Crisis Averted But Plex Doesn’t Like Unofficial Kodi Addons.

Plex had some nasty sounding plans for TVaddons. Until one party came to the table

Most of us already know that the first step towards transforming into a genuine hipster is to go out and lay claim to anything (or something) that is currently bizarre and obscure.

But one has to do it long before anyone else finds about it and makes it cool.

Now, what has that got to do with Kodi, Plex, and TVAddons?

Millions of users around the world use Kodi for all of their media streaming needs.

As you can probably imagine, a lot of users consume pirated stuff directly via Kodi.

And they do so with the use of these things called third-party add-ons.

TVAddons is basically a resource for thousands of these third-party Kodi add-ons.

But, just to “look” different, TVaddons decided that it would not host one of the Kodi third-party add ons that someone submitted last week.

So firstly, who submitted this particular Kodi add-on?

As it turns out, MetalKettle, a now retired Kodi add-on developer, submitted the Kodi add-on which TVaddons did not like and hence did not host.

Now, media reports say that people behind the creation of Plex have criticized TVaddons’ decision to not include MetalKettle’s Kodi add-on on its website.

In fact, Plex has threatened TVaddons as well.

It has done that with the help of a legal letter.

Media reports say that Plex legal letter had some strong words for TVaddons and the site’s recent actions regarding MetalKettle’s Kodi add-on.

Plex also said that it would do everything in its power to take some tough action on TVaddons.

So what’s next?

Have Plex and TVaddons gone to war already?


TVaddons came out and promptly tried to assist Plex with its problems.

And hence, both resolved the dispute rather quickly.

In other words, they settled “out of court”.

TVAddons also had a moral message for those keeping on eye on the situation.

It said that the way TVaddons and Plex resolved their differences should act as the standard method on how people should handle their disputes.

Plex legal team sent TVaddons a lengthy “statement of purpose”

Kodi Addon Developers Continue to Struggle.

Just last week, many reports in the media talked about the rather surprising retirement of MetalKettle.

For those who don’t know, MetalKettle is a legendary name in the Kodi community.

Before retirement, MetalKettle had established its brand name as the premium and most respected Kodi addon developer in the whole of Kodi community.

MetalKettle had churned out Kodi addon after Kodi addon for several years now.

But after so much producing and then distributing, MetalKettle threw in that retirement towel.

Maybe the pressure of releasing so many good addons for the greatest media center in the world got to MetalKettle.

Of course, we would never know.

We can only judge based on what MetalKettle has said in the various statements that have come out since MetalKettle’s retirement.

MetalKettle recently also announced that over the last couple of years Kodi had become more and more mainstream.

And the number of people who used Kodi as their primary media player had also grown in number.

That has forced everybody in the community to witness the actions of other parties that have highlighted the legal problems with Kodi and Kodi add-ons.

And because of that, some authorities and entities had taken it upon themselves to target third-party Kodi addon developers that gained traction because of their work.

MetalKettle also said that he had problems dealing with all the “what ifs” that came with the new situation.

And, according to MetalKettle, he had this habit of imaging bad endings with these kind of situations in his mind.

That makes sense.

Except that what does MetalKettle mean by “what ifs”?

Legal troubles are probably the number one reason why so many of these Kodi third-party developers leave the system

Well, the “what ifs” here mean that what if law enforcement agencies decided to take legal action against MetalKettle?

What if they targeted him alone?

Most of us are well acquainted with the fact that copyright holders have started an aggressive campaign against all copyright infringers.

They have brought down plenty of big name players of the piracy industry in the past year alone.

Metal Kettle, for all practical purposes, was also one of the biggest names in the Kodi community for third-party Kodi addons.

Most users who use third-party Kodi addons do so because they want to view copyrighted content on the internet without paying anything in return.

And recent cases such as the ones that a group comprising of Bell, Rogers shows, Groupe TVA and Videotron brought against TV addons Kodi add-ons have proved that copyright holders can launch effective campaigns against copyright infringers all over the world.

And perhaps they have the right motivation behind their actions now.

They care less about people doing the right thing and more concerned with how they can act aggressively enough in order to protect their own copyright problems.

Nobody can doubt the intentions of MetalKettle and his retirement.

And the reason for that is simple enough:

We now know that Plex Inc had highlighted him as a potential target well before his retirement.

And when a copyright infringer comes into the spotlight, it is pretty much game over from that point onwards.

For clarity’s sake, Plex Inc is the same as Plex, the only difference is, of course, that Plex Inc is the company behind Plex.

Needless to say, Plex did not find MetalKettle and his works as impressive.

What Exactly Is Plex?

Plex is essentially a system.

This system allows all kinds of users to organize and manage their media libraries.

Moreover, users can make use of Plex to take care of their entire media collections.

Users can also import artwork.

Moreover, they can also manage all sorts of metadata activities.

And to top it all off, users can stream their content to any given device.

We’re talking about devices such as,

  • Set-top boxes
  • Smartphones
  • TV sets


Why Not Just Use Netflix Instead of Plex?

Well, here is the very subtle difference between the two services and the customers they target.

Plex is great for users who already have tons of content lying around.

And in some cases, Plex actually beats Netflix with its comprehensive system for content management.

Moreover, Plex is a free to use service.

But after a certain point, users have to pay in order to activate further features.

Plex offers its premium features to users in the form of subscription plans.

The plan basically costs users $5 per month.

You may know this plan as Plex Pass.

Now, what do those extra features contain?

A lot of things.

But for now, we’ll stick with the part where Plex’s advanced features allow users to make use of Kodi add-ons.

Plex And Its Official Website. And Kodi add-ons.

Kodi addons aren’t exactly legal for the distributors of these addons. For the users, the case is different.

The official Plex site has a pretty comprehensive view of how it wants users to make use of its services.

A Plex document says that as of this moment in time, the company is offering a preview feature for their premium Plex Pass subscription customers.

This preview feature will basically make Plex available for Kodi addons.
In turn, users will get the best of both worlds.

In other words, users would have the opportunity to take advantage of the many customization options of Kodi home theater application and the simplicity and beauty of Plex.

Users will have the facility to access their content on any given device, at any place and at any given time.

This is what a Plex document currently reads.

MetalKettle has a ton of add-ons.

We have already established that.

One of these addons goes by the name of MetalKettle Plex.

This add-on, from MetalKettle, unlocks all the restrictions that come with Plex subscription packages.

Users can install this Kodi add-on on their Kodi setup with the help of just a couple of clicks.

Moreover, the MetalKettle Plex Kodi add-on allows users who have subscribed to Plex to activate all types of Plex features and without any need for that $5 per month Plex Pass subscription.

How Did MetalKettle Distribute his Latest Plex Kodi Add-on?

Well, he went to TVaddons and submitted his latest Kodi add-on to the repository.

MetalKettle did that about three weeks ago.

But the Plex legal team sprang into action only days after the submission and slapped TVaddons with a legal letter.

TorrentFreak got hold of a copy of Plex legal team’s letter that it sent to TVAddons.

How did TorrentFreak get the legal letter?

Let’s just say they have their sources which are apparently close to the platform.

What Does The Plex Legal Letter Say?

The letter basically said the obvious at the start, and informed TVaddons that the legal team represented Plex Inc of Los Gatos California USA Plex.

The letter also mentioned that the legal team would represent Plex Inc in all intellectual property and trademark related legal matters.

Plex legal letter further continued and said that Plex had recently learned that TVaddons started to offer a new software product by the name of MK Plex.

The letter also added that Plex had noted that TVaddons promoted the above-mentioned product on their website as well.

Plex legal letter further mentioned that the designation MK (MetalKettle) Plex infringed on the intellectual property rights of Plex.

And hence, Plex hereby demanded that TVaddons remove all of its web pages which made use of the designation MK Plex.

Moreover, Plex also wanted TVaddons to delete all the content related to MK Plex branded software.

Furthermore, TVaddons also must disable all forms of downloading of the above-mentioned MK product.

And finally, the Plex legal letter started that TVaddons also had to cease any and all other forms of use of Plex trademarks immediately.

What Did TVAddons Do To Plex Legal Letter?

We have already mentioned the content of the Plex legal letter.

From our perspective, the letter should have proven itself enough for TVaddons to come out with an official response.

Besides, the lawyers representing Plex did go into excruciating details about all the trademark issues Plex had with TVaddons.

The legal letter reiterated several times that the designation and unofficial Kodi plugin indicated that TVaddons’ use of MK (MetalKettle) Plex had no other purpose than to trade on the good reputation and goodwill of the brand known as Plex.

Let’s Summarize the Plex Legal Letter

To summarize, Plex demanded some pretty straightforward things from TVAddons.

It labeled MK Plex as something that presented itself as a form of unofficial Kodi plugin.

But it infringed the unfair competition and trademark laws that existed in the United States of America.

Moreover, Plex legal representatives didn’t really mention or allude to the list of features that the new software would provide to its users.

In other words, Plex legal team wanted to move forward with this issue by framing it as a pure trademark issue.

What Did Plex Lawyer Do Next?

They continued the same way as before and threatened a formal legal action against the Kodi addon repository TVaddons.

Moreover, they also started to include a legal claim for all the damage costs associated with the MK addon.

Additionally, they also demanded a court order in order to shut down the TVaddons site.


The entire site.

Not just the section related to MK Plex Kodi addon.

You don’t need us to tell you that Plex legal team adopted a very aggressive approach in its legal letter.

And it is especially troubling in this case since the legal it addressed to a Kodi addon that TVaddons did not even produce.

As we have already mentioned that the addon came not from TVaddons but from MK.

Nevertheless, TVaddons wasted little opportunity and informed TorrentFreak that the Kodi repository had no real problems in complying with the takedown request.

TVaddons also told TorrentFreak that they would go ahead with the Plex legal team request as urgently as possible.

A TVaddon representative also said that they loved Plex and hence would not do anything to cause the service any grief or harm.

Moreover, the representative said, the addon (a user generated one) in question should have never made its way into the official TVaddons repository from the start.

And hence, TVaddons had no other choice but to apologize for the error.

TVaddons Representatives Take On Plex Legal Letter

The TVaddons representative also said that they would like to stress the point that the repository took swift action against the addon in question as soon as Plex made an inquiry of the issue.

Moreover, the representative said, this case showed why the industry should learn that websites that operate with user generated content should institute a legitimate and genuine takedown notice system.

With that in place, issues like the one with TVaddons and Plex could get resolved a lot faster than they would in the court of law.

Moreover, this system would also help all parties to avoid any damage or harm in the form of legal costs and bad PR.

The TVaddons representative ended his comment by saying that TVaddons, as a website, always respected the due rights of other creators and would continue to do so.


Of course, TVaddons still doesn’t have a clue if MetalKettle himself knows the full scale of the problem his Kodi addon has caused TVaddons with Plex.

Moreover, MetalKettle seems to not give much consideration to the fact that his addon might take TVaddons along with MK into retirement together.

TorrentFreak reported and its interview with the TVaddons representative gave them the feeling that TVaddons might have taken the most prudent course of action possible.

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