5 VPNs that truly care about your Internet security and privacy

There are ongoing online threats that make web surfing a lot risky nowadays. This is why all online security companies ought to be really careful and prioritize, when it comes to finding out reliable solutions against online malware, viruses and other menaces. Unfortunately, not all of them can boast of being exceptionally successful in their goals.

If you have a look at the statistic report of Symantec regarding Internet security threats, you will reach some truly eye-opening conclusions. If we were to take a peak, we would highlight the fact that 1 out of 392 emails contained phishing attacks and 1 out of 8 legit websites include some sort of vulnerability. These details are pretty scary, wouldn’t you say so?

VPN to the Rescue

VPN is the fundamental tool of every Internet user towards enabling anonymous and immune web surfing. By acting in the form of an intermediary online, the Virtual Private Network is able to provide a safe path for the Internet connection of everyone. If you choose the quality VPN service provider, you more likely will eliminate all threats that emerge from the Internet.

Nevertheless, there are some variables that add to the overall value of VPN options for you to have your pick from. Because not all of the VPNs out there are not equally secure, some keep logs and few have had history of handing over the users’ data to authorities on demand. After thorough comparison and after having weighed both the pros and the cons of each VPN service provider, you can benefit from the most important alternatives that indeed care about your Internet security and privacy.

We have done the ‘hard work’ for you, and finalize a list of 5 very best VPN service providers that truly understand and value anonymity, security and privacy on the web. To get yourself a secure VPN today, let’s find out more about these truly reliable anonymous VPNs below!

Private Internet Access

OpenVPN, PPTP and IPSEC/L2TP VPN Tunnels are available from only $3.33 per month, if you get to choose Private Internet Access. You get servers all over the world, including the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. Premium encryption guarantees that you in no way jeopardize the quality and privacy of your web navigation. No traffic logs are kept and this is yet another form of proof as to the effective online protection that this company is able to offer. SOCKS5 Proxy is included and there is non-stop support and help provided without fail. Read the full PIA review.


IPVanish VPN
IPVanish boasts of being the only true tier-1 VPN service in the entire world. There are servers in 60 countries with more than 14,000 IP addresses in total for you to benefit from. Its apps are available on both the Google Play store and the Apple store. You get full compatibility with all OS and devices, with easy installation and setup while the support department is versatile and exceptionally helpful. Such encryption will offer you a method for keeping hackers and online threats of all kinds at bay. Read thorough IPVanish review.


With the use of TorGuard, you get unlimited bandwidth and infinite speeds. Up to five connections are enabled with a single account, while there are encryption options including 256-bit AES OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. TorGuard prides in having Stealth VPN and its network is constantly spreading, currently employing more than 1,000 IP addresses in well over 40 countries. The 99.99% uptime guarantee is a wonderful bonus for everyone seeking online protection of premium quality, motivating Internet users to rely on this very option. Read our complete review of TorGuard VPN.


When it comes to Astrill VPN, there are no logs kept and bitcoins are enabled as payment methods. These are two major advantages in the field of online privacy, since the anonymity of the Internet user is enhanced and practically guaranteed. VoIP and P2P are also embraced as activities without any limitation whatsoever. The fact that you can switch among servers as many times as you feel like at no extra fee is clearly another plus of Astrill VPN. Being compatible with all the OS and devices available to this day makes this alternative a truly qualitative opponent. Read detailed review of Astrill.

Privacy IO

Concluding as to the best VPNs taking anonymity seriously, we find Privacy.IO. What is intriguing about this service is that you can prepay as you go, which means that you can top up with money and then subscribe to the plan that best appeals to you. Price rates are quite appealing, being as low as $0.80 per day or $10 per month for the OpenVPN protocol. Nothing is blocked, which enables you to engage in P2P or anything else you feel like. Besides OpenVPN, you have got the opportunity to subscribe to PPTP protocols or a combination of both.

How to Choose the Best of Them All

We have displayed to you some truly trustworthy VPN service providers that can help you out towards becoming completely anonymous on the Internet. Prior to reaching your decision as to which of these solutions is the very best for you to go ahead with, you ought to think of your needs and priorities. Of course, not all of these plans will suit the desires and the demands of all the customers online. This is why there is not a single solution that comes to mind, when we refer to reliable VPNs for you to use.

Feel free to contact them and ask them of the services and features that matter to you the most. After having compared their offers and after having read through their ToS and their privacy settings, you can shed some light into the darkness and make the most out of your efforts to come up with no logs VPN providers of supreme quality standards! Share with us what you have to say in this field, because we are always happy to interact with you!

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