Google VPN Appears to Be on the Way, Safeguarding Open Wi-Fi Connections

It has been found that in the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 from Nexus 6 there is Google VPN activity, revealing the intentions of the tech giant to effectively prevent safety breaches in Open Wi-Fi connections.

One of the major security loopholes when it comes to mobile devices is directly linked to the use of unprotected Wi-Fi connections. The convenience and versatility of Wi-Fi hotspots can lure Internet users, which snoopers know and tend to take advantage of. In avoidance of such vulnerabilities, some people avoid all kinds of Wi-Fi connections that are located publicly and some others engage in the use of a VPN account.

With the Virtual Private Network, all the data sent and received is encrypted and this can be proven truly beneficial to the privacy layering of each user. However, VPN does not come free of charge (and when it does, this means that the quality is poor or that there is strict limitation as to the bandwidth offered).

In the light of such issues requiring immediate action to tackle with, Google appears to have taken the initiative of installing built-in Google VPN to the newest releases of software and products, like Nexus 6. Android Lollipop 5.1 has got the basis on which the built-in VPN is going to be put into effect towards providing a safe environment on open Wi-Fi connection. As we read from the pop up window appearing at the Android 5.1 (after navigating from Settings to Apps and then All): “To help protect you on open Wi-Fi networks, your data will be transmitted securely through a Google VPN”.

As you can see, Google Connectivity Service has addressed the problem and seeks to provide a solution. At the same time, Google has been discussing of launching MVNO and being placed among the leading companies in the wireless industry. There are of course those who do not trust Google and its troubled privacy as a VPN service provider or as a protector of anonymity online. Since Google can keep track of and monitor your traffic, it seems almost like an oxymoron that Google will provide the means to wipe these tracks off. That being said, even with the VPN you will be expected to visit HTTPS sites in avoidance of having your traffic monitored and analyzed.

If we combine the knowledge gained by the currently hidden special feature of Google VPN and the suspected launch of MVNO that has been rumored over time, we can see the pattern; when there is no available connection otherwise, Google will turn to Open Wi-Fi and will provide all the means for ensuring that such a connection is always kept safe and risk-free. Much debate has already been initiated on the subject, although there has not been any verification on behalf of the company as of now. Perhaps the non-functional feature remains as it currently is and the whole play reminds us of “Much Ado about Nothing”.

In the meantime, should you wish to see the feature on your own you can do so pretty easily; you download and install QuickShortcutMaker from Google Play and then you link to the following activity:


Top/Featured Image: By DWilliams / Pixabay

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  1. That mean now Google have complete access of my data and then use it for more customized ( advertised) results. Right now i am using vpn which i choose form Vpn Ranks. I know they are not keeping logs so i am very much satisfied. And i think most of people prefer to use private vpn provider rather than going with Google.

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