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Best Netflix Proxy to Change Country and Bypass Geo Block

Netflix is a wonderful video-on-demand service that has made its way to the top of the global market, thanks to its quality and diversity. In fact, you can expect nothing short of the best variety of HD videos available any time of day or night. Over 20,000 videos, including series of their own production (House of Cards and Hemlock Grove, just a couple of the blockbusters everyone is talking about!) and films of all sorts are offered to folks who become Netflix subscribers. Of course, there is a restriction as to what is available in which country – nothing is that simple, unfortunately!

Since Netflix involves copyrights of intellectual property, it is only fair that there are limitations as to what people everywhere in the world can watch. This is why Netflix has not expanded its services globally yet, being restricted to the places where the golden section has been found. It is primarily a US service, meaning that only people residing somewhere in the US can enjoy the full version of Netflix.

Having that as a given, there are many more countries where you can stream Netflix. If you are interested in learning more about the actual places where Netflix is on, you can check out in our Netflix VPN article – just remember that the version of Netflix you are getting is not as rich as that of the United States. Sounds fair?

Unblocking US Netflix via Different Methods: Proxy, Free extensions and VPN

Well, it sucks to know that you do not have the same rights as others regarding a service, simply due to your location in the world. This is why there is such heat on the subject of unblocking US Netflix worldwide. It is indeed much simpler and easier than you would have thought to change Netflix country and overcome the boundaries set by the online streaming giant.

You simply need to put your mind to it and explore the various methods available online for you. Below, the major methods are displayed for your convenience; read them through and you will know what to do for changing Netflix region, so as to enjoy the full US version of it regardless of place or time!

1st Method: Making use of VPN

The use of VPN for unblocking US Netflix has been growing over the past few years. There is a perfectly good reason for that, too! It is true that the VPN allows you to conceal your true identity online.

In fact, you can choose among a plethora of VPN servers, located remotely in all parts of the world. In the case of unblocking US Netflix (a US restricted site), you are expected to connect to the web via a US remote VPN server. This way, you will instantly acquire a US IP address – the key to success!

In addition to the reliability of unblocking results, the use of VPN enables you to enhance your overall online security to the maximum. You can name it more like a secure Netflix proxy alternate.

Just make sure you choose a VPN that still works in unblocking Netflix as most VPN provider can no longer perform this task. We do extensive testing in this area so we know the ones that work and don’t work for Netflix.

With full data encryption of your traffic, you do not need to worry about being spotted by hackers, snoopers, censorship appliers and eavesdroppers, governmental institutions or any other person online.

One fine example of recommended VPNs for unblocking Netflix and being kept safe is  High speed, advanced encryption protocols and special features of great quality compose a solid, trustworthy unblocking solution.

2nd Method : Netflix DNS proxy servers

This method has to do with the use of SmartDNS, as your vessel to unblock the complete Netflix library with a proxy for good. In this way, you will use a SmartDNS proxy server to mask your IP address and get a US IP. This is your ticket to access the complete US Netflix, since this is a GEO-IP restricted service we are talking about.

There is no encryption involved in the whole process of tunneling your Internet connection via one of the SmartDNS proxy servers; so, this means that there is no slowing down of the Internet performance you are getting. This is extremely important when it comes to live-streaming of HD content.

One of the most reliable SmartDNS proxy services out there is indisputably

It is inexpensive (in fact free with every StrongVPN subscription package) and it can offer access to Netflix, as well as Hulu, Spotify and much more! According to the device and OS you are using, you will be given detailed instructions as to the setup process – which is dead-simple!

3rd Method: Using free extensions over proxies

Based on the browser that you are using, there are some free extensions that you should seek. These extensions can be applied to your device and allow you to stream full US Netflix. Let’s have a look at some of them, shall we?

BE WARNED: These have not been tested lately so don’t be surprised if they no longer work.

  • Proxy for Netflix Free: This extension works on Chrome and it enables you to unblock Netflix full US version, without any other difficulty or delay. This is provided free of charge, although there is another, paid version costing 99 cents that appears to be even more solid.
  • MediaHint: This is an extension offered to Chrome and Firefox, with a free week trial. If you are satisfied, you can subscribe to the monthly plan offered at $3.95 (with discounts applied to lengthier commitments).
  • ProxMate: ProxMate is an extension working on Firefox alone. It is provided gratis and it unblocks the restrictions deriving from your exact locations. It is worth trying out!
  • Hola: Regardless of your browser, you can try out Hola extension for free. This is a solid solution that enables you to unblock restricted sites, in which Netflix is included.

What to Pick for Changing Your Netflix Region?

Now that all the methods have been laid to the table, it is high time to conclude as to the best method that can offer top results in unblocking US Netflix globally.

It goes without even questioning that all the methods come with their pros and cons. First of all, the use of SmartDNS proxy servers is much easier than that of VPNs. There is no complicated setup process involved, while the performance is not downgraded (due to the encryption). So, it is fast and it offers quality live streaming.

On the other hand, the lack of encryption means that you cannot hope for better and thorough protection online. You simply unblock geographically restricted sites. This is almost the same case as like using free proxies, but just with an added advantage of faster speeds.

Free extensions are easy to use with simple setup procedure and nothing too complex to handle. However, the results provided are not guaranteed and there is always the issue of finding the right extension for each browser. Additionally, many extensions are free at first and then they require some sort of fee.

Last but not least, the VPN can be a bit slower in performance (thanks to the encryption offered). In many cases, the cost is regarded as high – especially when compared to the competition. However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Indeed, the encryption involved provides a safe environment that does not include online hazards. You can unblock US Netflix, as well as benefit from the protection of advanced security protocols and military-grade encryption.

Out of all the methods being discussed, VPN is recommended! You can avoid censorship, remain out of the radar and keep your private stuff to yourself. All that is offered with the added bonus of technical support! So, the suggested method for unblocking US Netflix everywhere in the world is none other than the VPN. So, try the instructions provided above and you will be totally satisfied by what it has got to offer!

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I’d like to tip a bonus thing here at the end, I think it might be helpful for some upfront. If Netflix ever detects and you get caught in trouble anything like blocking of VPN/proxies/unblockers (as Netflix has been practicing that lately) while attempting to change your Netflix region, don’t worry, it is not illegal, simply go and get the fix from our post on Netflix proxy error.

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  1. Netflix became aware of VPNs, Proxys, Unblockers, and whatever else you might be using to unblock content. It won’t let you watch anything if they are active. So for anyone finding this recently, you’re kind of screwed…

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