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Best VPNs for Simultaneous Connections (The Comprehensive edition)

Everybody has multiple internet-enabled devices now. You need a VPN for them all.

In the modern world of the internet, people no longer make use of a single internet-enabled device.

Now most online consumers make use of a multiple number of devices in order to access the world of the internet.

You will not have to search too long to find online consumers who regularly make use of a desktop computer machine, a laptop, and a smartphone device.

There are others who also add to that, their tablet devices and other internet-enabled products.

We shouldn’t also forget family members that might also be using a multiple number of internet-enabled devices on their own.

Hence, it follows that anyone who is going to sign up for for a VPN service is going to do so because he/she wants to protect more than one device at home.

VPN services are great tools for ensuring one’s security and privacy.

But if one is signing up for a VPN service, one would want to make sure that the VPN service in question is covering all the devices at home and preferably at the office as well.

We know for a fact that all VPN service providers are aware of this problem.

Or rather, opportunity.

And that is why almost all premium VPN service providers are able to offer users products that can take care of a multiple number of concurrent connections with just a single VPN account.

However, since not all VPN service providers are made equal, some VPN service providers go beyond the call of duty and offer more simultaneous VPN connections per account.

Because of our extensive research in this field, we know that users have this great desire to connect a multiple number of internet-enabled devices to the internet with the help of a VPN service but to do it in a cost-effective manner.

Of course, we also know that you do not want this feature at the cost of other security features that standard VPN service providers offer to users.

It is a known fact that VPN services operate in an industry where a single slip up in any aspect of the service means that the entire VPN service is worthless.

That is the reason why we have gone out in the market and have identified the absolute best VPNs for multiple devices.

Our best VPNs for multiple devices will allow you to not only protect yourself but also your family and friends from hackers and other cybercriminals.


Apart from that, our best VPNs for multi-device support are more than just that.

They are great VPN service providers on their own even without the simultaneous device feature.

An all-around great VPN service with a high number of simultaneous devices is exactly the thing which makes a VPN service the best VPN service for multiple devices.

How to know which VPN service provider is the best for multiple device support.

Our research shows that there are just so many VPN service providers out there in the market today that the task of selecting the right VPN service can feel like the user is about to sign up for a daunting task.

And it is true that if you want to make sure that you sign up for that VPN service provider that protects all of your internet-enabled devices then you do have a difficult task ahead of you.

Not only that, in trying to achieve that objective, you may fall into the trap of thinking that the best VPN service provider is the one that offers the most number of concurrent connections on a single account.

We are here to tell you that no one feature makes a VPN service the best at anything and that too automatically.

However, we must also guard against those VPN service providers that offer nothing but a sub-standard experience.

And the fact that you prefer VPN services that allow you to connect a multiple number of devices should not stand in the way of a quality VPN service.

Hence, when you are making the decision of signing up for a VPN service you need to keep in mind a few key features.

Let’s take a look at some of them right here and right now to get you pumped.

Multiple simultaneous connections

A bit of a no brainer really.

Of course, if you want to keep up with the modern world of the internet and also want to prepare for the up and coming cyberpunk world then you need to ensure that you have the right protection for not just one of your devices but for all of your devices.

In VPN lingo, we refer to this need as number of simultaneous devices.

The higher the number of simultaneous devices that a VPN service allows you to connect, the more is the chance that you will have adequate protection not just for you and your devices but also for your friends, family and perhaps even your neighbors.

The range of VPN applications.


Now, if you are serious about protecting all of your internet-enabled devices then you need to make sure that you sign up for that VPN service which is able to provide you with dedicated apps on most platforms and devices.

The more different VPN apps for different platforms a given VPN service is able to offer, the better it is for you, the end user.

Strong encryption


The whole point of signing up for a VPN service is to protect your devices.

You cannot do that if you sign up for a VPN service that offers a high number of simultaneous devices but does not provide good encryption to actually protect them.

Hence, make sure you do not miss out on the whole point of making use of a VPN service.

Without strong encryption, a VPN service ceases to exist.

The rest are all scams if you are wondering.

So make your data safe and secure and do not skimp on strong encryption

Robust and strict privacy policies along with a zero-logs guarantee

Again, if you understand that you are signing up for a VPN service not to show off to your friends how much you know and care about cybersecurity but to ensure the proper protection of your online privacy.

So do not kid yourself in this department.

Always sign up for a VPN service that is dependable.

And how do you know if a VPN service is dependable?

You can tell that by looking at the VPN service’s logging policies.

Ideally, you should sign up for that VPN service that offers no-logs privacy policy.

It should guarantee that in order words.

These are just the fundamentals of a good privacy policy.

Fast VPN servers

You need fast VPN connections if you are ever going to get some work done.

Hence it is essential if not vital that you sign up with a VPN service that has the least impact on the original internet connection speed.

This holds especially true for those cases where you are making use of a VPN service on a mobile device.

Best VPN for multiple devices.

Without assumptions, there would be no knowledge.

So we need to make the very safe assumption that we have done a lot of research in this field.


Because we have.

And what we have discovered is that, there are a total of five online VPN services that you need to watch out for if you are serious about signing up for the one that provides the most simultaneous VPN connections.

With our list, you can easily sign up for the VPN service that offers the most simultaneous connection for the benefit of all your internet-enabled devices.

  • IPVanish
  • StrongVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • NordVPN
  • VPN.ac

Now, in the following sections, we will round up a few of each of these VPN services’ top features.

We will also link to the full review of each of the given VPN services’ individual reviews so that you can further cement your position based on knowledge and not alone on gut feeling.


Perhaps the only VPN service you will ever need apart from when you want to watch US Netflix.


IPVanish is the best VPN for simultaneous VPN connections.

But why do we say that when we know that StrongVPN offers more number of simultaneous connections?

Well, it turns out, quantity is sometimes not enough.

Quality matters as well.

And that is why we rate IPVanish above StrongVPN.

But it is true that StrongVPN comes closest to IPVanish in terms of the number of simultaneous connections (it surpass it actually) but it cannot match IPVanish’s reputation and its streamlined experience.

In all, IPVanish allows users to connect up to a total of 10 simultaneous devices.

Every user can make use of them with the help of just a single account.

Our research shows that ten simultaneous connections are more than what most of us would ever need.

And if you can live with that number, as you should, then you can rest assured that you are getting access to the best all-round VPN service in the world.

It may have some competition in terms of number of simultaneous connections from StrongVPN.

But it blows StrongVPN out of water when the time comes to prove one’s quality of VPN servers or VPN service quality in general.

IPVanish has made it to the top of many VPN lists.

And the reason for that is simple.

It provides strong encryption in addition to a vast VPN server network and fast connection speeds.

Not only that but IPVanish also makes sure to provide users with a wide range of VPN apps that they can make use of in order to get the service on all of their internet-enabled devices.

You will have to think really hard and probably for a really long time before you are able to find a device on which IPVanish does not work.

IPVanish did have to deal with a bit of controversy last year over the company’s claim of zero-logs but the way in which IPVanish responded to that challenge was nothing but phenomenal.

IPVanish still has a cast-iron strong no-logs policy.

And it has done well enough for itself and for the VPN industry in general to merit trust.

Lots of it.

Click here to read full IPVanish review.

Click here to purchase IPVanish subscription at a discount from the official website right now.


Our research is clear on StrongVPN, the company has done a lot to raise the VPN quality bar.

Especially when it comes to the issue of multiple and simultaneous VPN connections.

StrongVPN now is resourceful enough to provide users with a total of 12 simultaneous devices on a single account.


So you just sign up for one account, pay for it, and move ahead to protect a total of 12 of your internet-enabled devices

This should be more than sufficient for the majority of the online consumers out there in the modern world of the internet.

So sign up for StrongVPN and protect all of your devices.

Not only that, extend some love to your friends and family as well.

Let’s not forget that neighbor as well while you are at it even though he/she may not have done a mosquito’s wing worth of good to you.

Anyway, StrongVPN has a lot more going for it than just the sheer number of simultaneous connections.

For starters, StrongVPN has a huge selection of good, rather excellent, VPN apps which are user-friendly.

And you can take advantage of those VPN apps on almost all of your internet-enabled devices.

Our research shows that the encryption that StrongVPN offers to users is right up there with the best in the business.

And by best in the business, we mean the top VPNs that have made it to our list of the best VPNs for simultaneous connection.

So do not waste more time searching the market for a better deal.

Because there is hardly any out there.

StrongVPN works on a strong zero user logs policy.

And you can trust StrongVPN on that.

Our research shows that StrongVPN does indeed unblock US Netflix.

Obviously, that is terrific news for those of us who plan about how they are going to watch Netflix abroad before anything else when leaving for a trip.

But remember that StrongVPN is not only able to unblock US Netflix, it is able to do so for various other streaming services as well.

StrongVPN is obviously not the cheapest VPN service that you are ever going to sign up for.

But all StrongVPN packages come with a 30-day official money-back guarantee.

Do not expect StrongVPN to offer you the greatest speeds either but it will suffice the majority of the online users.

And while it is also true that StrongVPN does not have the biggest of VPN servers, they do cover up the majority of the popular world locations.

Click here for full Strongvpn review.

Click here to sign up for StrongVPN.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN has made some big investments in upgrading its infrastructure.

And that is starting to pay off in terms of increased appearance in various best VPN lists.

Currently, CyberGhost VPN allows users to have a total of seven simultaneous connection on a single VPN account.

Every user can take advantage of that.

You also have the option of connecting even more devices if you have the need for more devices.

But in order to do that, you will first have to deregister just one of your internet-enabled device and then register another one in its place.

This is, to say the very least, very annoying.

As far as all-around services go, there are very few that we think can compete with IPVanish.

CyberGhost VPN service is one of those few VPN services.

It is especially great for those people who are entering the VPN market for the very first time.

CyberGhost VPN offers users a really massive range of VPN apps.

All of them have beautiful designs.

And are very easy to use.

To start things off, CyberGhost VPN offers a very beginner-friendly feature of single-click connection.

It helps users to select whichever VPN server is the best for what the user is trying to accomplish at that very moment.

CyberGhost VPN also happens to have a strong privacy policy with zero-logs.

There are many other privacy protection features present as well.

CyberGhost VPN backs that up with strong encryption.

But there’s more.

CyberGhost VPN works with US Netflix.

That can never hurt a VPN’s ranking or can it?

With that said, we would also like CyberGhost VPN to do a bit of work on its VPN connection speeds.

It is true that CyberGhost VPN offers all its services at very reasonable prices if the user shows some commitment and purchases a three or two-year package.

Click here for our full CyberGhost VPN review.


Take out the need for having multiple simultaneous connections and there is not a VPN service that can beat NordVPN at being the best in the business.

It is very secure.

And very fast.

However, the only reason why NordVPN has not made it near the top of this list is that the service only offers six simultaneous connection with one account.

The industry average is around five which means NordVPN is still better than a lot of other VPN services in this regard.

But as far as the best VPN for simultaneous connections is concerned, NordVPN simply does not offer enough for users.

That does not mean it is not worth it.

It has made it to the fourth position out of hundreds of VPN services, so there is definitely that.

NordVPN makes use of strong encryption to protect users and offers users a ton of extra and advanced VPN features.

As far as privacy is concerned, there are few who are better than NordVPN.

The company offers all its users a guaranteed zero-logs policy.

Not only that, it also offers a huge VPN server network.

That is one reason why NordVPN is able to block each and every streaming service that exists on the face of the earth.

NordVPN made some major improvements in the last couple or so years ago and that has allowed it to offer fast VPN connection speeds to anyone and everyone.

Our research shows that NordVPN is a completing option for those who would like to commit to a VPN service long term.

Click here to read out NordVPN review.

Click here to sign up for NordVPN at a discount from the official website.


VPN.ac is pretty much the same option as NordVPN when it comes to best VPN for simultaneous connections.

In other words, it too offers users a total of six simultaneous connections.

VPN.ac comes with strong encryption and fast speeds as secondary benefits.

Some might consider VPN.ac the best choice for their needs but not us.

Various tests have shown that VPN.ac is now ranked amongst the fastest VPN services in the world but that does not count for much when we are talking about the best VPNs for simultaneous connections.

Apart from that, we have found that VPN.ac offers users a high level of encryption.

Some believe that VPN.ac has raised the bar for all mediocre VPN services.

In other words, now everyone knows how hard they have to work to be even considered mediocre in the hyper-competitive VPN industry.

Our research tells us that VPN.ac offers users a good range of VPN apps.

The company boasts that it has the required competencies to unblock US Netflix and also the much-in-demand BBC iPlayer.

As for the VPN server network, we have found it not as big as what users can have access to if they sign up for some of the other VPNs on this very list.

VPN.ac beats out the competition and ends up in the fifth spot on our list of best VPNs for simultaneous connections.

Click here for full review.

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