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How to Watch MLS Outside the US: The Complete Guide

MLS is the biggest soccer league in America.

Do you dearly want to watch MLS outside the US?

Maybe you’re in the US but are currently on a vacation outside the US.

There are a ton of reasons why you would want to watch MLS outside the US.

In any case, you should know that when you really get into MLS, you will have to watch a lot of matches.

That is a precondition to really understand what’s happening the league.

But maybe you’re not a complete MLS geek.

Maybe you just want to watch some matches and read about the other ones online.

Regardless, sometimes you get blocked from watching any MLS matches at all.

That specifically happens when you are outside the US.

So how do you watch MLS from anywhere in the world and at anytime you want to?

In fact, let’s put that another way.

Is there a way to watch MLS and stream all the matches without any restrictions?

We’ll tell you right now, that yes there is indeed a way.

Three in fact.

We’ll come to those in a bit.

But first, you should know about the list of channels that are streaming MLS all over the world including the US.

  • MLS Official website.
    The official MLS website is available to online users who reside in the United States of America and Canada.
    If you happen to live in any one of these countries then good luck to you.
    You will be able to watch MLS matches of your preference live.
    But wait.
    There are some bonuses as well.
    Such as, if you want to then you can consume other types of contents that come with an MLS subscription.
    These include minute details of MLS matches such as official statistics along with breaking news and future events.
    Users who don’t have time to watch the whole match can watch highlights through the official MLS website.
    Of course, you won’t be able to watch the highlights until and unless the match is over.
  • ESPN:
    The official website of ESPN is your gateway to all the MLS content you could ever want to consume.
    But only if you live in the US.
    ESPN will give you every opportunity to follow your favorite MLS team and watch MLS online via streaming.
    The official website of ESPN also provides other exclusive content such as videos and other news related to MLS.
    It’s great for users who want to catch up on all the action in MLS.
    Again, for full and complete coverage, ESPN requires that you must be in the US.
  • Fox Sports
    Can you see a pattern here?
    If you live in the US, there are literally tons of ways in which you can watch MLS online.
    Fox sports provides some of the best information about MLS matches in the world.
    It also covers MLS through the online medium as well.
    If you’re the type of fan who wants to read, breath and eat MLS then Fox Sports is for you.
    The streaming quality is great and the coverage is complete and encompasses all teams and all players.
  • Univision:
    Did we tell you that you were really lucky to be in the United States of America?
    Because even if you don’t speak English, you’re still covered.
    Say hello to Univision.
    Univision provides coverage for the Spanish speaking communities across the US.
    The coverage is as comprehensive as it gets.
    You can check out statistics and watch videos of MLS matches online.
    The official website also offers details about rival teams and a lot more.
    In short, Univision’s live stream feature is its best feature.
  • Sky Sports
    Sky Sports is one of the best sporting channels for people living in the UK.
    People in the UK can take full advantage of the channel’s complete coverage of the MLS.
    In other words, you can watch the whole MLS season right from the convenience of your couch
  • RDS
    RDS is a great alternative for people living in Canada.
    It broadcasts all the MLS matches and the live stream is high quality.
    The channel also offers news and updates related to the MLS.
    There are no restrictions on the type of content people can watch.
    But of course, you have to be in Canada if you want to avail RDS services.

Why Is MLS The Greatest League In The World?

MLS has attracted some big stars in the past couple of years.

Major League Soccer, or MLS for short, came into existence sometime in 1993.
It is the only mainstream professional soccer league in the US and Canada.
In total there are twenty teams that compete in the MLS.

The majority of the teams though, are from the US and it makes sense since it has better and more players than Canada.

But of course, the number of teams can change in the future subject to development of soccer as a sport in the US and Canada.

As far as the typical MLS season goes, it continues from March to October.

And as you can probably imagine, the MLS season takes up most of the year.

That isn’t the end though.

After the regular season is over, you have these playoffs that take place after October, in the month of November.

Moreover, after the playoffs, MLS has the Championship which is held sometime in December.

Now as great as that sounds, it is also true that MLS wasn’t the only professional soccer league in America.

Teams who now compete in MLS used to play in another league called North American Soccer League before MLS and ate up the whole industry.

Can MLS Compete With Europe And South America?

In short, no it can’t.

But doesn’t stop MLS from being one of the best leagues in the world.
And because it is so entertaining, fans from all over the world are attracted to its entertainment value.

The most popular player who has ever played for the MLS is David Beckham.

After his arrival in the US, many other professional soccer players from Europe and South America soon followed suit.

MLS headquarters are based in New York.

Was this information enough for you?

If it wasn’t, you can always go to the official MLS YouTube channel here.
Watch all the videos your free time allows you to watch.

How To Unblock MLS From Anywhere In The World?

The best American soccer league has a lot of action to offer.

We hate to break it to you, but you can’t watch the MLS from anywhere in the world.

Not right now anyway.


Because the MLS is not broadcasted all over the world.

Generally speaking, it is only available to people who live in the United States of America.

What about people who don’t live in the US?

Or about people who don’t live in countries such as Canada or UK?

What about them?

Without wasting more time, we’re going to tell you straight up that we have a solution.

In fact, we have three solutions.

These are, in order,

  • Watch MLS from outside the US with the help of a VPN service
  • You can also watch MLS from outside the US using a SmartDNS
  • The third option is to watch MLS from outside the US with Kodi

All three methods work and we’ll go through them one by one.

Mostly, though, you will be required to change your IP address.

So how does one change his/her IP address?

You may think it is impossible to change one’s IP address without physically leaving the country, but it is certainly doable.

What’s more, the process is simple too.

So let’s absorb the information step by step.

First, you need to change your IP address.

To do that you will need either,

  • A VPN service
  • SmartDNS service
  • Kodi

Any method can work for you depending on your situation and your needs.

Let’s move forward now.

Why Not Just Sign Up For MLS Live?


Why not?

In fact, we recommend all users to sign up for MLS live.

With an MLS live subscription, you can watch all MLS matches live.

Moreover, if you want to then you can throw your expensive cable subscription away as well.

MLS Live will enable you to watch all MLS matches online via live stream.

Again, you will have to be in the US, Canada or Mexico to take advantage of MLS Live.

Outside of these countries, you can’t watch MLS live.

Plus there are also MLS blackouts.

We’ll address each of these issues in the subsequent sections.

So read on.

More About MLS Live Features

MLS Live enables users to stream MLS matches on multiple platforms.

These platforms include,

  • PC
  • Android
  • Mac
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Set-top boxes like Apple TV and Roku
  • And much more

MLS LIVE also enabled users to watch all MLS soccer matches at any time they want and anywhere they want (provided they are in the US).

Moreover, MLS LIVE has this multi-game feature.

This feature allows users to watch multiple MLS game simultaneously.

If you want to watch more than a single MLS game at the same time then you can use MLS Live and then use different browsers on your device.

Signing in to more than one device also works.

Add a VPN to the mix and watching MLS matches on multiple devices should become a piece of cake.

There is also the DVR functionality.

And then there are other features such as exclusive stats, blackout checker, and slow motion views.

Information about team formations is also available.

Now, onto the part where we teach you how to get rid of all the problems MLS LIVE comes with.

How To Bypass MLS Blackouts?

Is there an American sport out there that isn’t subject to blackouts?


Not to our knowledge.

And hence MLS also gets blackouts.

What are blackouts?

Blackouts are mostly what they sound like.

What we mean is that viewers are blocked from viewing a particular sport for a short period of time.

If you’re in the US you won’t be able to watch MLS matches live because of blackouts in many areas.

You can only watch them once all the matches have reached their completion stage.

This duration can last about 48 hours.

If you view MLS through MLS Live then you should also expect national and regional MLS blackouts.

All of that is true if you don’t have a VPN service.

If you do have a VPN service or rather a great VPN service, then you can bypass MLS blackouts and watch MLS from outside the US without any problem.

Read the next section to find out how to use a VPN service to watch MLS outside the US and bypass MLS blackouts.

How To Watch MLS Outside The US With VPN?

Major League Soccer isn’t just about the regular reason. You need to watch the whole thing. Use a VPN to watch it anywhere.

Without a shadow of a doubt, using a VPN service with MLS LIVE is the best way of consuming MLS content.

It is also the most trustworthy and reliable method to watch MLS outside the US.

You will be able to unlock all MLS Live content and stream MLS matches from outside the US as well.

If you sign up for a decent VPN service, you’ll be able to change your IP address as well.

This will make the engine behind MLS LIVE think that you live in the US regardless of your current country.

And when that happens, all of the content that is available to audiences in the US will become available to you.

Pretty sweet right?

Moving on.

So which VPN service should you sign up for?

Well, simply put, there are a lot of VPN services out there in the market.

And since the process of changing IP addresses is so simple, people may think that any VPN service would get the job done.

After all, if you have a VPN service, all you need to do is connect to the VPN app and then select the correct VPN server to watch MLS outside the US.

Now, you want to watch MLS from outside the US, so naturally, you will select a server that is based in the US.

When that happens, your IP address will change to the US and then you will be able to stream MLS matches from MLS LIVE without any difficulties.

Which VPN Service To Sign Up For?

As mentioned before, there are a lot of VPN services in the market today.

Each of these VPN service providers has advantages over the other.

They all come with their own pros and cons, is what we mean.

One way is to check them out one by one and then judge.

The other is to simply listen to our research and understanding.

To watch MLS from outside the US, we recommend IPVanish as the top VPN service.

It is our number one ranked VPN service for quite some time and for good reason.

IPVanish is fast, reliable and unlocks a lot more content than just MLS LIVE.

Moreover, IPVanish also offers servers in almost all corners of the world and does so at a reasonable price.

So sign up for IPVanish go 

IPVanish also offers a money-back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with the service, you can always ask for a refund.

How To Watch MLS From Outside The US With A VPN Step-by-Step Guide

  • First, sign up for a good VPN service.
    IPVanish is the one we recommend.
    You can sign up for IPVanish by visiting
  • After that simply go to the official website and download the VPN app file
  • Then install the VPN app on your favorite device
  • Now you need to run the app on your device
  • When that’s done, simply connect to a server that is located in the US.
    You can easily do that in the main menu of the VPN app
  • And that’s it.
  • Simply log into your MLS LIVE account and watch MLS from outside the US.

The other benefit of using a VPN service with MLS LIVE is that all your traffic is encrypted.

And hence no one can spy on you.

Not even your internet service provider or your government.

How To Watch MLS Outside The US With SmartDNS?

As mentioned before, if you try to watch MLS outside the US, you won’t be able to do that.

Not unless you sign up for a VPN service, like IPVanish, or a SmartDNS service.

We’ve already covered the VPN method.

It’s SmartDNS’s turn now.

The first question you should ask is what why even bother?
If a VPN is the most reliable way to watch MLS outside the US then why not just go with the VPN method.

Why are we offering a SmartDNS service then a VPN service would do the job just fine?

Well, the answer to all those questions is that each user has his/her own needs.

To really understand that, you need to know a couple of key differences between a VPN service and a SmartDNS service.

First, you should know that a SmartDNS service is usually cheaper than a good VPN service.

So if you’re on a tight budget then SmartDNS should be your choice.

The second way in which a SmartDNS service is different from a VPN service is that it is generally faster.

Because a SmartDNS service doesn’t have all the extra features and security tools that a VPN service has.

A VPN service is not only able to change your IP address, it also encrypts your data and hence secures your privacy and anonymity.

This feature slows down a VPN service when compared to a SmartDNS service.

And since a SmartDNS service doesn’t have to encrypt your data neither it has to secure it, it can be light and super fast.

Which most Smart DNS services are.

A SmartDNS service also unlocks more locations than a VPN service and is more economical than a VPN service.

Do keep in mind that a SmartDNS does not change your IP address.

It only reroutes your internet traffic and hence is faster than a VPN service.

Which SmartDNS Service Should You Sign Up For?

Just as is the case with VPN service, there are a lot of SmartDNS services in the market today.

We’ve done the hard part for you and have selected for you the best SmartDNS service.

What we mean to say is that to watch MLS outside the US, we recommend StrongDNS as the best SmartDNS service.

To sign up for StrongDNS through the

StrongDNS is not only fast, it is very reliable and unlocks thousands of websites other than MLS LIVE.

Now the usage of a SmartDNS service like StrongDNS is slightly different from a VPN service.

But the concept remains the same.

  • Sign up for a SmartDNS service like StrongDNS.
    You can click on this  to do that.
  • Purchase the package of your choice
  • Change the DNS settings of your device. For a complete tutorial for any device go here.
  • Log in to your MLS LIVE account
  • And watch MLS matches to your heart’s content

Now we’ll move to the third and final method to watch MLS outside the US.

How To Watch MLS Outside The US With Kodi?

First of all, you should know that Kodi is an open source media player that plays all sort of content.

It has become the most popular media player in the world by a large margin.

And for good reason.

It has a lot of content.

Some of it is copyrighted content.

But all of it is free for viewing and downloading.

How can it get any better than that?

The only problem is that Kodi is not alone.

Kodi itself is not actually a very versatile media player.

It comes with these Kodi add-ons which breathe life into this monster media player.

Kodi add-ons can open up access to all media content in the world.

That’s right.

We said the world, not just USA or Europe.

And that’s where Kodi gets in trouble.

Some of these Kodi add-ons are great and are officially supported.

But most of these Kodi add-ons are unofficial.

Unfortunately, these are also the ones that allow users to have access to copyrighted content.

You’re getting the theme right?

The use of Kodi is entirely up to you.

If you play your cards right, then using Kodi can be completely legal.

And it can also be illegal depending on the type of content you watch and where you live.

Regardless, we’ll now show you how to use Kodi and watch MLS LIVE from outside the US.

How To Watch MLS Outside The US Using Kodi?

First, you will need to install Kodi for your device.

To do that, go here to this official Kodi website.

Pick the download file that is relevant to your device.

Do take note that you have to download the Kodi file that is for your system.

After the file has downloaded, you should install if on your system.

The setup process is pretty simple and you should have no problems in installing Kodi on your device.

In fact, the whole process should not take you more than a couple of minutes on a decent TV.

You have installed Kodi right?


Now open it.

In other words, run Kodi.

Now for this next step, we will need to install the sportsdevil add-on.

Remember we told you about Kodi add-ons?


You remembered.

If you want to watch MLS from outside the US, and that too for free, then you will need sportsdevil Kodi add-on.

Download the Kodi SportsDevil zip file from here.

Then go to your Kodi application.

In other words, open it.

Then follow these instructions.

Step-by-Step Kodi Guide

  • Open Kodi
  • Then choose the option that says SYSTEM
  • After that hit Add-ons
  • When that is done then select install from zip file
  • Done? Great. Now all you need to do is navigate to the location where you downloaded the SportsDEvil add- on.
    You did remember, right?
    Just for clarity’s sake, you should select a file named something like plugin.video.SportsDevil-2016-07-20.zip.
  • Now just wait for the new notification for Add-on enabled notification.

The method we have described above is to be followed when you want to install SportsDevil Kodi add-on from a zip file.

There is another method as well.

How To Install Kodi SportsDevil Repo Install

  • Open Kodi
  • Then go to SYSTEM
  • After that go to File Manager
  • Then to Add Source
  • Now hit None
  • After the previous step, you should be able to see a type box.
    Type this into the box https://fusion.tvaddons.ag (Defunct) and hit Done
  • You should now be able to spot a box somewhere underneath the type box.
    Here you are supposed to enter a name for the new media file
    Type the name Fusion and then click OK.
  • Great.
    Now simply go back to your home screen, Kodi home screen, and again to go SYSTEM
  • Then go to Add-Ons
  • After that, you only need to go to Install from Zip File
  • Select Fusion from here.
  • After that, choose xbmc-repos
  • Then hit English
  • After that type repository.unofficialsportsdevil-x-x-x.zip
  • Wait for a bit to see the Add-on enabled notification.
  • Now select, Get Add-Ons or Install from Repository (on Isengard or higher)
  • Then to Unofficial SportsDevil repository.
  • Now go to Video Add-ons
  • And then to SportsDevil
  • Hit Install
  • Wait, again, for the add-on enabled notification

And that is it.

All you need to do now is launch the Kodi add-on you just installed by going to Videos and then to Add-ons and then selecting SportsDevil.


All the content in the world is now at your feet.

But remember this.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Use your unlimited content with some responsibility and poise.

And without wishing to sound like a creepy uncle, we just you use a VPN service with Kodi as well.

Read the next section to know why.

Why You Should Use A VPN Service With Kodi?

As indicated earlier as well, using Kodi is not illegal.

Just like using a knife is not criminal.

It depends on what you do with the knife.

If you use the knife to kill someone, you go to jail.

On the other hand, if you use the knife to cut a tomato, you get to eat some delicious looking food.

Similar is the case with Kodi.

Use Kodi with some sense.

But of course, you won’t.

And that’s why you need to sign up for a VPN service to hide your activities from government departments and your internet service provider.

Hiding yourself on the internet is always a good idea.

The only reliable way to do that is to use a VPN service.

Yes. A VPN Service Is Your Friend

We recommend you sign up for IPVanish.

You can sign up for IPVanish by

If your internet service provider has capped your internet bandwidth then a VPN service can blow away that cap.

If some content is geo-blocked, then a VPN service like IPVanish can change your IP address and make you appear in any country in the world.

IPVanish is great for a lot of other reason as well.

It is a premium VPN service and hence has fast VPN servers.

IPVanish also, does not keep any logs.

In other words, there is no way for anyone to track you.

Not even IPVanish can track you.

As mentioned earlier, IPVanish comes with a seven-day money back guarantee.

IPVanish can also be installed on your router and from there you can protect as many devices as you want.

Happy watching MLS from outside the US.

The information provided in this tutorial is for information purposes only.

You should always respect the law and not get involved in copyright violation if the law of the country you live in does not allow for it.

Take responsibility for your actions.
Security Gladiators does not support nor condone copyright violations or infringements.

On a side note, in order to get every feature and addon possible on kodi and to not get sued if you accidentally watch something pirated, you need a VPN. You can find the 5 best VPN’s for Kodi here.

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