Whoer VPN Review: The Ultimate Edition With Images

Is Whoer VPN worth anyone’s time?


  • Decent speeds
  • Offers a total of five simultaneous devices.
  • Has VPN servers located in over 16 countries
  • Offers somewhat user-friendly apps
  • Connections are encrypted


  • Does give out any information on the protocols it uses
  • Doesn’t have any mobile apps but an Android app is apparently on the way


Whoer VPN is nowhere near an elite VPN service.

In fact, someone is going to have to twist our arm to say that it is even a standard VPN service.

Taking into consideration all the speed test research and features, we think that Whoer VPN has to do a ton of work in order to get close to the best in the business.

Users who want to try out should try it out because it has a limited free trial version.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Here at Security Gladiators, we have worked very hard to review all of the major VPN services in the available in the market today.

We have also reviewed some minor VPN services who have not managed to attract a lot of media attention not because they are bad but because they don’t have to budget to do proper marketing.

The thing that separates our reviews from other similar popular review sites is that we use VPN services on a daily basis ourselves rather than just research and write about them.

So when we recommend a VPN service, we recommend it because we have researched it not just for reviewing purposes but for our own daily use.

Full Whoer VPN Review

No one needs more convincing that the modern online consumer needs some kind of protection.

The easiest way to get that protection is to sign up for a VPN service and an antivirus service.

As the title of this review suggests, we will talk about the VPN part today.

VPN services have become more of a necessity rather than a privilege.

They provide online consumers opportunities for anonymous, secure and private online presence.


Some VPN services are really really strong.

They are so strong that recommending them to any online consumer is a piece of cake.

Others are weak.

A few are scams.

And the rest are botnets.

So where does Whoer VPN fall?

That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this review.


Whoer VPN is no longer free.

Now, online consumers actually have to pay in order to use this VPN service.

So what are the prices?

Well, at the moment (we say at the moment because VPN services tend to change their packages and their pricing model faster than we can write reviews from them), Whoer VPN offers a total of three different subscription packages.

And unlike some top VPN service providers, they come in easily understandable terms. The first package is the 1-month package.

The second package is the 6-month package.

And the third package is the 1-year package.

It is all very simple.

All that the user needs to know at this point is that the longer they sign up with the company (that means a longer subscription period), the more discount they will qualify for.

In other words, Whoer VPN rewards users with cheaper costs if they show a bit of commitment to the company/

With that said, the 1-month Whoer VPN subscription package comes for a total of $9.90 per month.

The second 6-month package costs users around $39.

This package, on a monthly basis, is cheaper than the 1-month package.

The third package which lasts for a period of 12 months costs the user $49.

If we’re talking about numbers, the 6-month package offers users a 35 percent discount while the 1-year subscription package allows users a 60 percent discount.

One important thing that readers should not forget is that in terms of features, all packages are the same.

So theoretically speaking, there is no difference between what 1-month user is getting and what a 12-month user is gettings.

The company offers users a total of 16 VPN servers and these are available to all its customers.

The actual plan doesn’t really matter, apart from its expiration date.

What about a free trial?

Whoer VPN used to be free when it was in its beta phase.

Now it has moved on from that.

Today, Whoer VPN does offer users a free trial which remains valid for an unlimited amount of time but during the trial period the user may only “try” the service and not actually fully utilize it.

What do we mean by that?

We mean that even though Whoer VPN calls it a free trial, it is not a free trial since it does not offer the same features as the premium edition.

The free trial is severely limited in terms of number and variety of servers.

More specifically, users are only allowed to connect to VPN servers which are available in only a single country.

That country is the Netherlands.

This isn’t really useful for an online consumer who is looking to access Netflix, Amazon and/or BBC iPlayer.

Now, we’re not saying that it is absolutely worthless.

It is not.

It is also free.

And one can’t really complain about having something that is free.

Our recommendation is that new users should begin using Whoer VPN with the trial version so that they can get a feel for how the VPN service works.

After using Whoer VPN for some time if the user finds that this VPN service is good for his/her needs then the user should think about signing up for the service.

Of course, readers should consider that “if” as a big “IF”.

A VPN service that does not suit one’s needs is as good as nothing.

What about payment methods?


Whoer VPN offers users plenty of methods to pay for its subscription packages.

At the time of writing this review, Whoer VPN offered users payment methods such as,

  • Webmoney
  • PerfectMoney
  • Yandex Money
  • QIWI
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Ethereum

These are in addition to the normal payment methods.



Pretty much like all the other legitimate VPN services, Whoer VPN also offers users a VPN server park of its own.

The company has VPN servers in 16 countries all across the globe.

The actual list of countries in which Whoer VPN offers users servers goes something like,

  • Lithuania
  • Hong Kong
  • Spain
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Ukraine
  • France
  • The United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • The USA
  • Russia



A modern VPN service has to offer users enough features to perform a multiple number of different online tasks.

According to official sources, Whoer VPN assists users in carrying out the below-mentioned online activities with security and anonymity.

  • Protect oneself and one’s online identify from all prying eyes by hiding one’s IP address
  • Make use of public WiFi network and have protection against all types of hackers/cyber-attacks.
  • Successfully download torrents with anonymity
  • Engage in bank transfers and secure payments online.
  • Provide protection to one’s business against various virtual hazards
  • Prevent internet service providers from monitoring what a user does on the internet.
  • Protect up to three simultaneous devices (now five) with just a single account
  • Unblock streaming services such as Hulu, Blinkbox, Amazon Prime video, BBC iPlayer, Netflix.

Privacy and Security

If a VPN service can’t provide security and privacy then it isn’t really a VPN service.

It is a web proxy.

Perhaps it is even worse than that.

The point we are trying to make here is that each online consumer should have a clear understanding about the fact that VPN services offer users far more privacy and security than web proxy services.

This is just one of the reasons why online consumers should prefer Whoer VPN service or any given VPN service over any given web proxy service.

A VPN service encrypts the user’s internet traffic.

On the other hand, a web proxy service makes connections that have no encryption.

Web proxies only offer anonymity.

And that too is limited in a certain context.

So it should as a surprise to no one that we are for VPN services if someone is talking about VPNs vs web proxies.

Talking about Whoer VPN, we would like the people working for the company to take more of an effort to put up information about all the VPN protocols that the company supports along with any and all encryption methods that they make use of.

We say that because, at the time of writing this review, there was no such information available on the official website.

According to the official website, the developers behind Whoer VPN are pretty confident that their VPN service is ideal for secure bank transfers, online payments, and WiFi.

Whoer VPN can hide the user’s online activities not just from the user’s internet service provider but also government agencies and neighbors.

No one can know what the user is doing on the internet if there is a VPN involved.

As a VPN service, Whoer VPN has registered itself in Cyprus.

This it does not come under the jurisdiction of the NSA or the CIA or MI.

Cyprus, for what it’s worth, is not a part of the Five Eyes agreements and neither any other agreement which can jeopardize user privacy.

Customer Support

There is always a chance that the user needs some sort of help when he/she is trying to set up a VPN service.

In the case of Whoer VPN, the user has the option of contacting the service via email.

This email address is available to everyone who can make their way to the official website Contacts page.


As far as the compatibility options go, Whoer VPN is pretty much a limited VPN service.

We say that because it only supports platforms such as Windows, Mac and/or Linux.

Of course, this can change in the future.

We really hope that Whoer VPN starts offering dedicated applications for other platforms such as Android and iOS.

Company representatives would tell you that it is developing an Android app for its services and that it should come out very soon.

VPN Client


If a VPN service is not providing users a way to easily download and then install their VPN client then they are simply losing a lot of paying customers.

As far as Whoer VPN software is concerned, all that users have to do is to first download the VPN app from the official website of Whoer VPN and then run its setup.

By default, Whoer VPN makes its client available in a total of two languages.

Those languages are Russian and English.

Perhaps this is a good time to mention that users first have to agree to the official Whoer VPN License Agreement in order to install the company’s official Whoer software.

In order to read the full version of that document, the company advises the user to press the Page Down button on his/her keyboard.

Our research shows that sometimes it fails to show the user the full documentation.

However, we think it is more to do with the fact that there is a bug in the installation setup process rather than something more sinister.

When the user has installed the VPN client, it is basically ready to work and protect.

After installing the VPN client, the user should open the client and then log in with his/her login credentials.

The system should make this stage smooth as well.

Whoer VPN sends all its new customers a certificate key via email and users have to use that Certificate key the first time they log in to the company’s official VPN client.

After the user has successfully logged in the official Whoer VPN client, the user should see a rather simple interface.

The interface has three buttons at the top which say VPN, Plans and Settings.

After that, the main interface has a wide server selection drop-down menu.

Below that is some information about the server the user has connected to.

And below that is a fairly big connect button which obviously allows users to connect to the chosen VPN server.

In order to start the process of using the VPN service, the user first has to select a VPN server and then press the connect button in order to connect.


As we have mentioned earlier as well Whoer VPN offers users a total of 16 countries to choose VPN servers from.

This is it basically.

Simply select your favorite server and then hit connect.

That is it.

One other interesting bit that we would like to mention here is Whoer VPN’s good effort to make life easy for its customers and provide them with a way to upgrade their VPN package directly through the VPN client.

There is a separate tab for that right at the top of the user interface.

The last tab is the Settings tab.

This is where the user needs to go if the user wants to make specific changes to the default configuration.

The Settings menu offers options such as UDP or TCP connection, use system DNS and hide VPN connection.


In order to test any VPN service’s speed, one has to make use of tools such as

To make sure that the test is as objective as possible the user or the reviewer has to follow the standard operating procedures of carrying out multiple tests, at multiple times, on multiple machines and with multiple servers.

Then one has to average out the results after eliminating the highest and lowest values.

After that one should compare that result with when there is no VPN on the test machine.

The last step is to subtract the VPN internet connection speed from non-VPN internet connection speed.

The difference will show the percentage change in download and upload speed along with any increase in latency rates.

By their nature, all VPN services decrease download and upload speeds.

The good VPN services do it to a lesser extent though.

We have already mentioned the fact that the installation process of Whoer VPN is pretty easy and quick.

However, the fact that the company does not provide any information on the data transfer protocols that it applies to its VPN connections is something that doesn’t leave a good impression.

But sticking to speeds, Whoer VPN is a reasonably good VPN service in the sense that it does not slow things down too much.


Whoever VPN needs to do a lot more in order to come close to elite VPN services.

It needs to increase its number of servers.

It needs to increase the number of countries.

And it needs to provide more information about the VPN protocols that they use on their official website.

There is also little information on which server does what.

However, the company does have some good points.

It offers torrenting.

And purports to work with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video, though we’re not sure how that will turn out for other users since Netflix is constantly blocking VPN servers.

Whoer VPN doesn’t look like it has enough resources to combat that onslaught.

If you are serious about getting the best value for money VPN then you should check out IPVanish. They are our top ranked VPN provider. Read the IPVanish Review here.

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