What Are the Best Subreddits for Cybersecurity?

Reddit is a social network where people review and share links or text postings for others to read. These postings include photos and videos and news and discussion topics. Thanks to millions of users, Reddit has grown to be one of the most popular websites globally. Reddit was launched in 2005 and is now the world’s 18th-most-visited website and the United States’ 7th-most-visited site. Reddit has over 52 million daily active users, and like most other areas of specialized interest, the cybersecurity sector has embraced it. Several subreddits are dedicated to cyber news, hacking instructions, reverse engineering, and similar topics. Subreddits offer an avenue for members to comment, discuss, share ideas, learn, and collaborate. Several subreddits are dedicated to cybersecurity professionals, students, and aspiring hackers.

Best Subreddits for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems from theft or damage and the avoidance of disruption or misdirection from the services the systems provide. With more and more people depending on information technology (IT) networks such as cloud computing, virtualization, and the internet of things (IoT) for online banking and shopping applications, the need to protect information security has become vital. Reddit’s structure allows information security and cybersecurity professionals to go deep into a subject in a way that is more natural than Telegram groups or Twitter threads. The website features many “subreddits”, which refers to sections of the website dedicated to specific topic areas. There are subreddits for almost every topic imaginable. Cybersecurity subreddits cover topics such as cybersecurity news, malware questions, penetration testing, and detection software. Some of the best subreddits for cybersecurity readers are listed below and covered in more detail later in this article.

  1. apple
  2. AccessCyber
  3. blueteamsec
  4. blackhat
  5. CompTIA
  6. computerforensics
  7. cissp
  8. cyber
  9. cyberlaws
  10. Cybersecurity101
  11. ethicalhacking
  12. datarecovery
  13. HackBloc
  14. fulldisclosure
  15. hackersec

1. apple

r/apple is a popular subreddit with more than three million subscribers, and the subreddit bills itself as “the unofficial Apple community.” While the main emphasis is on news, rumors, opinions, and analysis about Apple Inc. products, several relevant flairs are accessible, such as the Daily Advice Thread, which may be used to seek technical assistance.

an image with apple screenshot from Reddit

The Apple subreddit informs readers about the opinions cybersecurity experts have about Apple’s security practices. Some Redditt users have praised Apple for focusing on privacy. In contrast, others believe that it doesn’t do enough to inform its customers about the common security issues with its products. Apple makes a point of saying that the business model doesn’t involve selling personal information, which means that it has nothing to gain through hacking and security breaches. The company also offers a bug bounty program. Hackers can choose to report vulnerabilities they discover directly to Apple instead of using loopholes for their purposes or selling on the black market.

Apple is very critical to the cybersecurity industry. This subreddit provides a unique opportunity for members to leverage their Apple knowledge in an emerging area of expertise. Many users are curious about new information security features, while others ask how to protect themselves from malicious apps. The detail in this subreddit shows just how much people care about the latest Apple announcements and feature updates.

The main advantage of the apple subreddit is that users get their security questions answered quickly, the sub is also well moderated and has accurate and up-to-date information about the latest Apple products. The Apple subreddit posts relevant security tips, including protection against password theft.

A major downside of the apple subreddit is that most posts are written by people who have little knowledge about cyber security, leading to confusion and contradictory information. Apple users generally have a lot of faith in the company’s products, which means that these users don’t always take cybersecurity warnings seriously.

The main experts of this subreddit are experienced Mac users who are committed to helping other Apple fans- especially the newbies, who may not know about the company’s security features.

This subreddit is helpful for almost anyone who owns an Apple product. As a cybersecurity professional, the best time to check out this subreddit would be to learn more about a new Apple feature or update. Professionals may use this subreddit to get tips on securing personal Apple devices from outside threats. This subreddit is also good for people who are curious about Apple products but who aren’t familiar with the company’s security practices.

2. AccessCyber

This relatively new subreddit is dedicated to providing cybersecurity professionals with training, and education materials for “Digital Defenders.”AccessCyber is a curated collection of links focusing on information for anyone interested in enhancing or developing cybersecurity skills, from novices to those branching out into any of infosec’s many specialties.

an image with AccessCyber screenshot from Reddit

The AccessCyber subreddit is good for people who have no knowledge of cybersecurity or hacking. There are a lot of posts and discussion threads on various cyber threats in this subreddit. r/acesscyber has an active community that makes it one of the best subreddits on the Internet for cybersecurity professionals and newbies.


This subreddit provides a good balance between informative threads for current cyber threats and discussions about various strategies that can be used to protect against those threats. AccessCyber is full of information for inexperienced users who want to learn more about keeping their devices and networks secure.

Advantages of the AccessCyber subreddit: the site provides tips and resources on protection against cyber threats. Also, the subreddit offers assistance for users who want to learn more about securing their devices and networks while guiding small businesses. There is a strong focus on infosec training and certification.

Disadvantages of the AccessCyber subreddit: Since r/accesscyber is relatively new, it has a smaller user base, and most of the posts are written by infosec professionals with expertise in various fields, as such, the information may be difficult for inexperienced users to understand at times.

Some of the experts in this AccessCyber include CISSPs, security researchers, infosec leads, and field experts. The information shared is valuable for cybersecurity professionals looking to improve techniques, but it’s also helpful for people new to the industry.

AcessCyber is an excellent resource for cybersecurity professionals and students interested in staying up-to-date on the latest security practices, stories, and events. The subreddit can also act as a great place for infosec professionals to get feedback from their peers. As long as users are mindful of the individuals’ skills and experiences, r/accesscyber is a great resource for infosec news. The site also provides resources on how to become involved in the community. This subreddit is well suited for readers who are interested in cybersecurity and want to develop their skills and understanding of the latest trends in infosec.

3. blueteamsec

The r/blueteamsec subreddit is a community for blue and purple team personnel interested in technical intelligence, research, and engineering to assist teams in defending their networks. The “Blue team” refers to a group of cybersecurity experts who specialize in defensive cybersecurity, while the “Red team” focuses on offensive cybersecurity techniques, such as penetration testing. r/blueteamsec is a social community with over 16,000 “hunters” and “analysts.” All blue teamers should consider joining this subreddit.

an image with blueteamsec screenshot from Reddit

Blueteamsec usage is simple. There are no complex rules or guidelines. The only requirement is that users follow the code of conduct and know where to stand within the community (i.e., purple team, red team).

The main advantages of Bluetemsec are that it provides a strong online presence for blue and purple teams to discuss security topics, red team vs. blue team issues, share information, and coordinate brainstorming sessions.

The main downside of blueteamsec is that it is not useful for beginners looking to get started in the infosec industry because it focuses on experienced security professionals. The site generally lacks beginner-level information.

Several flairs on the site may be used, including tradecraft (how to defend), intelligence (threat actors), and a Q&A flair for queries (ask the blueteam). r/blueteamsec can be helpful for cybersecurity enthusiasts who are looking to get into the industry or advance their current skills. This subreddit also has plenty of information that can benefit anyone interested in learning how to protect their devices and networks.

Pro Tip:

The best time to follow this subreddit is when new research on security trends, tools, tactics, and techniques can improve knowledge of cyber-security products and services. However, this subreddit is not suitable for cybersecurity beginners.

4. blackhat

The r/blackhat Reddit community is useful to anyone who enjoys poring over vulnerabilities and hacking. This subreddit contains many useful resources, such as a library of hacking methods and research on all the most recent assaults. blackhat also covers more general subjects like discovering the source of an image when the Google reverse image search fails, cryptography for pen-testers, and links to free and paid hacking lessons and courses. This subreddit also has an IRC-style web chat site to hold live discussions.

an image with Blackhat screenshot from Reddit

Blackhat is very important to penetration testers and other cybersecurity professionals. The forum acts as an excellent resource for anyone interested in pentesting and other infosec topics such as computer forensics, reverse engineering, and malware analysis. The subreddit is abundant in shared knowledge and how-to tutorials. The site features live chats (similar to IRC) that provide real-time communication for cybersecurity professionals.


The site has a ‘help page’ of frequently asked questions and rules about the proper use of the subreddit. This subreddit provides valuable links to get started, such as IRC chat, infosec news, and cybersecurity; read their FAQs page about how to get started with hacking.

Advantages of Blackhat include its vast knowledge base on hacking and cyber security, making it easy to find answers quickly. The site is also useful to anyone with specific questions about carrying out an attack or exploiting a vulnerability. The vast majority of topics are free and offer varying degrees of training.

Disadvantages of Blackhat include the lack of a good public search function, making it harder to find specific topics and threads. In addition, many of the site’s forums are filled with jargon, making it difficult for beginner-level cybersecurity professionals to understand. Finally, the website is also plagued by spam-like advertisements that can be misleading and might even trick an experienced hacker into clicking on a malicious link.

Experts in the blackhat subreddit include cyber-security enthusiasts, pen testers, hackers, and professionals. The subreddit is most useful to anyone involved in pentesting or hacking, along with cyber enthusiasts who want to explore the field of infosec further. This subreddit can be great for beginners since there are training materials available, but it’s not the best site to use as a primary source of knowledge because of the complexity of some of the material.

The most appropriate time to follow r/blackhat is when people share the latest tools and hacks used for cyber attacks. At this time, there is a wealth of information to gain, and it can be helpful for anyone interested in learning about the topic. The site is particularly useful at times when new forms of malware are released.

5. CompTIA

CompTIA is an important certificate that many hiring managers will ask for, or at least be pleased to see on a CV. There are over one million CompTIA certified individuals out there, but this does not mean the tests are simple. The exams’ difficulty and the amount of study necessary are commonly quoted as a reason for failure. However, over at r/CompTIAsubreddit, users will find a vast array of cybersecurity information to help with the certification process. This subreddit is focused on CompTIA qualifications, from the “looking to get certified” category to discussions and questions from current students.

an image with CompTIA  screenshot from Reddit

The CompTIA subreddit is beneficial for anyone looking to get certified and has a wide range of cybersecurity professionals. The site offers important information about the latest exams and certification programs related to cyber security, which would be very helpful for anyone preparing for an entry-level job or needing to renew their certifications.

The main advantage of the CompTIA subreddit is that it is such a useful resource for people aiming to become CompTIA certified. The site offers information about different kinds of tests being offered by CompTIA, there are links to several practice exams that will improve one’s test-taking abilities, and the discussion forums are useful for finding out about new tests that are released to the public.

On the other hand, some of the questions on r/CompTIA are too specific/ detailed and are not representative of something that would be found on a certification test. Additionally, not everyone will have access to the links provided since they are locked behind member registration. The subreddit’s main focus is also on certifications which make it unsuitable if the user is looking for specific information related to cyber security. Finally, the comments section is locked because of spamming.

Experts on CompTIA include technology analysts, bloggers, students, and cybersecurity professionals. Many of these bloggers have been blogging for more than a decade.

The knowledge the user can get from CompTIA is related to certification exams. It is useful if the user needs information about entry-level jobs and certifications and might even be helpful for beginners since there are links to training materials and practice tests. This site would be most beneficial for people wanting to get a job in infosec after CompTIA certification.

The perfect time to join CompTIA is before the user takes a certification test. The process of studying for an exam can be overwhelming. Still, staying up to date with developments in the information security field will help users feel more confident when taking any certification exams related to cyber security. The site might also be useful if one fails the certification because anyone can ask questions and get advice from others who have been in a similar situation.

6. computerforensics

r/computerforensics is very useful for anyone interested in computer forensics and DFIR. This subreddit is dedicated to the branch of forensic science concerned with discovering and investigating material found in digital devices, including personal computers or any other type of media that can also fall under digital forensics (such as cellphones and video). Recent popular topics include the New Windows 10 artifact discovered/explored, #EventTranscript.db (1 of 5 posts), Disk encryption on analysis workstations, and Windows 11 testing.

an image with computerforensics screenshot from Reddit

The importance of r/computerfrorensics is that it covers topics that can be applied to cybersecurity jobs in general since computer forensics is a branch of infosec. The subreddit has information about different artifacts found on different devices and how this information might be useful during an investigation.

The Computerforensics subreddit is mainly used to research different artifacts found on different devices; the subreddit is not used for asking questions because it lacks a general chat section, but each post can be commented on. Although this subreddit has links to other sites, it doesn’t seem useful since most are locked behind registration.

Advantages of following r/computerforensics are the fact the website includes many links to articles and relevant links related to computer forensics, it provides explanations of different kinds of artifacts that can be found on digital devices, and that the subreddit is monitored regularly through spam prevention efforts and quality control. Many experts monitor this community regularly.

A key downside of r/computerforensics is that some posts have an overly technical tone for those who are just starting. The subreddit is also only meant to cover topics related to computer forensics and might not be as useful if the user wants information about other topics in infosec, there may not be a lot of news being posted so it might be less helpful for people who want updates regularly.

The major experts on r/computerforensics are Digital Forensics Examiners, Digital Forensic Investigators, and Technical Security Engineers.

r/computerforensics provides a lot of knowledge about computer forensics, a branch of infosec. The subreddit is also excellent for people who want information about computer forensics or need links to relevant articles and other sites related to computer forensics. r/computerforensics is generally used by people already familiar with the concept of digital forensics and for this reason, might not be as useful for beginners.

The r/computerforensics is excellent for users who are embarking on a project or research study about computer forensics. As r/computerforensics is mainly used for research, it is less useful for those who want a constant source of updates or news related to computer forensics.

7. cissp

The cissp subreddit is a thriving site for discussions about the change in certification content. Its nearly 40,000-strong community is dedicated to discussing this topic. Being ideal for certified information system security professionals, cissp covers topics, questions, and resources about the CISSP test certification.

an image with cissp screenshot from Reddit

r/cissp is an important and large community because it is specifically designed for CISSP test questions. The subreddit is perfect for people studying to take the CISSP test since there’s a good chance that many of the posts will ask specific questions on the exam, which would help people get familiar with what they’ll see during their tests. Up to date news and information about the CISSP test is posted regularly by experts in the field. The main use of this subreddit is for studying and researching the CISSP test; it is not for asking questions since there’s no general chat section.

The main advantage of the cissp subreddit is its utility for people studying for the CISSP certification exam. The subreddit helps familiarise readers with the content in the certification and has a large community of members to help answer questions about different topics. Finally, r/cissphas links to several different kinds of resources related to the CISSP test.

The downsides of following r/cissp are that it is only useful when taking the CISSP certification exam. It is not useful as a source of news or updates unrelated to the CISSP topic. This subreddit is also quite detailed and as a result, may not suit be the most enjoyable way to learn about CISSP content.

The major experts of r/cissp are Cyber Security Industry Analysts, Information Security Researchers and System Analyst, and Information Systems/Security Consultants.

The most appropriate time to follow r/cissp would be when someone needs help passing the CISSP certification exam, trying to get started in infosec, or pursuing another cybersecurity certification. This site can also be useful for people who are just getting started in the field and don’t know much about cybersecurity.

8. cyber

Given the geopolitical, corporate, and intelligence aspects of cyber security in recent years, the r/cyber subreddit’s description of “Cyber” as “the 5th Domain of Warfare” is not an exaggeration. This community was created in 2010 from a now-abandoned subreddit and has over 10,000 members. The site offers a variety of discussions about APTs, government policy, breach organizations, and law enforcement alerts from companies like CISA, the FBI, and more.

an image with r/cyber: The 5th Domain of Warfare screenshot from Reddit

The importance of r/cyber is its dedication to news on cyber security issues. The site has a large community providing original content and relevant discussions about malware analysis, network intrusion detection system reports, and breach timelines of companies such as the FBI and CISA. Up to date news and information about cybersecurity topics are shared frequently in this subreddit by experts in the field.

The main use of this subreddit is for learning about cyber security; it is not designed for questions since there’s no general chat section. It provides users with original content, discussions on malware analysis, network-intrusion-detection system reports, and breach timelines of different companies.

The advantages of r/cyber are that it is very active with a lot of new content on cyber security; it has a big community, meaning there’s also a lot of people who can help answer questions about different topics; and there are links to different kinds of resources related to cyber security. The main downside of r/cyber is that the information is quite niche and technical.

The major experts on r/cyber are Department of Cybersecurity professionals in government agencies, Cyber Security Consultants, Penetration Testers, and Outreach Officers at Metacompliance.


The knowledge users receive from r/cyber is primarily specific to cybersecurity and might not be as helpful for people looking to learn about other topics in cybersecurity. This platform is helpful for individuals who want to learn about homeland and global security-related topics in cybersecurity.

r/cyber is an ideal source for information about APTs, breach organizations, and law enforcement agencies. Also, this subreddit is useful for people who are just getting started in the field and don’t know much about the cyber security topic.

9. cyberlaws

r/cyberlaws is a subreddit dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of cyberlaw, which includes everything from computer science and criminal law to legal history. r/cyberlaws has over 34,000 subscribers and is the main subreddit for those interested in the intersection between computing and law. Dedicated to news stories related to technology, its scope includes computer crime, copyright, privacy, free speech, intellectual property, net neutrality, and more. Readers will discover postings advertising cyber law courses and news articles and questions.

an image with cyberlaws screenshot from Reddit

This subreddit provides detailed news on cybersecurity issues. Although it’s not specific to security, there’s a lot of content that can help someone interested in cybersecurity, leading them to other resources. The site focuses more on legal aspects of cybersecurity rather than technical details, meaning there are different kinds of resources for users looking for more information about other topics in cyber security.

The advantages of r/cyberlaws include it being very detailed in its explanations; it focuses on news about cybersecurity rather than questions, so people don’t have to answer the same thing over and over again; it has a lot of information that can help someone interested in cybersecurity, and; provides many original resources.

The downsides of r/cyberlaws include the fact that it is not appropriate for people looking for a cybersecurity discussion or casual learning, since it focuses only on the legal aspects of cyber security. It can also be hard to follow if someone doesn’t know much about the topic since there’re so many news articles rather than questions.

The most notable users in r/cyberlaws are law professors, law students, and legal scholars. Individuals looking to understand the legal aspects of cyber security will find this subreddit very helpful since it is very detailed. This website is also beneficial for people who like to read articles instead of asking questions.


The knowledge that users receive from this site is most relevant to cybersecurity as it relates to law and legality. This subreddit can be a little too specific for people just getting into the industry and looking for a more general overview.

The most appropriate reason to follow r/cyberlaws is to learn about how crime and legislation affect the internet and know about the latest cyber security news and legal decisions. r/cyberlaws is also useful for people who are just getting started in the field and don’t know much about the cyber security topic.

10. Cybersecurity101

In comparison to r/cybersecurity for experts, r/Cybersecurity101 is the place to visit for anyone interested in learning more about cybersecurity and privacy from a personal, family, or domestic standpoint. There are a lot of important questions about keylogging, such as “am I being keylogged” and “does my PC have malware have a keylogger or a RAT on it?” There are also comparable issues regarding mobile devices. This subreddit will provide all the necessary information for those concerned with personal device security who are unsure where to turn.

an image with Cybersecurity101 screenshot from Reddit

The importance of this subreddit in the field of cybersecurity is that it is dedicated to teaching people about cyber security from a domestic standpoint rather than the industry point of view. This specific subreddit is useful for anyone who wants to learn more about their own devices and how to keep themselves safe on them.

Using r/cybersecurity101 is simple and should be followed by anyone who wants to learn more about protecting their devices from security risks. There are no particular users that this subreddit targets, but the people most likely to subscribe to it are those who want to know more about cyber security as a personal issue rather than as an industry topic.

The main advantage of this subreddit is that the information is pitched at an appropriate level for beginners and novices. The information on the Cybersecurity101 subreddit is also more general and less niche, so it is more useful for the average reader.

The main disadvantage of Cybersecurity101 is that it doesn’t provide much new information about cybersecurity as an industry topic rather than focusing on personal devices and cyber security threats.

Some of the main experts of r/cybersecurity101 are family and domestic computer users. Users who want to learn about cyber security more casually and personally will find this subreddit very helpful because it is detailed, easy to follow, and provides good explanations for questions.

The knowledge that can be received from r/cybersecurity101 includes cyber security threats to personal devices, how to protect your privacy online, and what you can do to keep yourself safe from cyber security risks. This subreddit is best for people who have a casual interest in the topic of cyber security and want an easy way to learn more about it.

A good reason to follow this subreddit would be to learn how to protect computing devices from cyber security risks, search for answers to general cybersecurity questions, and find out how technology has affected people’s lives.

11. ethicalhacking

This subreddit is for people interested in discussing ethical hacking. There are flairs available for newcomers and job sectors. Still, the bulk of the conversation will focus on wifi hacking, web vulnerabilities, pen testing, social engineering, and crucial tools such as Kali Linux and Metasploit.

r/ethicalhacking is important because it provides a place for cybersecurity professionals to share ideas, ask questions, and expand their expertise. Anyone interested in ethical hacking will find this subreddit helpful because it allows them to learn about new tools and techniques.

an image with r/ethicalhacking  screenshot from Reddit

This subreddit is useful for people who already have some experience with the topic of cybersecurity because it can be helpful when learning how to use cybersecurity tools and techniques safely and productively. r/ethicalhacking is also useful for people who want to use these tools but don’t know where to start.

A major advantage of the ethicalhacking subreddit is that it provides information for people who are interested in the topic of cybersecurity but do not want to learn about it in a workplace setting, having good explanations and breakdowns of difficult topics. This subreddit also provides great resources for anyone who wants to become involved with the ethical hacking community.

The key downside of the ethical hacking subreddit is that it doesn’t provide much information on new tools or techniques developed for cybersecurity. The information is mostly focused on the existing tools and their usage, and articles are often too short or lack detail.

Some of the main experts in this subreddit come from people who work in cybersecurity. Security professionals who want to expand the knowledge base without going through company training will find r/ethicalhacking helpful because it provides good information quickly. There are also tools to download and information to be shared.

The ethicalhacking subreddit informs readers about what to expect in cybersecurity jobs, answers any questions or concerns about the industry, and takes a look into the ethical hacking community from people who work there.

The best time to join this subreddit is when users want to learn about cybersecurity professionals’ tools and techniques, want information on different types of ethical hacking jobs, and have questions about the field.

12. datarecovery

The datarecovery subreddit is a community dedicated to discussing data restoration’s technical and physical aspects. The moderators emphasize that discussion is focused on education and information rather than DIY data retrieval. There is a wealth of helpful material on this subreddit and there are many pointers relating to data discovery.

an image with datarecovery screenshot from Reddit

This subreddit is ideal for learning how data restoration works and what tools and techniques are used. The best way to get involved in this community is by asking questions about data recovery. This subreddit can help readers become more knowledgeable about the field, and it could also help users find careers in the cybersecurity niche.

The advantages of this subreddit include an abundance of information on data restoration, useful answers to questions related to the topic, and a community that is focused solely on the subject of data recovery. This site is full of helpful advice and has a respectable community of users who are generally willing to help each other.

The main disadvantages of the datarecovery subreddit are that its moderation team is lax and the fact it has fewer subscribers and active members than most the alternatives on this list. Because of this there are often long periods where there is no new information posted.

Experts on this subreddit include data recovery professionals, technicians, and users interested in the subject. Users who ask questions or submit content will help contribute to this community by spreading information about data restoration.


The knowledge people get from this subreddit includes detailed explanations about how data retrieval works, helpful tips for fixing problems with hard drives, best practices for ensuring that lost data is located quickly and completely, and different types of data restoration processes.

The best time to join this subreddit is when users want information about how hard drives work and what the process entails for restoring lost files. If an individual is interested in learning more about data retrieval or wants to know if it’s something one could do as a career, then r/datarecovery is an ideal subreddit.

13. HackBloc

This HackBloc subreddit covers a mix of hacking and politics. The main goal of this community is to provide a space for people who share an interest in hacktivism, crypto-anarchy, darknets, and free culture to network with one another. With over 23,000 members, this subreddit offers information and assistance to many readers.

an image with HackBloc screenshot from Reddit

r/HackBloc is useful to anyone who wants to know more about hacktivism and its use as a form of activism. Participation is simple and generally consists of people asking questions are submitting links.

Users that join this community will find information on tools, tutorials, news articles, and opinions related to hacktivism. This subreddit provides an abundance of knowledge at the fingertips of anyone who wants it. HackBloc provides links from all over the internet and compiles them into one place for easy access.

The advantages of r/hackBloc are that it’s an active international community that welcomes anyone, contains news articles on cyberattacks, allows for questions and answers, and includes links to great websites with information on hacking and cyber-security.

An important disadvantage of r/HackBloc for many users is the noticeable liberal bias in the content. Additionally, there is very little content outside of the topics of hacking and politics, which some readers may find restrictive.

Experts on this subreddit include hacktivists, cyber-security specialists, and political dissidents interested in the topic. If someone is interested in learning more about hacktivism or wants to become a hacker, then r/hackBloc will be helpful.

The knowledge user gets from this subreddit include suggestions on how to hack, different types of tools that can be used for activism, and links to other resources about hacktivism. This community also encourages people to share their opinions on cyber-security issues and articles related to the topic.

The best time to join this subreddit is after major news events like election day or significant international hacks because this is when the forum is most active. People who are interested in hacktivism have likely heard about the subreddit r/hackBloc.

14. fulldisclosure

At r/fulldisclosure, readers will find a wealth of information about breaches, data leaks, exploits, vulnerabilities, and both informed and uneducated disclosures. This subreddit’s administrators have stated that it will not remove content relating to zero-day exploits, which raises some ethical questions. Thankfully, this forum doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but it does offer an interesting and helpful historical archive for researchers, having been active since 2012.

an image with fulldisclosure screenshot from Reddit

Fulldisclosure provides its importance through its documentation of historical security breaches. For example, readers can learn about a specific company or software and learn about what has happened with its security standards over time.

Using this subreddit is easy, but the usefulness depends on the needs of the reader. If people are trying to track down a specific data leak to gain more information about it, these individuals will have better luck with r/databreaches instead of this subreddit. Conversely, if people want to read an in-depth analysis of how public breaches were made possible, this subreddit will be the perfect place.

The advantages of r/fulldisclosure are accessibility and availability of information. The site is easy to navigate and helps readers stay up-to-date with news events. One disadvantage of subscribing is that it doesn’t contain much information; the topic specificity might be off-putting for beginners because there are no explanations.

People who join this community are often security researchers, security specialists and developers, network admins, information technologists, and white hat hackers. This is because the information shared on this page is meant for people familiar with data breaches and the processes used. Beginners may need to research some of the terminology used on this subreddit.


The information that users get from this subreddit includes data breach information, details about the types of hacks that have been made public, and updates on security breaches. People who join this subreddit are likely to find a wealth of relevant information, but it might be too specific for some users.

The best time to follow r/fulldisclosure is after a major news event, like when someone has found a zero-day exploit in an app or social network. Users can gather a lot of information about exploits on this subreddit because many hackers find it to be the most effective way of disclosing their work.

15. hackersec

r/hackersec is a learning, interacting, and sharing community for cybersecurity, CTFs (capture the flag) competitions, programming, cryptography, anonymity, and other security-related topics. The moderators have made it clear that the community does not welcome inquiries for help hacking in the sense of recruiting others or offering hacking services, and such posts are likely to be deleted. Welcome material includes technical how-to guides, infosec breakthroughs, and beginners aspiring to learn fundamentals. This subreddit isn’t very active and doesn’t contain a great deal of up-to-date information.

an image with hackersec screenshot from Reddit

r/hackersec is a place for beginners to learn cybersecurity. The site offers a basic understanding of how to use different digital security tools. This subreddit is welcoming to beginners, but it has an extensive list of posting guidelines, including requiring users to be over thirteen.


Using this subreddit is easy and helpful for people to understand the basics of cybersecurity and computer programming. The site has great potential for beginners, but its lack of updates may be limiting for readers who require a large volume of information. With this said, the main aim of hackersec is to provide its readers with a basic understanding of infosec and computer programming.

The advantages of r/hackersec are that it is beginner-friendly, accessible, has clear guidelines, and is open to anyone who wants to be involved. The downsides of this subreddit are that there’s not much activity, there is a lack of information, and it might not be as helpful as other subreddits.

Experts mainly involved include cybersecurity experts, network admins, and system administrators. Beginners find this subreddit appealing, but it might be a little too difficult if they’re not used to detail.

Users get a lot of knowledge from r/hackersec, including technical details about malware, code variants, new findings of cryptojacking, password leaks, and security patches. This subreddit is great for people keen on learning the technical aspects of computer programming.

The best time to look at this subreddit is during a major security breach that has been released to the public. This subreddit will contain more updates about breaches that occur and how they were made possible.

What Are the Most Asked Cyber Security Questions on Reddit?

  1. What is Cryptography?
  2. What is the difference between IDS and IPS?
  3. What is a threat actor?
  4. What is a honeypot?
  5. What are the benefits of having different types of firewalls in a network?
  6. How does an IDS work?
  7. What’s the difference between cryptography and cryptanalysis?
  8. How can I get into infosec?
  9. What are the best security practices for an online business?
  10. How can I get into cybersecurity without a degree?
  11. What is the difference between phishing and spear phishing?
  12. What is a Firewall, and why is it used?
  13. What is data exfiltration in cybersecurity terms?
  14. How is Encryption different from Hashing?
  15. What is a traceroute? Why is it used?

Who Answers Cyber Security Questions on Subreddits?

A cybersecurity expert is an information technology specialist who focuses on a company’s software and network security system’s safety. This job entails developing, testing, putting into action, and analyzing the efficacy of various security systems. Many experts help answer security questions raised on Reddit regarding cybersecurity. Subreddits such as the johns hopkins cybersecurity masters Reddit gives users access to cyber security experts who are willing to answer any questions related to cybersecurity. This subreddit provides its users access to johns hopkins students and alumni who want to share their expertise with other Redditors interested in cybersecurity. This is one of the most popular subreddits where users can get help with security questions.

Cybersecurity expert activity on Reddit can be divided into three different types: posting about jobs and providing interesting information, participating in conversations about cybersecurity issues, and providing help to people who have questions that require technical support.

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Some notable names of cybersecurity experts on Reddit are Richard Hicks – he has been posting on Reddit for years and provides information on programming, cybersecurity, and personal issues. Natalie Silvanovich – she is one of the most reliable people regarding security questions. Jeff Moss and The Dark Tangent- both tend to answer security questions and comment on other topics. Edward Snowden- a reliable expert on encryption but someone who tends to answer few questions.

These experts are worth following on Reddit because they have excellent knowledge in different fields and provide reliable information from time to time. It is good to search for these experts on Reddit before making any queries related to cybersecurity or information technology.

Are There Cyber Security Experts on Reddit?

Yes, there are a considerable number of them. These experts are typically experienced in the field and have good knowledge. Some are programmers, while others focus on the IT side of things. Experts who have the most knowledge in this field are responsible for answering all major questions and providing legitimate information. All of the cybersecurity experts on Reddit have good knowledge about cybersecurity, and most of these individuals use real names instead of aliases. These people often update Reddit with new information, so users will benefit greatly from following these people.

Can You Learn the Basics of Cybersecurity From Subreddits?

Subreddits can help individuals learn the basics of cybersecurity, hacking, and penetration testing. Some subreddits provide news and information about all those topics. It is possible to learn information ranging from the most basic, such as the cybersecurity definition, to more complex topics, such as device security and sub-disciplines of cyber security. A good example of such a subreddit is the johns Hopkins cybersecurity masters Reddit, which includes detailed information about cybersecurity and hacking. Users can learn how to get into the field, what tools hackers use, and learn from people who are certified in different security fields.

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Are Subreddits Good for Beginners?

Not all subreddits are suitable for beginners. Users are advised to first read about the basics of cybersecurity and how hackers operate before choosing subreddits to follow. Once users understand the basics, they can subscribe to subreddits related to their interests. For example, if a user wants to become a penetration tester or white-hat hacker, subscribing to subreddits like r/learnprogramming and r/askprogramming will be helpful as experts willingly answer security questions on these forums. By subscribing to these subreddits, individuals learn about best practices followed in the industry, how to become a penetration tester, and the skills required for hacking.

Can You Get Certification From a Subreddit?

Yes, it is possible to get certification from a subreddit. Many subreddits provide answers and information related to cybersecurity. Individuals can also take online courses from these subreddits and get certified. For example, users can find links to courses in ethical hacking, penetration testing, and security in general on r/securityonlinecourse. These courses will help individuals learn the basics of cybersecurity and get certified. These subreddits are also good for professionals who want to learn something new or get the latest cybersecurity news. Subreddits can provide users with relevant information related to specific fields of work, which will help expand knowledge on the specific topic.

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Good subreddits to follow for cybersecurity certification information include r/securityonlinecourse, r/learnprogramming, r/askprogramming, r/netsecstudents, r/netsec, and r/asknetsec. These sites provide news and information about cybersecurity. These subreddits are suitable for beginners who want to learn about the basics of cybersecurity.

Since information related to all these topics can be obtained without an account, although there is no need for certifications to be considered a cyber security expert, these courses will help individuals learn the basics of cybersecurity and get certified. These subreddits are good for professionals who want to know something new or get the latest trends in cybersecurity.

The options for certification are endless depending on individual interest and the course one wants to take. Users can also visit the subreddit r/netsecstudents and check their certification courses available. In addition, users can ask about the best certification courses available from fellow students or about the different types of malware one is dealing with.

Do Subreddits Share News About Cybersecurity?

Yes, subreddits are great to stay up-to-date about cybersecurity. Subreddits such as r/securityonlinecourse and r/netsecstudents will provide the latest information related to cybersecurity. These subreddits are some of the best top cybersecurity news sites, especially for professionals.

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Top cybersecurity news can be found on cybersecurity subreddits, covering topics such as ransomware, the latest tools used for hacking, vulnerabilities affecting networks, and other cybersecurity-related information.

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