Banning VPNs is not the solution to restrict geo-blocked video streaming

Banning the VPNs is not the solution for the problem, VPN is trying to keep anti-competitive, content licensing models territory by territory on the worldwide digital distribution platform.

You might have heared the noise of “data rentation bomb’ with which Australians have been bombarded recently, and there’s no surprise that ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) is happy for it more than anyone else. But what we as being Security Gladiators say is, the fight is not over yet! After passing data rentation law, Australian authorities are being suggested to ban VPNs that’s a major player when it comes to the tools for better privacy online.

The MD of Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder Nick Murray is not feeling good with using VPNs to access the content platforms, CJZ is one of the best TV production companies in Australia. Nick wants the Australian government to consider it illegal, if a person access the video streaming platforms from another country with the help of VPN. The video streaming platforms must enable geo-blocking restrictions, said by Nick Muarry.

While an interview with Mumbrella (marketing and entertainment news website) Murray said that, “It should absolutely be regulated somehow to make it so people in Australia shouldn’t use VPNs.”

He added, “Normally, you sell [a TV series] territory by territory, so the geoblocker is very important… When we sell to a broadcaster in France, they can’t put it on their catch-up un-geoblocked, because it defeats the fact we’ve only sold it to France. It’s incredibly simple to stop people from outside the country accessing a service you have to pay for… As soon as they see an Australian credit card, they know it’s an Australian subscriber.”

Nick Murray’s demand for the geo-blocking system and the defense of those geographic selling rehearses is also suspicious. He told Mumbrella, “That’s how we get our money. The people who say we should get rid of the geoblocker, it’s just bizarre, as that is how content is sold.”

However he is completely wrong at this point. Sellers can’t think that the physical location must matches with the nationality of a credit card user. The people from Australia do and can regularly get American credit cards, say, maybe Australian spend their time working in the America. Vendors can’t even think so that the end use of their services is the real card holder. Because a friend or a family member might be paying for the package.

Nowadays, although, people have a complete operational worldwide sharing system for online content, that’s what the internet means. And also an international system for billing, marketing, and advertising, too. The universal standard for any company delivering digital services and products is now international.

But Nick Murray wants the geo-blocking system that forces users to purchase the content from the sellers in a particular country – just for “that’s how we get our money” – besides that Murray wants the Australian government force to standby trade practice.

However the Australian government differs with these irrational strategies. Last year in 2014, the same opposite was recommended by the Australian’s competition supervisory. The evading of the geo-restrictions are not only dynamically endorsed to Australians but also legal. In that review the reviewer although consider to ban the geo-restrictions completely.

Murray is only protecting the success of his own business, which is completely logical. However at the time of fundamental alteration that is redesigning businesses of every nature, you are unable to legislate that practices should be ended like earlier time. Banning the use of VPNs is specifically challenging. A Virtual Private Network is just a protected data pipe or a data tunnel that enables private info to safely navigate over the open internet. A Virtual Private Network is a simple network function, plus the reality is that the information transferring from one side of the encrypted pipe delivered to another is the main point.

Whether it’s Australia or any other country worldwide, if responsible personalities merely restricted those VPNs which are helping to bypass geo-blocking on content platforms, the planet would start a horrible clash in between various worms.

The bottom line and the suggestion is that, try to begin setting up your company structures that works well in the twenty-first century – instead of banning the VPNs.

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