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The Best Lifetime VPN Providers (aka Unlimited VPN)

Thinking about signing up for a LifeTime VPN? Then this is the guide you need to read.

You may think that a lifetime VPN subscription may be something that you would be interested in but give these Pros and Cons of such a service a read.

Pros and Cons of a Lifetime VPN Subscription

We’ve noticed that users tend to go for lifetime subscription packages because they look good upon first glance. Whenever a business is offering a free product, it’s extremely hard to argue against using the product. The same is true for products that offer unlimited service for a fixed fee.

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Seeing the problems with existing services and their terms of service, a new generation of VPN services has been born that offers privacy for life at a fixed cost. This new breed is known as lifetime VPNs.

These services required a sizable payment upfront, but that payment only has to be made once. You’ll be able to use the service forever once you’ve made the one-time payment.

At the time of writing, there were multiple VPN providers offering new customers unlimited packages for as low as $30.

If you’re looking for an elite provider, this amount will only cover you for about three or four months. Even at a discount, you can’t expect more than seven or eight months for $30.

How can a VPN provider offer a lifetime service at the price of a standard VPN’s three-month package? Well, this is where we want you to stop and think.

Take a look at most of these deals a little bit closer and you’ll see that many of them aren’t from the services themselves. Usually, some third-party reseller posts their product on a deals site to get more views.


Now, we’re not saying these deals aren’t legitimate. What we’re saying is that you should always do your due diligence when signing up for these packages.

Research the reseller as well as the service itself. Then go to some online forums and check out real customer reviews.

If you do all that and find that the deal you’re interested in seems a bit too good to be true, then it probably isn’t worth your money.

While there are great free services out there, at the end of the day VPN providers are businesses which means they have operational costs. Without a proper revenue generation model, they can’t possibly survive.

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Generally speaking, a VPN has to provide many servers for its users and enough bandwidth to use them effectively. Depending on the number of locations, a VPN may need a wide server network. Some of the top Virtual Private Network service providers like NordVPN offer thousands of servers in hundreds of different locations.

Then there’s the cost of development. VPN services need to hire people to make software for them.

Most of the time, VPN services have to hire different people for multiple platforms. While this is a lot, we still haven’t counted the cost of marketing the product or of having a customer support team.

All of this requires money.

Therefore, the business model of offering unlimited service for a fixed amount can’t be sustainable.

It appears that unlimited VPN providers are only in the game to take money from online consumers upfront. If they’re able to attract more subscribers to their service, then they will keep offering the same packages and will operate on the same model.

However, once they’ve enough of the market share, the number of new customers will start to decrease. This is where they’ll shut down or modify their business model.

Additionally, who guarantees that you’ll continue getting good service over time? The provider already has your money so there’s no incentive to improve, deliver or even operate.


Most services have “All Rights Reserved” at the bottom of their homepages. That means that these services have the right to cancel lifetime subscriptions at their discretion.

Just because someone is offering you a lifetime subscription doesn’t mean it will actually last a lifetime.

Of course, the opposite viewpoint is that even though there are plenty of services that did offer unlimited lifetime subscriptions at first but then shut down without compensating their customers, it isn’t the case with every lifetime VPN subscription.

According to them, there are still a few honest companies that offer these lifetime packages.

Proponents of lifetime VPNs say that the packages allow companies to have more exposure since they usually need partner websites to list their packages. Major publications also play a part by writing about these services. Without these packages, the providers can never hope to get covered on a major website.

Sometimes, offering lifetime packages is good for SEO as well. In fact, according to such groups, some people sign up for monthly packages once they’ve found the service to be good with the unlimited package.

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Secondly, lifetime providers are able to form partnerships with TV networks more easily. They don’t even have to spend money on marketing.

The initial cash injection is sometimes enough for such networks to develop their product faster and hire more people. In this way, sometimes a provider is able to get two regular customers for each lifetime user.

People who support unlimited services also have the view that the cost of providing a service to a single user is a lot less than what most people think.

In any case, if you’re looking for good service that offers lifetime VPN packages then these are the three we recommend.


vpn s logoThis service provides good encryption along with server locations in over 48 countries. Users are free to switch their server location an unlimited number of times. Some of its packages deserve the title of VPN unlimited.

Each  subscription package comes with a seven-day money-back guarantee and all the apps have built-in IP leak protection. With mobile apps for Android as well as iOS, you can rest assured that you’ll have something to stream no matter where you are.

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KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Keepsolid VPN

has an official unlimited plan which costs around $200 one time payment. As far as security and privacy go, KeepSolid is as reliable as they come.

With each package, the user has the option of connecting up to five devices. There is also a built-in DNS firewall for people who want a basic security solution within their VPN apps.

Currently, the company has over 400 fast servers spread across 80+ locations around the globe. This means you should have little problems in accessing any geo-restricted content. As another incentive, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited also offers a 7-day free trial to any new user.

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bullet vpn logo

With fast servers located in over 51 countries, you can rest assured you’ll be able to enhance not just your internet browsing experience but also your streaming and gaming experiences.

This service sets itself apart by making use of tier-1 data centers meaning high-quality server connections and fast speeds for the user. has a huge discount on its VPN unlimited package.

All BulletVPN subscription packages offer an official 30-day money-back guarantee. Though these wouldn’t necessarily extend to an unlimited package. Regardless, you should have no problems in securing your traffic from any and all eavesdroppers either at your office or at home.

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Reliable Alternatives to Lifetime Services

Lifetime VPNs sound too good to be true. So instead, go with these three regular but premium VPNs.


nord vpn logoThis service offers over 5,600 servers located in 58 countries. Among the premium services of the industry, NordVPN is one of the fastest and most secure.

Many consider it to the best VPN provider. Another great thing about NordVPN is that it works with all major streaming sites.

Currently, NordVPN has a mammoth 30-day money-back guarantee and works with streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix. It can hide your IP address and provide you with privacy standards that few can match.

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cyberghost vpn logo calls itself the genuinely complete Virtual Private Network solution for users who are looking for more privacy on the internet but aren’t necessarily ready to do a lot of work to get it.

In other words, CyberGhost is the perfect beginner VPN. It offers P2P torrenting, streaming and security for people who want to hide their IP addresses while they do things like online banking.

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express vpn logo has some of the best and most consistent Virtual Private Network apps on mobile and desktop platforms.

All packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and over 154 server locations. With this service, you can rest assured you’ll be safe online.

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In the case of Virtual Private Network services, lifetime VPN services not worth it. There are just too many variables that can change at any given time which can render a service useless.


Instead of unlimited service, go with a premium service that offers a massive discount on its three or four-year deal.


What is a lifetime subscription?

A lifetime subscription means that you get to use a given service for all time to come.

Is Lifetime VPN worth it?

Generally speaking, no. You do not have any guarantee that the service you have signed up for won’t just shut down for one reason or another.

What is VPN lifetime?

It refers to a VPN service that offers a lifetime subscription package. That is, a package that you never have to renew.

How much is VPN Unlimited?

Sometimes you can get one for $20. But most of the time, you will have to pay close to $100 or $200.

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