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What Is RARBG?

What is RARBG? RARBG is one of the most popular and well-reputed torrent sites in the world. It started offering users torrents of all sorts back in 2008 and has since expanded the collection of content it has available. The website allows users to download content through torrent files and magnet links.

The platform uses the BitTorrent protocol, which enables peer-to-peer file-sharing over the internet.

Initially, RARBG primarily offered movies, but it recently expanded to include video games, documentaries and TV shows, among other categories.

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RARBG is different from other torrent sites in one key aspect—the lack of intrusive ads and hidden pop-ups. Of course, that is still not enough for law enforcement agencies to either block the site or make efforts to take it down permanently.

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In its 2018 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets, the United States Trade Representative marked the torrent site as a notorious market for copyright-infringing material. Bulgarian law enforcement authorities have also listed it as a problematic torrent site.

Since much of the material found on RARBG is copyrighted, law enforcement authorities have banned it in over a dozen countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom

What Does the Name RARBG Mean?

The website has operated out of Bulgaria since its inception, and some believe that the “BG” in RARBG stands for Bulgaria. This doesn’t mean the content on the torrent site is related to Bulgaria, though, as RARBG serves an international audience.

Still, the vast majority of the content you will find on RARBG is in the English language, as is the case with almost all of the popular programs in the world today.

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