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Get Access to Dragon Ball Z on Netflix from Anywhere in the World

Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) is a popular anime series created by Akira Toriyama. It has been around since 1989 and follows Son Goku’s and his friends’ adventures as they battle against various evil forces. This show’s popularity has spawned several films, video games, and other related media. With the increasing prevalence of streaming services such as Netflix, many fans are asking whether DBZ is available on the platform. This article seeks to answer that question in detail.

To understand if DBZ is available on Netflix, it is important to consider the history of the show’s availability across different platforms. Additionally, an examination will be conducted into the current content available for viewers who wish to watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix. Finally, potential solutions will be explored for those who cannot access the show through this streaming service.

Is Dragon Ball Z On Netflix?

How to Stream Dragon Ball Z on Netflix From Anywhere

Dragon Ball Z is only available on Japanese Netflix. Fortunately, with a Virtual Private Network (VPN), users can stream Dragon Ball Z from any location. A VPN allows users to connect to a secure network and access websites otherwise blocked due to geographic restrictions or censorship laws. This means that by using a reputable VPN service, viewers worldwide can watch episodes of Dragon Ball Z on Netflix without worrying about their connection being interrupted or censored. Some VPNs are free, making them an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy watching this classic anime without breaking the bank.

Enjoy watching Anime on Netflix

The Need for a VPN to Watch Dragon Ball

A virtual private network (VPN) offers users many advantages in terms of security and anonymity, allowing them to unblock restricted content from almost any country. Here are some benefits of using a VPN:

  • Kill switch – protects your data from being exposed if your connection drops unexpectedly;
  • Dedicated IP address – allows you access to geo-restricted content without compromising your privacy;
  • Unblocking dragon ball – enables you to watch popular shows such as Dragon Ball Z even if they are not available in your region;
  • Enhanced security – encrypts all online activities with strong protocols that prevent third parties from viewing what you do or where you go online.
In addition, using a VPN also helps keep your browsing history safe while providing unrestricted access to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. With its various features, a reliable VPN can make watching Dragon Ball Z easier than ever before.

Top 3 VPNs for Streaming Dragon Ball Z

Here are the top three best VPNs for streaming Dragon Ball Z:

ExpressVPN for Dragon Ball Z

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for Netflix to view content on Netflix Japan, which offers the most comprehensive library of Dragon Ball Z streaming content. ExpressVPN allows users worldwide to access online resources restricted by their geographic location, ensuring they can connect with and enjoy shows worldwide. ExpressVPN is the best VPN when it comes to speed. By using ExpressVPN, viewers can bypass restrictions and geo-blocks by connecting the device to a Japanese server to change Netflix region to appear as if they are in Japan. This means that fans of Dragon Ball Z worldwide can now go beyond what’s available on the Japanese Netflix library and watch every episode of this beloved anime series – no matter where they live.

Dragon Ball Z is available on Netflix Japan Library

NordVPN for Dragon Ball Z

NordVPN is another viable option for streaming Dragon Ball Z on Netflix. It provides a strong connection and fast speeds, making it one of the best VPNs for streaming media content. Furthermore, NordVPN offers robust security features that protect users from potential cyber threats when accessing the internet through public Wi-Fi networks. In addition, it has an extensive network of servers in over 60 countries worldwide, including Japan, making it suitable for unblocking different types of geo-restricted content.

Know who is Goku on Netflix

For those looking to enjoy their favorite show featuring Goku and Son Goku, NordVPN should be strongly considered due to its high-performance capabilities. The provider also offers excellent customer service with 24/7 live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee allowing users to try the services without taking any risks. All these benefits make NordVPN a great choice for watching Dragon Ball Z on Netflix securely and conveniently.

Surfshark for Dragon Ball Z

There are still plenty of ways for anime fans to watch Dragon Ball movies online. Surfshark provides a great alternative for watching this classic show and allows viewers to access various streaming services easily. Surfshark offers an extensive library of TV shows and movies, including many other anime titles. Furthermore, their servers provide fast connection speeds to enjoy your favorite episodes without any buffering or lag time. All you need to do is to connect the VPN to a Japanese VPN server location to access the film.

Here are some benefits that come along with using Surfshark:

  • Affordable pricing plans—Surfshark’s monthly fee makes it easy to keep up with all the latest releases from Japan.
  • Anonymous Browsing—With military-grade encryption in every plan, users don’t have to worry about anyone snooping around while streaming their favorite shows.
  • Unrestricted access—Surfshark bypasses geo-restrictions, so you can watch content regardless of where you live.
  • Wide selection—Find old favorites alongside new discoveries at Surfshark and get more out of your subscription than ever before!

Alternative Streaming Services for Dragon Ball Z

Alternative streaming services allow viewers to watch their favorite anime and other content in no time. The below services use geo-blocking technologies to block access in other geographical locations. So, users might need a VPN service to unblock Dragon Ball.


AnimeLab is an Australian streaming service that offers both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai with subtitles. It also has many other popular anime series, so it’s perfect for any fan exploring more than just DBZ. Subscriptions start at $8.99 monthly and have no ads or contract commitments. This makes it easy for viewers to customize their viewing experience without worrying about long-term contracts or intrusive advertising breaks during the show.


Dragon Ball Z is a popular anime series, and Hulu offers the opportunity to watch it. It is one of the most comprehensive streaming services for Dragon Ball fans looking to catch up on this classic show. Viewers can easily access Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT episodes through its monthly subscription plan. Furthermore, they will have access to other related movies and specials exclusive to Hulu’s library.

Hulu also provides an easy-to-use platform for watching Dragon Ball. Its intuitive user interface lets users quickly find their favorite shows or browse by genre. Additionally, those who prefer subtitles in English or Japanese can enjoy them when viewing any show episode. The streaming service also allows users to save their progress between sessions to pick where they left off without missing a beat. The cost of Hulu is $7.99 per month with a free trial.


Funimation is another popular streaming service offering Dragon Ball Z and other anime titles. Funimation has the exclusive rights to stream Dragon Ball Series in North America, so it is a go-to choice for many fans. Funimation offers both subbed and dubbed versions of Dragon Ball Z and also has remastered HD versions of the series. The service also offers many Dragon Ball Z movies and specials.


To watch Dragon Ball Z on Funimation, you must create an account and subscribe to the service. Funimation offers both a free and a premium version of their service. A premium subscription allows you to enjoy ad-free streaming, early access to episodes, and their entire anime library. A premium account will cost you between $7.99 and $9.99. monthly.

Free VPNs to Watch Dragon Ball Z

These virtual networks can offer fast-speed servers for smooth video playback and security features that help protect user data online. A free VPN also provides access to region-blocked content worldwide, including Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Kai programs which may only be available in certain countries. As long as users ensure they select a reliable provider with good customer support, these services can be an excellent way to enjoy their favorite shows without incurring additional costs or risks.

Fast speed servers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dragon Ball Z on Any Other Streaming Services Besides Netflix?

Yes. In addition to AnimeLab and Funimation, as mentioned earlier, Dragon Ball Z can also be found on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max. However, the availability of Dragon Ball Z may vary depending on your location and the streaming service you are using. You can also find Dragon Ball Z in some of the best anime torrent sites available if Netflix is giving you issues.

How Much Does It Cost to Watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix?

To watch the show on Netflix, one must have an active subscription to the platform, and prices vary depending on the viewing package the user chooses. Depending on the region, users may have access to different packages, which can range in price from $8.99 – $15.99 per month for basic HD content to more comprehensive coverage, which includes 4K Ultra HD quality video streaming at higher costs of up to $25 or more each month.

Are There Any Other Anime Series Available to Watch on Netflix?

Other available titles include My Hero Academia, Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, and Death Note. These shows have garnered tremendous popularity among viewers due to their engaging storylines and unique visual style.

Is There a Way to Watch Dragon Ball Z for Free?

Finding a free way to watch Dragon Ball Z Series is an important question among anime fans. Several options are available, such as streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation, which offer a wide selection of subbed and dubbed content. Security Gladiators explain also give a detailed explanation of how to watch Netflix for free; find out! Another option is YouTube, where many episodes can be watched without paying any fees. Additionally, various websites make the series available through torrents or downloads with varying degrees of legality.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Watching Dragon Ball Z on Netflix?

The service requires users to be 17 or older and have parental permission to view certain titles with mature content. This applies to Dragon Ball Z as it contains violence and fantasy elements of martial arts. Depending on the region, some episodes may carry different ratings, such as TV-14 or TV-MA, requiring additional user verification before viewing.


Dragon Ball Z is a beloved anime series known around the world. While Netflix currently offers this popular show only in Japan, there are still options to watch it online or use a VPN to access it on Netflix. It is possible to purchase episodes or seasons of Dragon Ball Z through various streaming services at varying prices, depending on the provider. Some free streaming sites may provide access to select episodes and seasons of Dragon Ball Z. Viewers should know that age restrictions may apply when watching this content online. With many different ways to enjoy one of the most iconic anime series ever made, fans can continue to relish in their love for Dragon Ball Z even without Netflix.

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