Your Smartphone: How To Know And Find Who Is Tracking You

Do you want to protect your smartphone from hackers and spying agencies? Then follow this guide

When it comes to the modern online world, there is little doubt that you should have security at the top of your priority list.

And you don’t need a computer science degree in order to secure your online presence.

All you need is help.

Help from whom you ask?

Help from a few short codes.

With the help of these codes, you can know more about your smartphone settings.

Then you can work out a plan for your security.

You can also find out if your smartphone messages and other information safe or not.

Most of all though, with the short codes we’re going to tell you, you’ll know for sure if someone is tracking you or not.

Are you ready for this?


Let’s go then.

We have searched the internet and have gathered a list of the most useful and critical short codes for all types of smartphones.


They are all here.

In one article.

We will also give you some instructions on how to know what you want to know since many of us as worries about who is tracking us.

So here we go.


Now, this is truly a special code.

What does this code do?

It will tell you if someone or something is diverting your data, messages and/or calls.

This code will show you the status of all the various types of diversions that may or may not be taking place.

It will also show you the number to which your information is going to.

Most of all you don’t have to go to any other screen.

This code will show you all of the above right on your smartphone screen.

So who is this function for?

Well, you can use it if you want to and there is nothing wrong with that.

But our research shows that this code is for parents and/or jealous partners.

They can set up this function in order to protect their loved ones.

Parents can protect their kids while you can protect yourself from spam or even criminals.

This function is especially great for elderly people.

If you, just like some elderly people, lend your smartphone to a stranger on the street, even if for a single call, then you need to check your smartphone with this code.

Strangers who are actually spying hackers can steal your information and can put that information at risk because they might know where you live.

Hackers might even know who your family and friends are.

They may also know your online habits and of course, daily activities.

We have even seen cases where hackers can gain intimate knowledge about a person’s financial circumstances as well.

Hackers can pass all these pieces of information to criminals.


There are tons of ways someone could try to track you. You must know how to know if someone is tracking you

If you feel that someone is redirecting your data, messages, and calls, then dial this code from your smartphone in order to find out more.

Moreover, if you have an inkling that your contacts can’t connect to you via messages, calls or other online messaging services, then you need this code.

There is a strong chance that someone is redirecting your voice calls.

Most of the time, it is your smartphone operator’s number to which your voice calls are redirected to.


This code is a pretty useful code.

What does it do?

It switches off any and all forms of hidden redirection away from your smartphone.

If you want to use the roaming feature on your smartphone, it is a good idea to use this code before you do so.

Moreover, this code will also help you save some money.

After using this code, you won’t have to pay for your calls which your operator redirects to your voice mail by default.


This code can help you the most in case you lose your smartphone.

With this code, you can find your exact International Mobile Equipment Identifier or IMEI.

If someone steals your smartphone and you have noted down this number then you can find your smartphone again.

When your stolen smartphone is turned on, your network operator automatically receives the location of your smartphone.

And that holds true even if the person who has your smartphone uses a different SIM card.

What happens if someone other than you knows your smartphone’s IMEI number?

Well, they can find a lot about the technical specifications of your smartphone.

They can also know the model and make of your smartphone.

Say Hello To The Ultimate James Bond Code

You can find the location of your smartphone from any corner of the world. You just need to learn how.

Did you know that smartphones have this special codes that enable anyone to track your current location?

Moreover, some special codes can also show if you someone is following you.

But hang on just a minute.

Before you know that information you will have to install a utility netmonitor.

To do so, type the following codes on your smartphone,

If you have an iPhone then type,


If you have an Android smartphone type,


If you have an Android smartphone and the above code doesn’t work for you then type,


After doing so, you must perform the following steps,

  1. First, go to your smartphone’s UMTS Cell Environment section.
    After that, make your way to UMTS RR info
    And then note down everything under the heading Cell ID.
    What are these numbers?
    Well, they as basically numbers for local stations that are located near your location.
    Smartphones automatically, or should we say by default, connect to the base station that emits the best possible signal
  2. Now you need to go back to your main menu.
    And click the tab that says MM info.
    Now you need to click where it says Serving PLMN.
  3. After that, you must note down all the numbers that exist under the heading Local Area Code or LAC.
  4. Now you should have two numbers from the previous three steps.
    You need to use those two numbers and this website you can actually calculate the location of your smartphone on the map.
    In reality, though, you will only know the location of the base station that your smartphone is connected to at that moment, but at least something is better than nothing.

But there are some suspicious base stations as well.

These are the ones that are mobile.

Mobile base stations are actually large antennas that are placed on a small truck or even a bus.
Sometimes, people use these vehicles in places where is there is very little internet coverage.
But if you see one of these near your location and you live in a city then it is highly likely that someone is trying to spy on someone or even you.

There has to be a logical reason for a mobile base station near your location.

Otherwise, be on your guard.

Should You Use An Antivirus Software For Your Smartphone?

Hackers and criminals can spy on you, your home and your family. So prepare now.


If you happen to have an Android smartphone then you must regularly check your smartphone for potential viruses.

The most dangerous virus that can infect your smartphone device is known as PlaceRaider.

Media reports say that some American smartphone experts developed this virus.

They developed it so that they could show to people how vulnerable our smartphones really are.

Once the PlaceRaider infects a device, it takes a logical series of pictures of the smartphone’s surrounding area, just like a Trojan.

Then it creates a detailed 3D model of the place where the user is located.

This Trojan then searches for any form of internet connection nearby.

And then connects to that network.

Then it sends the gathered data to whoever is controlling the Trojan.

It can send all of your smartphone’s data to a hacker.

PlaceRaider can also steal your passwords and send them to hackers as well.

Secret Services And How They Listen In On You Via Your Smartphone

  • Cell phone operators cooperate with national security agencies in almost all countries of the world.
    These cell phone operators also provide other information to national security agencies.
    They can do so for any of their company’s customers.
    Of course, national security agencies first have to show these cell phone operators a warrant.
    Only a court can issue this warrant so law-abiding citizens have nothing to worry about.
    However, if cell phones operators want to, they can provide government agencies data from any user’s previous three months usage.
  • If a security agency has tapped your smartphone, you won’t know it until it is too late.
    But what if your smartphone makes weird noises while you engage in a conversation with your contact?
    What if your smartphone loses its battery percentage a bit too quickly?
    What if it also overheats rapidly?
    And what if your smartphone restarts unexpectedly?
    Well, that means that you need to go to a repairman and get your smartphone fixed.
    In other words, there are no telltale signs that a security agency is listening in on your conversations.
  • Phone conversations are usually useless.
    Because people don’t talk about anything important.
    So agencies or hackers who want to listen in to your phone calls don’t have any incentive to do so.
    It is much more productive for them to set up special bug devices.
    They place these bug devices in their target’s home.
    You can use radio wave detectors in order to find out if there are bugs present in your home or building.

How To Protect Your Smartphone From Spies And Criminals?

Don’t use messaging apps which are not secure.

In other words, stay away from Whatsapp and Viber.

Use messaging apps which are completely shut from outsiders.

We’re talking about apps such as,

You should always have a clear understanding of what information you want to share with others.

Don’t allow everyone unlimited access to your sensitive information.

Believe it or not, by not everyone needs your phone number.

And yes, no one really needs to know about your family either.

Don’t let information about your loved ones roam around either.

And don’t let everyone access your lifestyle details.

You need to exercise great caution when uploading pictures of children.

More tips below,

  • Never install programs that you don’t know anything about.
    Don’t do it for your computer and certainly not your smartphone.
    Always keep a close eye on which apps you have downloaded and installed on your smartphone.
    IF possible, then always use multiple security locks.
    If you think a link is unsafe, then don’t click on it.
    Moreover, don’t just go ahead and connect your smartphone to the notorious free charging points.
  • Remember, the only entity that can provide you tracking services is your cell phone operators.
    And no one else.
    And even your cell phone operators can’t do it if you don’t give them your explicit approval.
  • Don’t fall for websites that promise you to find the location of other people from your smartphone.
    These type of sites are always criminal in nature.
    So stay away from them.


Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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      Did you install netmonitor or not?

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