How to Get a British IP Address Outside UK

There are quite many British people traveling outside the UK either on business or on pleasure, as well as ex-pats who have relocated somewhere else and wish not to miss out on their favorite UK content. Due to geographical restrictions and copyright issues emerging, some shows, films and other content from UK channels is only available to British residents and therefore in cases of people living somewhere else, there needs to be something ensuring that such limitations do not apply. Fortunately enough, there are solutions for you to engage in towards acquiring a UK IP address while being outside of it.

Below, we are going to show you all the different methods that can be used for getting the precious British IP address that you are after. Be sure to experiment with such methods and figure out which of them truly does the trick for you. So, let’s get started and work your way to the unblocking of British content anywhere in the world! First of all, though, it is worth taking the time and truly understanding what an IP address stands for.

What Is an IP Address?

An IP address (or else an Internet Protocol address) is handed over to you by your ISP or else your Internet Service Provider. This is a unique number that reflects your digital trace and your actual location in the world at the time. There is no way you can have the same IP address as another person located somewhere else and this is why the IP addresses are used in the form of identities and determine where you are.

In our case, we need to figure out ways that will allow us to mask our current IP address. Only after having succeeded in concealing our true IP address can we rest assured that we can still access UK content worldwide. Let’s start displaying the methods that you ought to pay attention to, in order to get the desired result!

1st Method: Using a VPN

The first (and perhaps most effective method used towards concealing your IP address and getting another one from the UK) is to use a VPN. This stands for the Virtual Private Network and it acts as a middleman, tunneling your data through a remotely located server. In this way, your Internet connection is completed through the use of another server and thus you get a different IP address.

When it comes to the VPN, you have to choose a reliable VPN service provider that includes servers in the UK. As a consequence, you can connect to the web through one of these UK servers and get to use a UK IP address, regardless of your actual location. The whole process is simple and straightforward, since there are specific guidelines and setup guides for you to use and all the VPN service providers pride in having exceptional customers’ care and support documents.

2nd Method: Using a DNS Server

DNS is indeed the Domain Name System that is used for all sites globally. In order for you to gain access to British content online, you have to make sure that you use a UK based proxy. In this method, you will get the opportunity to change the DNS server on your router and have your IP address amended instantly on all of your devices. Such DNS services are provided by SmartDNS providers, so you will get a respective UK IP address that allows you to overcome the geographical boundaries that have been applied to you. The aim is similar to the previous method, though there are several cases when DNS fail to help you out or do not offer equally safe online experience. However, the DNS is another simple and quite easy method that you can put into effect.

3rd Method: Using Browser Extensions

Last but not least, there is a different approach that you can use on how to get a British IP address promptly and efficiently. This is the method of using browser extensions, with the most popular one being Hola. Hola is most probably the easiest method to activate; you simply need to download and install Hola on your browser and change the location of yours to the UK. After that, you will gain a UK IP address to use for accessing the previously restricted content. It is done instantly, but it should be highlighted that you ought to complete the same procedure with every single browser.

Which Is The Best Solution?

We have outlined the three different methods that will get you a UK IP address outside the UK without fail. If we had to choose a single method that covers all needs to the fullest and provides an integrated solution to your demands, this would have to be the use of a VPN.

With the activation of a UK VPN, you not only have the opportunity to immediately change your IP address and swift as frequently as you like; instead, you also get the chance to encrypt your data and therefore optimize your web experience, avoiding to jeopardize your anonymity and your safety. Of course, you can have great results with either one of these methods. So, you are encouraged to weigh both the pros and cons of each, in order for you to conclude as to the optimal solution available within your reach.

Make sure that you share your comments with us, so as to identify the most suitable solution for you and the most effective method that has worked for your Internet connection to this date. We will be more than happy to read what you want to share, especially in such a practical concern!

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