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Unblock/Stream IIHF Championship 2016 Online for Free Anywhere

If you are an Ice Hockey fan, it is your turn to feel the true spirit and get entertained of the Ice Hockey World Championship (IIHF) from literally anywhere around the corner of world. IIHF is one of the biggest tournament of the year 2016.

Ice hockey lovers keep wondering all the time, “How they can get access to IIHF online?” You will find many paid and free streaming channels which are broadcasting the mega event on the internet. But you need to unlock some of these channels outside your area, for that, you will have to use VPN or Smart DNS Proxy.

IIHF Championship 2016 onlineIn 2016, IIHF is gonna kicked off in Moscow and S. Petersburg, Russia. Now through 6th of May, cheer on your country’s top skaters as they battle for the cup. In the year 2016, 16 best teams from worldwide split into the following 2 groups:

Group A

Group B







United States

Czech Republic









If you want to check out the latest standings on the tables, read the game results and schedule on IIHF’s website.

How to watch IIHF 2016 Live Online

As I mentioned above, if you are looking to watch IIHF 2016 online you have to unblock the streaming channels to free yourself from the geo-restrictions. The online streaming will be accessible on some channels, however, they won’t be able to provide the live action from the IIHF.

Since the championship is being played between sixteen nations, all the excitement is understandable. However, with the limitations being set for audiences, the IIHF online live stream is accessible to some of the fans. Others illegally watch the matches under the constant fears and threats of being captured.

But with VPN or Smart DNS service by your side, you can revel in continuous action coming live from the battlefield.

But first keep in mind that you have to conceal your real IP address. Hiding the IP is only hope for streaming IIHF live over the internet for free. As said above, simplest way of concealing IP address is to use a SmartDNS or VPN.

VPN to Watch IIHF 2016 Live

In order to watch any geo-restricted channels outside your regions, you can use a VPN account. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses a network of servers and you have to choose the on that fulfills your requirements. For example, if you want to watch British matches from a British Channel, you’ll have to change your IP respectively.

In short, connecting to a British server is the key! Instead of that, the Virtual Private Network allows complete data encryption on your PC, your mobile phone, Mac or tablet PC (in simple words, any device you use). Below you’ll find the top 3 VPNs that can enable you to unblock and watch IIHF online:


Price/m Countries IPs

More info

(read review)

30 days money back guarantee, from $8.32



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from $11.52



(read review)

from $6.49



SmartDNS to Watch to IIHF 2016 Live Online

Alternatively, you can use a SmartDNS service to access the streaming channel you want (in this case, channels that broadcast IIHF – you’ll find the list containing channels below). SmartDNS enables you to hide you real IP address easily more like a VPN, but doesn’t offer encryption. So, the streaming channel you select will consider that you are actually accessing it from a country where it is available.

SmartDNS works on every streaming device. You can watch IIHF Championship on PS3, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, etc. The good thing about SmartDNS is that it does not slow down your internet (because of no encryption involved, bit risky but fast). Here are the top 3 SmartDNS providers for unblocking platforms / Channels streaming IIHF 2016 online:


Devices Price

More info

Unblock US
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one week free trial, $4.99



Free 7 day trial, $4.17

UnoTelly SmartDNS
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Free trial, $3.94

IIHF 2016 Streaming Channels


Availability Unblock Streaming Media Using



VPN or SmartDNS

NBC Sports Live Extra


VPN or SmartDNS



VPN or SmartDNS

Premier Sports


VPN or SmartDNS

TSN Canada

VPN or SmartDNS

IIHF Championship is going to start from 6th May and will finish on 22nd of May 2016. The matches will be showcased at 2 different places – Moscow and Saint Petersburg in Russia. Book your seat now with VPNs or SmartDNS before it is too late. Keep in mind, VPNs or SmartDNS has the leading virtual stadium of their own for each sporting occasion. See you at the Battle Field then!

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