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How to Watch NHL All Star Game in 2023 Online and Live

This is how to watch NHL All Star online with a VPN service.

Get ready for the 2023 edition of NHL (National Hockey League) official All-Star game.

It is scheduled to take place on February 4 , 2023, at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise Florida USA.

Official sources say that the likes of CBC and Sportsnet in Canada and NBC Sports in the United States of America will broadcast the whole event.

This guide will show you how to watch 2023 NHL all-star game abroad.

How to watch 2023 NHL All-Star Game

Let’s get this out of the way very quickly.

The tool that we will use to teach you how to watch 2023 NHL All-Star game abroad is a VPN.

With that out of the way, the thing you need to know about the latest edition of NHL All-Star game is that it is the fifth one in a row as far as All-Star games are concerned (a total of 66 games have already been played).

The format will follow a total of four teams which will go 3 v 3 in a single-elimination round.

More specifically, a single team will have the opportunity to represent its own division.

Currently, the National Hockey League has a total of 4 divisions.

As mentioned before as well, CBC and NBC Sports will do the honors of broadcasting the entire event.

That means, if you do not live in the United States of America or even Canada then you will not get the opportunity to stream the game.

That is a real bummer for everyone living abroad.

Of course, that won’t be a problem for you now since this guide will teach you to use a VPN service to watch 2021 NHL all-star game abroad.

With respect to using a VPN, we want you to convince yourself that there is really no way for you neither for anyone else to watch NHL all-star game abroad without the use of a VPN service.

It is pretty much impossible.

So do not waste your time in researching methods that only want your clicks and your sensitive data.

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

This service works pretty flawlessly by connecting the user’s Internet-enabled device with one of the company’s own VPN servers which can be located in any country around the world.

It is you, the user, who decides the location of the VPN server.


But mostly it depends on the type of content you want to watch.

For example, a US server will allow you to have access to US-based streaming services and content while a VPN server that is located in the United Kingdom will allow access to streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and other content from websites such as Sky Sports and more.

Once you have formed a connection to the internet with the help of your VPN service, then you can rest assured that all of your online internet traffic would be forced to go through an encrypted tunnel.

The encrypted tunnel would also provide you with a new IP address.

Your new IP address would be the IP address of the VPN server that you have connected to.

As a result of having a new IP address in the country of your choice, you will suddenly become more than eligible to have access to all the content that the country to which you have changed your IP address to has to offer to users.

This is basically how everything works.

Now, give a read to our step-by-step guide on how to watch any given channel from any given country with the help of a VPN service.

  1. The first step is going to the official website of the VPN service that you like and sign up for a package that suits your needs.
    Our research shows that the best VPN to watch NHL all-star game this year is IPVanish.
    to sign up for IPVanish at a discount from the official website.
  2. After completing the previous step, you need to download the official VPN app for your system or streaming device.
  3. Then you need to install that VPN app on your system and/or streaming device.
  4. When that is done, you must launch the official VPN application.
  5. After that, you must pick our a server that is located in Canada or America.
    And then connect to it to change your IP address to the corresponding country.
  6. The final step is to unlock all the channels that are going to stream NHL all-star game anywhere on the map.

Again, if you want to make sure that you are able to stream and unblock everything and also have a good streaming experience then we recommend that you sign up for IPVanish as your primary VPN service provider.

The other benefit of using a VPN service like IPVanish is that you can easily avoid those irritating NHL blackouts and other restrictions.

Of course, you are free to make up your own mind by taking a look at some of the other VPN services that we have found to be effective when it comes to watching NHL All-Star game abroad.

These VPN services are as follows,

  1. IPVanish (the best one)
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. BulletVPN

Best way to watch NHL All-Star game 2021 with a good Smart DNS service.


As mentioned before the official NHL All-Star game along with skills event will officially be broadcasted in Canada by CBC and by NBC in the United States of America.

However, what about those hockey fans who live outside Canada or outside the US?

Don’t they deserve to watch NHL All-Star game abroad as well?

We have already mentioned the fact that a VPN service can easily take care of all these problems.

A VPN service can help you unlock all of the channels that you may want to see.

What we haven’t mentioned so far is that apart from a VPN service, a Smart DNS service can also do that.

A Smart DNS can perform equal to a good VPN service in terms of anonymity and speed.

But the majority of the times, you will find that a Smart DNS service is able to operate faster in the real world.

Why is that?

We’ll tell you why.

It is because a Smart DNS service does not encrypt your data as a VPN does.

Instead of encrypting your data, it only reroutes your internet traffic through one of its own remote and pre-designated servers.

This is the way a Smart DNS service helps users just like you to change their geolocation and access any type of content that they want.

Additionally, a smart DNS service does not really change your original IP address.

But the good thing about Smart DNS is that it does not require you to install any kind of software on your streaming device.

If you want to watch NHL All-Star game 2021 with the help of a Smart DNS service then you need to follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. The first step is to go to the official website of your favorite Smart DNS service and then sign up for the package that you feel is good for you.
    We recommend that you sign up for StrongDNS via StrongVPN.
    StrongVPN is currently offering StrongDNS as a free add-on to its VPN service.
    In other words, this is the ideal time to get a hold of both StrongVPN and StrongDNS for the same price.
    to subscribe to StrongVPN (and thus StrongDNS) from the official website and that too at a discount.
  2. Then you need to follow the instructions that StrongVPN has given on its site on how to configure StrongDNS on your system or on your streaming device.
  3. After that, you should visit any of the two NHL streaming channels that we have mentioned above.
  4. The last step is to simply start watching and enjoying the official and legal broadcast of NHL All-Star game in 2021.

Again, if you want to save time and effort along with money then you need to sign up for a proxy service that is reliable.

Our research shows that you will be better off with a Smart DNS like StrongDNS.

to sign up for StrongDNS via StrongVPN from the official website right here and right now.

We have also come to know that StrongDNS is more or less the ideal Smart DNS proxy service for those online users who are looking to unblock content and also bypass all sorts of geo-restrictions which are becoming so widespread across the world of the internet.

Our research shows that StrongDNS (via StrongVPN) is able to unblock almost all channels that you could ever wish to see.

Moreover, StrongDNS also comes with a money-back guarantee.

So you do not have to take any risk while signing up for StrongDNS via StrongVPN.

Conclusion: How to watch NHL All-Star game 2021

In the end, we would remind you again that the official NHL All-Star game 2023 edition is all set to be played on February 5, 2023.

The exact time will be around 3:00 pm Eastern Time ( of course a lot will depend on the environment leading up to the game).

We are reminding you again that the game will take place on Saturday or Sunday because, in the past, it always took place on Sunday.

The NHL is making some changes this time around.

With our guide and the tools that we have mentioned, you will never have to miss another of your favorite game no matter what your location is on the map.

If you have access to a good VPN service and/or a good Smart DNS proxy service then you have everything that you need to watch NHL All-Star game 2023 abroad.

So what are you waiting for?

Go move.

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