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5 Best VPN for Hulu: The Complete Guide

Use our VPN services to make all your Hulu worries go away.

Hulu is the biggest and most popular streaming platform which is available in the market today.

That is, if we assume that Netflix has jumped off the earth into oblivion.

Of course, even with Netflix, Hulu is one of the biggest streaming platforms.

And perhaps it should be.

After all, the likes of NBC, ABC, and Fox had to join forces in order to give birth to Hulu.

That is the reason why Hulu offers users a wealth of high-quality, premium content even from other content networks such as,

  • Cartoon Network
  • Style
  • PBS
  • SyFy
  • FX
  • Nickelodeon
  • Comedy Central

The majority of the TV episodes that currently appear on Hulu actually air the very next day after they have aired.

This “speed” of bringing the content to the platform first is far greater than anything Netflix can or does offer.

In this guide, we will take a look at all the good VPNs that work with Hulu.

We’ll cover each of them in some detail.

Of course, we are perfectly aware of the fact that some readers simply do not want to read a long how-to guide on how to choose the best VPN for Hulu.

For them, here are the top 5 VPNs for Hulu that we recommend to any and all online consumers.

  • NordVPN: A great choice of VPN that offers good value and reliability as far as Hulu streaming is concerned.
  • ExpressVPN: One of the few VPN services that consistently gets rid of geo-restrictions on sites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Hulu.
    It offers tremendous streaming speeds as well.
  • VyprVPN: At the time of writing this report, VyprVPN offered users access to not only Hulu but a lot of other streaming services.
  • CyberGhost: Comes at a decent price. However, it doesn’t always work with all streaming sites.
  • PrivateVPN: One of the most promising and up-and-coming VPN services that work pretty consistently with streaming sites like Hulu.

After reading all of that, no one should think that Hulu is kind enough to just look the other way when it detects users making use of proxy services to watch its content just because Hulu is not as well-known and popular as Netflix.

In short, all of the content that Hulu offers is strictly limited to people living in Japan and the United States of America.

If users, who do not live in either of the two above-mentioned countries, make an attempt in order to access any video on Hulu then Hulu would have any reservations about blocking the user from watching any kind of content.

In fact, some believe that the system Hulu has in place for blocking VPN services is actually more sophisticated than Netflix’s firewall.

The way a VPN (in other words Virtual Private Network) works is that it encrypts all the user’s internet traffic that is heading from and to the user’s computer.

Then the VPN routes the user’s traffic through a VPN server which is located in a country of the user’s choosing.

Such an arrangement can and does make it seem to Hulu and other streaming services that the user is located in, for example, the United States of America rather than, for example, in Russia.

And because of that, the user gains the power to access each and every given show available on a US streaming platform such as Hulu and others.


However, streaming services such as Hulu along with a couple of more similar streaming services, now have started to block connections from those VPN servers which are known to their systems.

The thing about most VPN servers is that, sometimes dozens and even hundreds of online users can share IP addresses at once.

There is no doubt about the fact that such a shared-IP-system does provide users with an additional layer of anonymity and privacy but it makes it fairly easy to streaming services such as Hulu about what on earth is going on.

If a user tries to watch Hulu with the help of a normal VPN service then Hulu shows the user an error message which informs the based on the user’s IP address, the streaming service had noticed that the user was trying to access Hulu via an online anonymous proxy tool.

Furthermore, the message says, Hulu was currently not available outside the United States of America.

Then, the message tells the user that if he/she was present in the United States of America, then he/she needed to disable his/her anonymizer service in order to access videos on Hulu.

This is the reason why we think users should be a bit pickier when it comes to purchasing a VPN service package.

The majority of the VPN service providers do not have the ability to bypass the strict firewall rules that Hulu implies.

Not only that, it also has come to our attention that the best VPN services in the world typically have a low number of VPN servers.

But each has the ability to bypass various proxy bans.

All that the user has to do in order to make sure that his/her VPN service is actually worth something only need to contact the customer support center of their VPN service and then ask them which of their VPN servers have the ability to access a streaming service like Hulu.

Now, we are going to list out the criteria using which we researched the top five best VPN for Hulu at the moment.


  • It should work with Hulu consistently.
  • It should offer fast enough VPN servers to stream High Definition videos
  • It should provide plenty of different locations in the United States of America.
  • It should have a responsive and fast customer support.


Best VPNs for Hulu right now


NordVPN takes the lead over everyone else with the help of its exclusive and trademarked SmartPlay DNS.

This component comes baked right into the company’s VPN offering which allows NordVPN to unblock almost all the major online content providers.

And that includes Hulu.

In order to know more about which servers are available for connection in order to watch Hulu, users should consult the company’s representative via the live chat support or consult the knowledge base the company has set up on its official website.

Perhaps this is a good time to mention that NordVPN has the ability to unblock Netflix in a multiple number of countries as well and that includes the US.

It also works with other online streaming services such as HBO Now and BBC iPlayer.

All in all, it is a complete VPN service providers.

As far as the security is concerned, NordVPN takes care of that with an airtight and extremely strong encryption.

On top of that, the company employs a genuine zero-logs policy in order to make sure that people’s data is safe.

NordVPN, as a VPN service, also offers users specialized VPN servers that users can make use of in different scenarios.

We’re talking about scenarios such as,


  • Tor over VPN
  • Double VPN
  • Ultra-fast streaming
  • Anti-DDoS.


A single VPN subscription package allows users to connect up to a total of six simultaneous devices.

That is great for users who want to unblock Hulu for the whole family rather than for themselves.

NordVPN also offers dedicated apps for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.


Sometimes, the company offers users huge discounts that can knock off almost 70 percent of the regular prices.

But these are usually available to users who show a bit of commitment to the company and sign up for its 2-year plans.

Click here to read out full NordVPN review.

Click here to sign up for NordVPN from the official website and at a discount right here and right now.


ExpressVPN is still going strong with offering an official risk-free no-questions-asked money-back guarantee of 30 days.

The great thing about ExpressVPN is that it always offers users some VPN servers that work with services like Hulu.

In order to find out which of the servers are currently working with Hulu, all that the user has to do is go to the official ExpressVPN website and then ask a representative of the customer support team via the live chat feature.

Our research shows that ExpressVPN offers the live chat support feature 24 hours a day, seven days a week and every single day of the year.

We have also come to know that ExpressVPN connections offer extreme bandwidth and stability to the extent that they are more than enough to bypass Hulu VPN ban and stream various Hulu shows in the best possible quality.

ExpressVPN offers several VPN server locations across the United States of America.

And their up-time figures are also reasonable.

However, our research shows that users will have to disable IPv6 in their network settings in order to make sure that ExpressVPN works with Hulu.

There are lots of guides on the internet that explain how to do that so get to work. In order to read the one that we have researched, read one of the last sections of this guide.

Aside from that, each and every ExpressVPN subscription comes with a smart DNS proxy service called MediaStreamer.

ExpressVPN uses it by default whenever the user wants to connect to a specific VPN server.

However, users also have the ability to use the server separately in order to block a host of online streaming services including Hulu.

Our research shows that ExpressVPN is able to work with and unblock almost all online streaming services such as,


  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • SlingTV
  • HBO Now
  • BBC iPlayer


And a lot more online services.

The other great thing about ExpressVPN as a VPN service is that it regularly offers users discount codes which half the price of the company’s subscription packages.

Sometimes the company gives users 3 months of free VPN service.

Remember, that users can take advantage of their official 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

So there is no risk in trying out VPN services without any charge.

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VyprVPN lost some of its advantages over the rest of the field because of its brief hiatus from developing and implementing systems which could would enable it to unblock Hulu and all the other major streaming websites.

However, that has changed now.

Our research shows that VyprVPN has done the work and is now fully back in action.

In other words, users should not encounter any issues in finding a VPN server which works with streaming services such a Hulu.

However, customers also have the opportunity to contact VyprVPN staff and ask them the best servers to use with VyprVPN via the company’s live chat support.

Apart from Hulu, VyprVPN is able to unblock streaming sites such as,


  • HBO Now
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO Go
  • US Netflix


It has also come to our attention that the company actually owns and operates the whole of its network of VPN servers on its own.

This helps the company to ensure that users have all the bandwidth they need in order to stream content in HD without experiencing any buffering.

Apart from that, the company also makes use of some of the best encryption implementation that is available in the market today.

That is all great.


Except for the fact that VyprVPN logs its customers’ original IP addresses.

This is the reason why we suggest to torrenters and all other users who download a lot of stuff from the internet but still want to maximize their online privacy to move to another VPN service and/or look someplace else.

VyprVPN offers users official and dedicated apps for platforms such as,


  • Android
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Windows


All VyprVPN subscription packages come with an official money-back guarantee of 30-days before which users can ask for their money back with no questions asked.

Click here to read the full review on VyprVPN.


Recently, this VPN service provider has started to put in the work and ramp up its efforts to unblock various streaming sites.

Well, those efforts are paying off as it has made our list of best VPNs for Hulu.

In its current state, CyberGhost VPN is able to unblock a huge range of online streaming channels such as Hulu and others.

CyberGhost VPN’s desktop VPN server even has the ability to allow the user to choose a VPN server based on the streaming services that the user can unblock via the server.

No longer do users have to select VPN servers based on their location alone.

As it turns out, CyberGhost VPN doesn’t actually list Hulu among the list of streaming services that it can unblock.

Customers who want to unblock the Hulu streaming service first have to contact the NetflixLive chat support team which is available to everyone during business hours.

It isn’t convenient, we know, but it is the best that VPN services can do at the moment.

CyberGhost VPN offers users both paid and free versions.

However, in order to access the best streaming servers, users will have to sign up for the paid version.

CyberGhost VPN offers users top-notch apps and encryption technology.

It also has a strict no-logs policy and can sometimes offer insane download speeds on its fast VPN servers.

Officially, the company offers users dedicated apps for platforms such as,


  • Android
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Windows


CyberGhost VPN also offers users a 2-year subscription package which brings in a discount of 70 percent during the discount season.

Click here in order to read the full review of CyberGhost VPN.


It would be fair to call PrivateVPN an up-and-coming VPN service provider.

Because it is one.

It is also a VPN service provider that does not focus on the sheer number of VPN servers.

With a relatively small VPN server network it is able to offer a pretty impressive list of features.

Of course, that may be a huge turn off for a lot of online consumers who are always looking out for the VPN service that provides them with the most number of VPN servers in the best locations.

It is also true that when it comes to features such as unblocking various streaming sites, PrivateVPN has enough about it to stand right alongside the most established VPN players in the business today.

Our research shows that users should have no problems in unblocking online streaming sites such as Hulu with the help of, at the most, two VPN servers but only if they have done the hard work of sending a short and quick query to the company’s customer support team.

It is true that PrivateVPN cannot compete with the best in the business when it comes to number of servers.

In fact, it is the VPN service with the lowest number of VPN servers on this list.

However, as mentioned before, the servers the company operates with, have tremendous streaming ability because of their speed.

In other words, users will never have to stare at the irritating buffering icon if they sign up for PrivateVPN for Hulu.

Our research also shows that users should not have a problem in unblocking US Netflix in any given country using PrivateVPN.

The thing that attracted us the most about PrivateVPN is that the company does not compromise on user security and/or privacy.

More precisely, it does not store any logs on its users’ activity and does not keep their IP address on the company’s servers.

Moreover, it uses the same encryption technology (a strong one) that users are likely to get with the big guns in the industry.

PrivateVPN offers dedicated apps for platforms such as,


  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Windows


Users can get a discount of 70 percent in addition to five free months if they sign up for the PrivateVPN annual plan.

Click here in order to read the full PrivateVPN Security Gladiators review.

Free VPN for Hulu

So can someone use a free VPN in order to unblock and watch Hulu?

The answer to that question is pretty simple.

While the user may get lucky here and there and finally stumble onto a good but free VPN service that offers a VPN server which is able to unblock Hulu, that is not a reliable way.

The best way to watch Hulu from any place in the world is with the help of a paid VPN service.

Preferably, the reader should choose a VPN service from the list that we have provided here.

That is the reliable way.

Not the way of free VPN service providers.

The problem with free VPN service providers is that free VPN service providers do not have any access to the vast resources that paid VPN services have in order to change the IP addresses of their VPN servers.

Moreover, streaming services such as Hulu can easily blacklist their official domains.

So even if a user magically finds a free VPN which unblocks Hulu, it probably won’t do that for the remainder of its short life.

Furthermore, users should also take into account the fact that free VPN service providers tend to have slower VPN servers.

Much slower VPN servers.

And even congested VPN servers.

In other words, users should expect a ton of streaming buffering issues along with possible disruptions to their streaming content.

The vast majority of VPN service providers actually cap the total amount of data that user can consume per day or per month.

This limitation on bandwidth is not great for users who want to stream stuff.

In any case, what that probably ensures is that each and every time the user wants to watch his/her favorite TV show, the free VPN would malfunction right in the middle of the show, cutting the user off from his/her entertainment source.

Finally, let’s be realistic.

Nothing in this world comes for free.



Not even a thing that labels itself FREE VPN.

A lot of VPN service providers that claim they are totally free actually monitor user traffic.

Not only that, they also mine their data and even inject targeted advertisements.

They also place tracker cookies right into the user’s web browser and then sell all that information they dig and mine to various advertising companies.

We know free VPN service providers who have gone to the lengths of redirecting users to sites other than the ones that the user’s intended.


Well, in order to make some dough.

That’s why.

This is where we tell readers to pay attention to the old adage which says that if the user does not get to buy any product, the user is actually the product.

Avoid these VPNs with Hulu

Here we will list of the names of VPN services that we think users should stay away from if they want to watch Hulu consistently.

  • Buffered
  • CactusVPN
  • Unotelly
  • IronSocket
  • Private Internet Access
  • CactusVPN
  • Tunnelbear
  • IPVanish (overall a great VPN service but not for unblocking Hulu)
  • Hola
  • Hotspot Shield
  • PureVPN
  • Zenmate

Does Hulu allow users to use VPNs?

The thing about Hulu’s official terms and conditions of service document is that, it doesn’t really specify the use or proxies and/or VPN services.

However, it does mention some things which someone could definitely construe as VPN services and their use.

Let’s take a look at that real quick.

The official terms of service document says that the user may not either directly or even through the use of any

  • web-based service,
  • internet site,
  • software,
  • device

or other online means to

  • alter,
  • remove,
  • avoid,
  • bypass,
  • interfere with,
  • trademark,

circumvent any copyright, other proprietary notices which are marked on the Content and/or any digital rights management device, mechanism and/or other content access or protection control measure which is associated with the given content including mechanisms for geo-filtering.

Apart from that, Hulu also takes the time to mention that if any user breaks any rule, the streaming service would notify the user and then block the user’s access to the streaming service.

However, the streaming service does not really mention any other punishment like suspension and/or account termination as far as our research could tell or we would interpret.

Till now, Security Gladiators has not managed to hear of any such cases where Hulu, streaming site, penalized the user for making use of a VPN service.

The only thing the company does along with every other streaming service, is it shows the user the aforementioned streaming error message instead of showing him/her the official streaming video player.

Our research also tells us that using a VPN service is totally legal and safe in almost any given country apart from Dubai, China, and Iran.

How do I disable IPv6

We are not going to hide the fact that even if the user makes use of a VPN service provider from the list that we have provided, there is a slight chance that he/she would still get the streaming error message on streaming sites such as Hulu.

Streaming sites like Hulu usually inform the user that they want the user to turn off their anonymous proxy service.

Why is that?

Our research shows that it is so because most of the VPN service providers available in the market today do not protect users against problems such as IPv6 leaks.

There is no doubt about the fact that a VPN connection can and does route all of the user’s internet traffic request right through the company’s own DNS servers.

In this way, the VPN service is able to mask the user’s IPv4 servers.

But the problem is that most VPN service providers still allow the IPv6 address to go through the world of the internet without any protection.

VPN services can’t and sometimes don’t hide that information.

The thing readers need to understand here is that the IPv6 address serves pretty much the same purpose as the previously mentioned IPv4.

However, IPv6 offers users a far wider range of IP address possibilities.

Of course, this only applies to devices that are internet-enabled.

So what’s the solution then?

The solution is, for the most part, effective but not imperfect.

It is actually a workaround for VPN block for streaming sites such as Hulu.

All that the user has to do is to disable his/her device/s IPv6 address.

Why do we say that it is an imperfect solution?

We say that because this problem would actually just go away if only everybody decided tomorrow that they would only switch over to the newer IPv6 addresses for the simple reason that the IPv4 protocol had run out of IP addresses which are unique.

Online users who limit themselves to IPv4 are bad news for the long-term sustainability of the internet.

However, this would not affect a lot of things otherwise.

Step by step guide on how to disable IPv6 on Windows (The Windows 10 edition)

  1. First disconnect from the official VPN app
  2. Then close the official VPN app
  3. After that press the Windows Key and the button R in order to open up a Run prompt
  4. When that’s done, then it is time to type ncpa.ncl
  5. Then hit Enter
  6. This should open up the machine’s Network Connections.
  7. Now the user has to find the specific connection that he/she is using.
  8. After finding it, the user has to right click it.
  9. And then select the option that says Properties.
  10. After that, the user should make his/her way to the General tab or the Networking tab.
  11. Then the user to uncheck the small box which mentions Internet Protocol Version 6 and/or TCP/IPv6.
  12. After that, the user should click OK.
  13. And then save all the changes.
  14. Then the user has to close the window
  15. After that, the user has to press the Windows Key plus the R key at the same time again.
  16. Then the user has to choose the Command Prompt Admin.
  17. After that, the user should click Yes when the machine asks him/her if it is okay for the related program to go ahead and make some changes to the user’s computer.
  18. When that’s done, the user could turn his/her attention to the command prompt again (this is the black window).
  19. There the user should type up ipconfig /flushdns
  20. After that, the user should hit Enter
  21. Then the user must reconnect to the official VPN app and then refresh the opened Hulu page.

We think it is safe now to tell the user to enjoy the Hulu video.

How to disable IPv6 on Apple Mac OS X

Follow the below-given steps.

  1. First, disconnect the official VPN app.
  2. Then close the official VPN app.
  3. Then open up the official Apple menu.
  4. After that, select System Preferences.
  5. Then choose Network.
  6. After that select AirPort.
  7. Then select Advanced.
  8. And then click on the option that says TCP/IP.
  9. When that’s done, the user should move ahead and Configure the IPv6 menu (actually it is a pop-up menu).
  10. Then the user should select the option that says Off.
  11. After that, the user should click on OK.
  12. And then the user should click the option that says Apply. This step has to be completed since it will apply the changes. Otherwise, everything would return back to the way it was before.
  13. Now, the user should reconnect to the official VPN app and then refresh the official Hulu page in order to view and hopefully enjoy the Hulu video.

How to pay for Hulu outside US

Another problem with Hulu that most guides seem to skip on is the fact that Hulu requires from the user to not only have an IP address in the United States of America but also a payment method which should come from the United States of America.

So if a user lives outside the United States of America and does not have an American PayPal account or a domestic credit card then watching Hulu content can become really tricky.

With that said, it is true that there are a couple of things that users can try which, our research shows, sometimes can work for some users.

However, we have to mention again that these methods won’t work for everyone.

Purchase a US credit card

There are lots of sites that offer users American credit cards and charge users around $20 for the card plus the exact credit that the user wants to put into his/her Hulu account.

So after setting up the user’s account, it allows the user to just purchase a Hulu gift card from a site like Amazon or even some other reputable online store in order to make subsequent online payments.

In a similar way, users also have the option of a prepaid card option which is easily available on sites like eBay.

Virtual credit cards

EntroPay is a payment service that, as expected, allows users to make online payments.

All that users have to do is to set up a virtual prepaid visa card.

Our research shows that users can’t use the virtual visa card to make direct payments to services such as Hulu.

However, users can it to set up a PayPal account based in the US.

Then, the user can make use of the PayPal account in order to successfully make payments on streaming sites like Hulu.

More virtual credit cards

There is also StatesPay.

It is another virtual credit card service provider which charges users around $3.95 each month.

Theoretically speaking, the user should have no problems in just paying the service for a single month in order to set up an official account and then make use of official Hulu cards in order to make all subsequent payments.

Readers should know that StatesPayy is currently not accepting any kind of new sign-ups at the time of writing this guide.

Hence, users will have to wait for a bit before the StatesPay service can make its ‘service’ available to online consumers.


Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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  1. I’m glad you picked NordVPN because I just bought a subscription with them. From what I can already see the application is very user friendly, the setup process was very simple and my normal speed isn’t affected as much as I expected. Will test it with Hulu in the next couple of days, but this article puts me into a positive vibe about it.

  2. I think most issues with Netflix/Hulu/BBC or any region separated streaming sites and VPN comes from choosing a VPN that already has thousands of users going to the same sites from the same server. I don’t know but I’m guessing that it makes it just too easy to streaming websites realize that there cannot be so many users in one household. I use Surfshark for it, which is still small and new so I wasn’t blocked out even once. I don’t really need VPN for torrenting or anything complicated, so I picked the one that gave me the best speed and allowed me to bypass streaming restrictions.

    • Hi Biller.
      Thanks for the comment.
      That is true.
      Our research shows that SurfShark is rising pretty fast in the world of VPN services.
      Pretty soon you may find it on our list here as well.
      Then we can move to another one that isn’t so known.

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