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One of the most discussed online topics in the world today is that of internet security (don’t worry since we’ll only talk about surfEasy VPN).

Corporations along with home users are getting taken down left and right.

The worst part is that law enforcement agencies look completely unable to catch hackers and cyber criminals who perpetrate these cyber attacks.

Right now, the debate about internet security has gone beyond online forums and authority sites.

There is a substantial geopolitical angle to it was well because cybercrime isn’t limited to just one country or continent.

Hackers and cyber criminals of today have truly gone international and can carry out massive DDoS attacks almost anywhere on the planet.

In fact, the problem has reached epic proportions, so much so that the powers that may be would rather have us ignore the issue of online security altogether.

You should pay very little, if any, attention to the media hype that is being generated by paid technology and news sites.

Cyber security is no longer a thing of the distant future. It is inevitable in every sense of the word.

Governments along with marketing companies do keep an eye on their citizens and customers respectively.

But you don’t have to be a part of it if you don’t want to. Right?

In fact, modern technology has ensured that it becomes quite easy for literally anyone to keep safe from the prying eyes of the government as well as marketing agencies.

What Is That Method?

The method to avoid all surveillance and keep your online identity safe is the VPN method.

Basically, you have to sign up for a VPN and simply use it.

Making use of a VPN to protect your online self is not only simple but also very effective.

You can bypass blocked content as well.

ON top of it all, with a VPN service, you can protect your sensitive information and secure your privacy from hackers and other cyber criminals.

Most high-quality VPN services use ultra-secure encryption technologies along with others which block people from knowing your IP address.

Consequently, you become totally anonymous on the internet.

As you might already know, there are a ton of VPN services out there in the market.

The choice is truly staggering.

Users who are new to the VPN industry might get confused because of the available choice.

How do you select a VPN service that offers the best value for money?

How do you sort all the good VPN services because there is no single best VPN service provider?

One thing is clear, if you want to get the best value for your money, you will have to separate legit VPN services from the duds.

TO do that, you’re going to have to do a bit of digging.

This review will help you understand how you should go about in selecting a VPN service.

And since we’re reviewing SurfEasy VPN, you’ll know exactly how to judge between a good VPN service and a truly great one.

IN this review, we’ll see how much SurfEasy VPN offer in terms of features and customer service.

When you are done with this review, you’ll know everything there is to know about how to get the best bang for your buck.

That is, when shopping for a VPN service provider.

So let’s get to it.

SurfEasy VPN Cost

VPN services have become quite inexpensive nowadays.

You don’t even need to go through a group buy in order to afford one.

As a general rule of thumb, no matter how great a VPN service is, you should never pay more than $15 for a single month.

Anything more than that is unreasonable in our opinion.

However, there are hundreds of VPN services that offer rates that are much lower than $15 per month.

Take SurfEasy VPN for example.

SurfEasy VPN even has a free option. It isn’t a great option but is still there for anyone to try out.

SurfEasy VPN’s most expensive package will cost you around $4 per month.

Which is insanely cheap.

In fact, our research shows that SurfEasy VPN is one of the most economical VPN services out there in the market.

SurfEasy VPN Features


A VPN service is no longer something you get just because you want to access blocked content or want to get secure.

Modern VPN services offer complete security packages.

And because of that most VPN services offer features that cover a wide area of cyber security.

Whenever you sign up for a particular VPN service, check out features such as bandwidth limitations along with number of simultaneous connections you can use with one account.

Let’s see what SurfEasy VPN has to offer in terms of features and bonuses.

Simultaneous Connections

Modern internet users don’t surf the internet with just one device.

Most of the online users have multiple devices which have Wi-Fi feature enabled in them from the manufacturer’s side.

Hence, the capability of connecting more than just one device to a VPN service is absolutely vital.

Most of the VPN service providers in the market offer two simultaneous connections for each account.

And while that number is okay, it’s not great by any measure.

SurfEasy VPN, on the other hand, offers up to five simultaneous connections per user account.

Hence, you can connect all of your devices to SurfEasy VPN with just a single account.

Think about how you can easily connect someone else’s computer machine to a VPN server with just your account.

You can potentially save a lot of money especially if you live with roommates.

Decent Money Back Guarantee

There is no need to explain this feature as it is pretty straightforward.

A good VPN service always allows the option of quitting the service if a particular user is not satisfied with the VPN service.

A good money back guarantee policy ensures that people trust you more than the next VPN service provider.

In fact, a money back guarantee policy also shows that the company believes in its mission and is confident in its quality of service.

SurfEasy VPN offers a mammoth thirty-day money back guarantee on the company’s browser.

But you’re not here for the browser are you?

Right. We thought so as well.

As far their VPN service goes, SurfEasy VPN does not offer any refunds on their VPN service.

SurfEasy VPN definitely loses some points on not offering any refunds but at least they are upfront about it and hence are clear about their message.

Most of the other VPN service providers try to confuse new users with their complex return policies.

SurfEasy VPN does none of that and hence should be commended for it.

Number of VPN Servers

All great VPN service providers provide a high number of VPN servers.

To put it another way, if you want to know how good a VPN service actually is, then look at the number of servers they offer.

If the number of VPN servers is less than fifty, then it is a “sign” that the VPN service is a mediocre one.

More the number of VPN servers, more is the chance that the VPN service provider is high-quality since it affects speed.

Apart from that, if possible, then you should also go for the VPN service providers that have at least one VPN server in your location.

That way you can test their best VPN server and hence experience their best possible connection speed.

SurfEasy VPN, for its fault, has only got ten VPN server locations.

The only positive aspect about SurfEasy VPN servers is that they are nicely spread throughout the major regions of the world.

In other words, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to find a VPN server that is close to your location.

And if you find one, know that you can connect to the VPN service rather quickly and have a stable connection as well.

A Cool New Affiliate Program

Most people run away from services that offer any kind of affiliate programs.

That’s bad.

The new reality of all online services is that everyone wants to make a lot of money so that they can earn a living and provide high-quality services.

Most VPN services don’t have any sort of referral programs.

SurfEasy VPN isn’t one of them.

If you have friends that also want to buy a VPN service, then SurfEasy VPN can help you save some serious amount of money on your VPN subscription.

Referral program is very simple to understand.

Basically, you get someone to sign up for SurfEasy VPN and in return, you get discounts and other free services.

With SurfEasy VPN, if you get one of your friends to sign up, you can earn a reward of 500MB extra data per referral.

This is a brilliant way to spread their brand and gain more traction.

How About Some Data Log Policy?

If there is one truth about VPN services and generally all other forms of online service, then it is that data logging, in any shape or form, sucks.

Companies, especially online ones like Google and Facebook, store a tremendous amount of data on their customer’s online activity.

Which is not cool.

A VPN service provider’s whole existence is to stop that nonsense.

So if a VPN service provider is not clear about its data logging policy then there is definitely something not right with it.

SurfEasy VPN has a clear data logging policy.

They are extremely honest about what sort of data they store and what type they don’t store.

To summarize, SurfEasy VPN does not keep any data about what you do online or the kind of websites you visit. Period.

With that said, SurfEasy VPN does keep a record of usage to monitor bandwidth statistics.

Moreover, it is a legal requirement on part of VPN service providers to gather some information on users in case law enforcement agencies require it.

Again, user data and preferences are never stored. Or logged.

We would say that’s pretty clear.

How Is The Bandwidth with SurfEasy VPN?

For the new users, what are we even calling a bandwidth?

What is this “bandwidth” we keep talking about?

Bandwidth, in the context of a VPN service provider, is simply the data you’re allowed to use per month.

Most good VPN providers offer unlimited bandwidth.

Which is great.

But many VPN service providers don’t.

This can become problematic for users who like to stream a lot of content from sites like Netflix and Hulu.

If you download a lot of files or take part in Torrenting, then it is really a blessing if your VPN service provider doesn’t have a data cap.

Whichever VPN service you sign up for, make sure they have unlimited bandwidth.

SurfEasy VPN has a bandwidth limit of 500MB for their freer VPN service.

But since you’re looking for the paid version, there is no bandwidth limit on that.

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SurfEasy Installation

VPN applications are extremely simple to install these days. Not only that, they are also very easy to use.

Of course, not everyone knows this fact. But you do now.

Complicated setups ruin all the fun.

Besides, no one likes to sit for half an hour clicking through various pop-up windows to install an application let alone a VPN app.

Thanks to various advances made in the industry you can install any VPN app quickly and easily.

Simply go to the official website and download the executable file and then install it.

That’s it.

There is no need for any manual configuration and that is also the mark of a good  VPN service.

Needless to say but SurfEasy VPN scores very high in this regard.

The setup is simple and easy to follow.

All you have to do is sign up for an account on the official website.

Then you will be redirected to another page where you can download the VPN software application.

Do take note that you must download the one that is compatible with your current operating system.

One you have downloaded the file, simply run the file and it will automatically begin the installation wizard.

That’s it. Again.

SurfEasy User Interface

We have already mentioned that all you need to do is to first download the VPN app and then install it on your system.

Any decent VPN service would develop its VPN app in such a way that it is easy on the eyes and intuitive to use.

A software application that is too difficult to get a hang off doesn’t go far as far as popularity is concerned.

Any VPN application that requires the user to go into his/her device’s settings and then onwards to network connection settings to set up the VPN isn’t doing itself a favor.

As far as SurfEasy VPN goes, it has an exceptionally user-friendly interface.

Anyone who knows how to use a mouse and a keyboard can use SurfEasy VPN app with confidence.

In order to connect to one of SurfEasy VPN servers, all you need to do is to press a single button that says “connect”.

Moreover, you can also optimize your server connection.

The SurfEasy VPN app also allows users to select their own favorite VPN server locations with the help of a simple drop down menu.

If you hit the connect button, you’re safe.

It’s as simple as that.

How To Log in?surfeasy-vpn-servers

SurfEasy VPN makes it very easy to log in to your account. It saves you a lot of time in the sense that you only have to log in a single time.

Once you log in for the first time, you basically log in forever.

Even if you shut down the program or restart it, it won’t log you out.

You won’t need our email address or password to log into your SurfEasy VPN account.

Which is great right?

How To Change VPN Servers?

Let’s say you want to connect to a server in Japan because you don’t like the one in Germany.

To switch VPN servers, all you have to do is to disconnect from the current VPN server and then simply select the new one from the drop-down menu.

Then click connect and you’re done.

The only way SurfEasy VPN could have improved upon this process is if it was possible to know real-time traffic stats on any given server.

When you know how much load is currently on a given VPN server, you can look for the one with the least and experience best speeds.

SurfEasy Compatibility


Whenever you are searching for a VPN service provider, you should always have operating system compatibility at the top of your priority list.

That is after you have taken care of the price.

In fact, one of the best ways to know if a VPN service provider would work for you is to find out if it supports enough operating systems.

This technique is extremely useful in weeding out the bad VPN services for the good ones.

Besides, it doesn’t matter how good a VPN service software is when it can’t be used with all of your devices.

As of this moment, SurfEasy VPN is compatible with the following operating systems,

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Mac

In other words, if you’re the type of person who has both desktop computer machines as well as mobile ones, then SurfEasy VPN has got you covered because it will secure all of them.

The only operating system that is missing from the list is Linux. So watch out for that.

SurfEasy VPN Security


The one aspect that defines how far a VPN service provider will go in terms of its reputation is security.

Most VPN service provider offers a ton of security features.

But most of them are pretty irrelevant if not useless.

While there are some security features which are truly useful, the one you should look at before any other feature is that of encryption.

Any VPN service worth its salt will either run 128 bit or 256-bit encryption.

To get your money’s worth, always go with the VPN service that offers 256-bit encryption which is considered to be the strongest, military grade, one.

Another cool security feature is the ability to change your security settings in order to optimize your VPN connection.

Strong encryption is great. But it slows things down.

Users should be able to modify their encryption level according to their own needs.

SurfEasy VPN, by default, offers the most secure encryption that is available in the market today.

It makes use of a 256-bit OpenVPN connection which is as secure as it gets.

In fact, according to many other sources, the US military uses the same encryption strength as SurfEasy VPN.

SurfEasy VPN Speed

We’re living in the 21st century. You need to be good at everything to make a living.

In the VPN industry, you must provide a VPN service that is reasonable in all departments and fantastic in others.

If a VPN service is secure but doesn’t offer much speed then it is a fail.

The connection speed of your VPN server can destroy your experience with even the best of VPN service providers.

If the VPN service is too slow then you’re wasting time and money. Plus getting a lot of unnecessary headaches.

If you want to watch a video on YouTube but can’t because the VPN service is too slow then you need to through that VPN service out of the window.

With that said, do keep in mind that any and every VPN service will hinder your connection speed no matter what.

That’s the nature of VPN services.

The encryption methods they use usually slow down your connection speed.

SurfEasy VPN performs really well in this part.

Various results from sites like Security Gladiators Speed Test Tool have shown that SurfEasy VPN does not slow down your internet connection by any significant amount.

In other words, SurfEasy VPN is perfect if you want a fast VPN service to stream your favorite content and download your favorite movies/files.

SurfEasy VPN Customer Support

Everybody needs help.

That is especially true if you haven’t used a VPN service before.

In the age of cutthroat competition, VPN service providers must offer great customer support in order to go one up on the competition.

Without great customer support, even a great VPN service won’t go so far.

This is especially true with an online service like a VPN.

Because using a VPN service can become technical sometimes and you need good support people to help you in those times.

Does SurfEasy VPN Have 24/7 Support?

If there was one way to get to the top of the VPN industry, apart from offering a secure VPN service, it would be through a customer support system that was always online.

When searching for a VPN service, always look for the one that offers customer support all the time.

Not just on the weekends.

SurfEasy VPN offers customer support on all days of the week.

The only problem is their availability hours which are pretty limited.

A VPN service’s customer supports should respond to any query within 24 hours but sometimes even that can be impractical.

What Are My Support Options With SurfEasy VPN?

A lot of VPN service providers have a support system that is based on email.

Which isn’t bad but it isn’t great either. At least on its own, it’s not.

There must be at least one live option for customers to get in touch with the staff behind the VPN service.

As mentioned before, live chat is the best option but we don’t live in a perfect world.

Phone support is quite a good option as well but sometimes it can be annoying to get help over the phone if the staff is not technically sound.

SurfEasy VPN has both email and phone support systems in place.

There is also a live option for users to get in touch with the company for any issue.

If you prefer the ticketing method then that’s available on the official website as well.

The most reliable way though is through an email.

Make sure you email SurfEasy VPN with your personal email account because that way you’ll get the response right in your own inbox.

Still, if SurfEasy VPN offered 24/7 customer support it could have given the like of IPVanish and StrongVPN a good run for their money.

SurfEasy VPN Winner Feature

This is where we talk about a single feature which makes a VPN Service provider a must-subscribe one.

VPN services nowadays have to do more than just offer a great service or a cheap package.

They have to present themselves in a manner that makes them look professional.

There needs to be some kind of sophistication in the way they interact with their audience.

With that, any online service is destined to fail.

The other problem is that a VPN service only has the online platform to have any contact with its potential customers.

It has to make a good impact if it wants to attract more of them.

Most of all, customers should feel confident in trusting a VPN service with their money.

So it stands to reason that all VPN services should put some hard work into the design of their official websites.

SurfEasy VPN scores high in this category as well.

The official website has a minimalistic design and the content on it is organized.

Moreover, all the information flows naturally and you can easily find what you are looking for in order to know more about SurfEasy VPN.

The quality of content looks professional.

In other words, SurfEasy VPN looks the kind of VPN service that is genuine and serious about doing business with its customers.

SurfEasy VPN Conclusion

You read the whole review right?

If you did then you already know what we’re going to say here.

SurfEasy VPN has a lot of positive things going for it.

It offers a genuinely impressive VPN service.

Moreover, SurfEasy VPN connection speed is really fast. It’s software applications are a joy to use and their customer supports is pretty responsive as well.

All in all, SurfEasy VPN is a professional VPN service.

And most of all, SurfEasy VPN offers all of these benefits at a low cost.

It is really one of those VPN services which give you what you pay for.

Features such as unlimited bandwidth along with secure browsing and ability to unblock blocked content is great, to say the least.

There is really no reason to not sign up for an account with SurfEasy VPN.

With that said, there is nothing that SurfEasy VPN offers which makes it better than the top contenders in this market.

It’s lack of server and advanced features such as a kill switch and the like make it a mid-table VPN service.

It was no major flaws but it doesn’t have the arsenal to give the likes of IPVanish and ExpressVPN any competition.

It can certainly improve and prove us wrong in the future.

For now, we can’t recommend SurfEasy VPN over some of the other VPN services.

If you are serious about getting the best value for money VPN then you should check out IPVanish. They are our top ranked VPN provider. Read the IPVanish Review here.

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