to a server outside the user’s home country. The VPN Unblocks geo-restrictions by changing the DNS settings of the device to use a server outside the home country. For this reason, a strong internet connection is essential.


ExpressVPN uses AES-256 encryption, the same security protocol employed by the U.S. government and security experts worldwide to secure sensitive data. Therefore, all data is shielded when traveling through the ExpressVPN tunnel.
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ExpressVPN offers a range of premium features, including a dedicated IP address, router compatibility, Virgin Islands location, TrustedServer technology, specially developed Lightway protocol, and Network Lock and MediaStreamer services.

Regarding pricing, ExpressVPN offers favorable plans for unlimited usage and bandwidth. However, unblocking Netflix and securing traffic is one of the main reasons for using a VPN. With ExpressVPN, users can unblock Netflix and get access to thousands of TV shows and movies from anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN has servers in over 94 countries with over 190 locations, including the U.S., Canada and the UK. This means most streamers can access content from home countries while still having a proxy server in another country to help avoid geo-restriction.

What else can I do with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is able to provide a lot more than access to georestricted content. Perhaps most importantly, using a good quality VPN provides security and anonymity to online users. This prevents trackers from connecting online activity to the location and potentially, the identity, of the user. ExpressVPN also provides access to blocked sites. For example, wifi providers often restrict access to certain websites.

How Much Does ExpressVPN Cost?

ExpressVPN provides three membership plans: a monthly membership for $12.95, a six-month plan for $9.99 per month, and a yearly subscription for $6.67 per month. It is also possible to claim a complete refund of the subscription cost with ExpressVPN’s 30-day, no-risk money-back guarantee.


Is It Legal To Use ExpressVPN for Netflix?

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Using ExpressVpn with Netflix is legal, provided the user does not use the VPN for malicious reasons. However, some countries, such as China, have restrictions on VPN usage. In this case, it would be illegal to use a VPN with Netflix as using a VPN alone is illegal. It is important to understand the law surrounding VPN use in the country of use. Using a non-government-approved VPN to access Netflix in countries where VPNs are banned would be illegal.

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