Easy Ways to Bypass Internet Censorship in China

The Golden Shield Project does not leave any room for online freedom in China, doesn’t it? With a lot of websites forbidden either as illegal or as inappropriate, what is left is the settlement for far less than what one would otherwise have the liberty to enjoy on the Internet. An interesting source regarding the blocked sites in the gigantic country is greatfire.org, in order for you to get an idea as to what you are up against when visiting China for any reason.

With millions of daily Internet users, China is a colossal force in the field of web surfing and therefore the restrictions applied there should draw great attention. Due to the strict and authoritarian Government, though, Chinese people have been forced to compromise their digital rights and have a huge project spying on them while they surf the web.

If you are wondering what constitutes violation of the proper web surfing code, you have to count a lot of different sources that might lead the citizens of China to unrest. For instance, any mentioning of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 or any comment about violence deriving from police officers in China would be regarded as illegal content undermining the Government. Pornography is another aspect of the restrictions placed to the web in China, as well as news spreading from all over the world and providing spherical information. As you can see, if we were to make a list with the forbidden websites, it would take quite some time!

Luckily enough, everyone can get past this great solid wall that reduces, if not eliminates, the freedom of Chinese people within the country. The same goes for the people who travel to China on vacations, on business or for any other reason. Below, we are going to offer all the solutions that you can put into effect towards overcoming Internet censorship in China.

Methods for Bypassing Internet Restrictions in China

As mentioned earlier, there is a safe pathway that leads to unrestricted and uncensored web surfing for anyone in China. Even if you are feeling hesitant, you will come to realize that there is a solution for you to follow – or to be more specific, there is more than one solution to be considered by you. So, let’s get started with the naming and description of these methods, shall we?

  • Proxy: A proxy server will be proven a solid solution for you up to a specific extent. It can be used for certain websites and channels, helping you overcome the geographical limitations at once. Its function is basic and you can handle the website redirection easily, by copying and pasting the URL of the site you wish to visit ay a time.
  • VPN: A VPN will help you out through its effective function as the middle man on the web. In other words, you will get the opportunity to set up the VPN configurations and then choose any server from the network of your preference. According to your selection, you will get a brand new IP coming from that location. Encryption is a key element that makes VPN such a great solution, due to the thorough protection that is provided.
  • DNS: DNS will come in truly useful for you, due to its ease of use and its immediate response. However, there are many times when it will fail to offer the desired results. Its core is based on redirecting traffic and bypassing the restriction applied to your own SmartDNS server. China will have no way of knowing which DNS to monitor and you are off the hook!
  • Tor: Tor helps you route your traffic and filter it, so as to end up in a free location. There is encryption involved in this method and this is its major advantage over other, unprotected options. With Tor, Internet restrictions in China get bypassed promptly and efficiently and it is an open source solution.
  • SSH Tunnel: SSH Tunnel enables you to filter all the traffic of yours and send it over through a secure network. Although it is reliable and it works fine, it can be slow at times and especially when trying to add encryption to the basic tunneling. So, you either compromise speed or protection.

Finding the Best Solution Online

You have been displayed the five solutions that can be used towards fighting off Chinese Internet censorship without any delay or frustration. They all come with advantages and special features, as much as drawbacks and weak spots. Since the backbone of surfing the web is indeed protection, we feel that it is top priority to come up with a method that allows your computer not only to access restricted content, but also avoid any trouble while using the web altogether.

This is why we have thought it best to suggest the use of a VPN service as the best option in this case. The VPN masks your IP and literally makes you invisible. So, even if there was somebody reading what is written on a website internationally, he would not have the evidence to back up the opinion that it is you!

Of course, be super cautious and always preserve your anonymity while socializing online or expressing your opinion. The encryption used makes a huge difference and does not slow you down at all. Plus you get a lot of additional features and benefits at a reasonable price per month, while you get the chance to switch from server to server at your own pace.

Whatever you pick as your favorite method for guidelines as to how you can bypass the “cruel” censorship being imposed in China, be sure to inform us about your decision and about how this decision has worked its magic on you so far! Always remember that online freedom is something that should be taken for granted and therefore nobody should ever put this right of ours at stake!

Top-right Image: By NuclearVacuum / Wikipedia (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flag-map_of_the_People’s_Republic_of_China.svg)

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