How to Secretly Spy on Someone’s Cell Phone

Technology has come a long way and nowadays it allows us to do whatever we want, without any serious limitations. Even if some years ago smartphones and sophisticated apps would have sounded out of this world, nowadays our power has grown more than ever before.

Now we can interact with people from all over the world and read emails, download social media apps and stay in touch with total strangers or hook up with others on the go. The freedom of the web is depicted most eloquently in the immense versatility of alternatives that we get from the expanded use of cell phones and other similar devices (for instance, tablets).

One of the things that we have come to acknowledge over time is the flexibility to spy on people that we wish to, without them knowing about it. Be it a potentially cheating husband or wife, a suspiciously behaving boyfriend or girlfriend, a business associate that does not cope with the demands of the work assigned to him or her, the possibilities are endless and they all lead to the attempt to invade someone’s privacy with style and discretion. We bet that many people are dying to find out how they can secretly spy on others with the use of cell phones. So, let’s start unveiling this mystery and offering practical information to those who need it!

Spy Apps Hold the Key

There are several spy apps available for all kinds of smartphones and tablets, offering a wide array of special features and incomparable ease of use. If you want to spy on somebody, you simply need to access his or her phone for moments and download the respective spy app. After that, a whole world of access options is unwrapped before your eyes and you get the information requested from the beginning.

We would recommend mSpy for the job, as it is a premium quality spy app that enables you to remotely access the data of every single device you set your mind on. With the use of such an application, you will be able to read SMS and emails, track calls (both incoming and outgoing), check the browsing history of the device and much more. All that is neatly covered from the company that has created mSpy and there are three distinctive packages for you to choose from.

Of course, you can compare and contrast many spy apps and find out the one that best suits your needs. It is imperative that you find the time and download / install the app on the device of the person you are interested in spying on, though. For those who cannot seem to find the time and privacy to do that, here are some alternatives:

  • If you cannot access the device of another person yourself, you will not be able to install the app. So, perhaps you should consider offering a new device (with the installed app, of course!) as a gift – this is a gift worth offering!
  • Businesses offer their employees and associates free smartphones or even tablets. In this way, it will be easier to hand out the device with the apps of your choosing and thus facilitate the whole tracking process.
  • As a different approach, you should make sure that the person you wish to spy on does not have access to his or her device for some time. Maybe this means stealing the phone for an hour or so and then making it appear somewhere unexpectedly. Or accidentally forget your own device and appear anxious to read your e-correspondence etc. Most times, this will work!

Now, assuming that you have gained access to the device of your dreams, what do you do next?

How to Install the Spy App on Another Person’s Phone?

This is what you ought to do, in order to install the spy app on another person’s phone:

  • Open the browser of the phone
  • Go to the site of the spy app’s manufacturer
  • Click on the download button of the spy app
  • Check all the right boxes and accept the pop-up windows displayed on the screen
  • Authenticate and go ahead with the restart required
  • Log in to your remote Control Panel (you can use any phone or tablet for that)
  • Check to see whether or not the targeted device has been added to your control
  • Send a test SMS and make a call, so as to see if it works
  • Do not forget to delete both the SMS and phone call information!
  • Confirm the Wi-Fi connection of the targeted device

After having completed all these actions, you are good to go! Now, you will be working remotely and you will be tracking down every move (every phone call, email, SMS, data received or sent etc.).

Features of a Reliable Spy App

Another thing that requires analysis is the quality of the spy apps that you ought to be looking out for. What features should you aim at? Let’s have a look!

  • New vs Old Spy Apps: A new app has not yet been put to the test, whereas an old app can lead to obsolete features. You should weigh the pros and cons of the age of the app and decide accordingly.
  • Feedback: This is closely related to the previous question about the app’s age. If the feedback of a spy app is generally enthusiastic, this is a thumbs-up for you to continue on with its installation!
  • Tech Support: One of the major aspects of each app has to do with the tech support available to the customers. You need to aim at a company offering quality and instant tech support whenever called for.
  • Free vs Premium Plans: Some people say that there is nothing offered for free. Premium plans guarantee that you get an actual agreement with the company that you have paid for. However, free plans are always appealing due to their non-paying nature.
  • Free Trials: With the free trial, you can check yourself whether or not the app is right for you. So, this is an advantage that you ought not to turn away from.

Now that we have covered all the details about spying on others with the use of cell phones, isn’t it time to dig deeper and see if these apps are indeed legal?

Legal Nature of Spy Apps

There is no easy way to conclude as to the legality of these apps as a whole. In a nutshell, spying on others without their consent is illegal – there is invasion of their privacy, apparently. Although the legislation might be harsher or less strict, there is no location in the world where you can get away with spying on your spouse oothers. However, there are some things that can make things better for you and “allow” you to go on with monitoring other people’s actions online. For instance, minors are generally the responsibility of their parents and therefore you can spy on your kids with a veil of legality.

More than that, you can inform your employees or even your better half as to the spying process that you follow. This is rare as a phenomenon, but it will certainly give you points of legality. Nevertheless, the whole point of spying on others is lost if you inform them in advance, wouldn’t you say so? Additionally, you will have noticed that most of the times there is the need to break a password for accessing the information of the device. Having a password certainly reveals the need to keep something a secret!

As a rule of thumb, you can contact an attorney and get up-to-date information about legal issues that might come up from spying on others. This is the most accurate information that you can get.


As you have come to realize after taking a look at the article above, there is the opportunity to secretly spy on others with the use of cell phones. This is another gift of technology that you can either use to your advantage or leave without benefits. Of course, it is a thin line that you have to balance on regarding the legality and even the morality of spying on others. However, it is a great thing that you can now benefit so much from the use of technology and access information that you would not be able to access a few years before!

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