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How to Watch CTV Outside Canada (The Comprehensive Guide)

CTV is great. And that’s why we have come up with the perfect way to watch CTV outside Canada.

CTV is one of the more popular Canadian broadcast television networks in Canada.

CTV Canada (or CTV as most refer to it) first came onto the scene on October 01, 2961.

That was 56 years ago.

Bell Media group owns the channel and as we have mentioned before, CTV Canada is ranked amongst the top elite TV channels as far as Canada goes in terms of number of viewers.

Not only does Bell Media group own CTV, the group also operates other CTV related entities too.

That includes CTV versions such as the much-viewed 24 hour CTV News national Canada.

So what is so good about CTV?

Why do so many people view this channel?

CTV has a great programming team behind it.

And the channel’s programs have ensured that CTV channel has kept the top spot in the ranking since 2002.

Just because the channel has the name CTV Canada doesn’t mean that it doesn’t show any other type of content from other countries.

In fact, CTV has many programs from the US.

But it is true that CTV does tend to focus on local TV shows that are made in Canada.

Along with TV shows, CTV also broadcasts other types of entertainment such as,

  • Movies
  • Sports events
  • Local and national news

The best thing about the whole package is that you get every type of content on the same channel.

You don’t need to subscribe to a ton of channels in order to view the most important events in any given industry or sport.

With CTV Canada, you can view all of them at the same place and in a convenient way.

As mentioned before, CTV can thank its roots for its millions of viewers.

The channel started to offer users premium content about six decades ago.

And there aren’t many other Canadian channels that have such experience behind their operations.

In fact, CTV Canada is one of the oldest and longest running broadcast channel in the country’s entire history.

If You Don’t Live In Canada, You Can’t Watch CTV. How To Bypass Geo-Restrictions In Order To Watch CTV Canada Live Stream?

The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how good or bad a TV channel is, if you don’t live in the right place you should always expect some type of geo-restrictions.

Most of the premium channels around the world of TV restrictions that prohibit users from certain regions from viewing their content at certain times.

Why do they do it?

There are many reasons for that.

Some of which we will discuss in this super guide on how to watch CTV outside Canada.

But the thing about geo-restrictions is that no one likes them.

What should you do if you can’t watch your favorite channel from the comfort of your home or your office or even your vacation spot?

Well, you have to learn how to bypass these restrictions.

That is the only way you can watch all of your favorite movies, sports events, and TV shows.

This is where services such as VPN and proxy come in.

You can also use other methods to watch CTV outside Canada.

By that, we mean that in addition to a VPN service provider, you can use Kodi to watch CTV outside Canada.

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other ways to watch CTV outside Canada.

There are many, actually.

But the ones we’ll teach you in this guide are the best ones that don’t waste your time and are easy to implement.

These two ways are as follows,

  • Use a VPN service to watch CTV outside Canada
  • Use Kodi to watch CTV outside Canada.

Remember, these two are your best shots to watch CTV outside Canada.

If you don’t know what these two services do or how they work, then don’t worry, we’ll come to each one later in this guide.

For now, you only need to know that VPN services along with media players such as Kodi help users to view channels like CTV outside Canada and other countries.

They can enable users to evade all the geo-restrictions that content producers apply to their content.

In this way, users get to watch their favorite shows anywhere and anytime they want to.

As mentioned before, VPN services and proxy services are different things.

But generally speaking, VPN services are more secure and safe than proxy services.

VPN services not only unblock your favorite TV channels, they also enable users to use unlimited bandwidth.

These features can come in real handy when you want to watch CTV outside Canada via live streaming.

VPN services protect your data and hide your identity in the online world.

They accomplish that feat with strong encryption technologies.

Can You watch CTV outside Canada?

watch CTV outside Canada
CTV provides more than just Canadian TV shows

Not if you don’t know about the methods we will teach you in this guide.


That is indeed sad.

But you have to get to grips with the reality that if you don’t live in Canada then you can’t watch CTV.

Only Canadian residents are allowed to watch CTV.

To watch CTV outside Canada you will need to have a Canadian IP address.

Otherwise, there is no way to access CTV live stream outside Canada.

Don’t waste your time in trying out other methods that don’t work to being with.

If you want to watch CTV live stream outside Canada, you need to try out methods that work and have stood the test of time.

And you can’t play the waiting game because CTV Canada limitations and restrictions aren’t likely to go away anytime soon.

So if you are a foreign viewer then you need to know that all of these restrictions apply to you by default.

That is, you can’t access any CTV programs if you don’t live in Canada.

If you try to go to the official CTV website and try to watch something you will get an error.

You see, the algorithms behind the official CTV website can determine your IP address.

Once they do, they apply country-specific filters.

These filters are the reason that people can’t watch CTV outside Canada.

CTV Canada Best Programs

If we rank TV channels by the amount of entertainment they provide to their users, then there aren’t many TV channels that can outrank CTV Canada.

In other words, CTV Canada is really good when it comes to ensuring that viewers have a good time as long as they are tuned in to CTV Canada.

As mentioned before, just because the channel is called CTV Canada doesn’t mean that it only offers Canadian made shows.

It also shows some very popular American TV shows.

And then there are those other random, but good, TV programs that all viewers can enjoy.

CTV Channel also has a good amount of variety in its content library.

Right now, CTV allows users to watch all sorts of entertainment content such as,

  • Movies
  • Sports
  • News
  • TV shows
  • Thrillers
  • Sitcoms
  • Documentaries

That is the reason why millions of viewers tune in to watch CTV every month.

You can watch CTV either on your TV or via CTV Canada live stream

CTV Canada has also made sure that more and more people can tune into its transmissions.

For that reason, the people working behind CTV Canada have made sure that people can tune in to CTV Canada via their mobile smartphones as well as other mobile devices.

If you want to live stream CTV Canada then it would probably help if you know the best Canadian shows that are on offer.

Here is the list that we think can provide you with some good old great entertainment value,

The Amazing Race Canada

Yes, the show is called The Amazing Race Canada.

Believe it or not but there are tons of interesting shows in the world other than Game of Thrones and Westworld.

The Amazing Race Canada is basically a reality game show.

It takes a lot of inspiration from other American TV shows such as The Amazing Race.

In the show, you have around nine teams that consist of two individual players each.

These two individuals are somehow and someway always related to each other.

So what about the race then?

The race actually takes place in stages.

Most of the time, the organizers divide the race into multiple legs.

The team that wins the grand prize gets to own two Chevrolets along with $250,000 worth of money and, of course, ultimate Air Canada sponsored air travel time.

Now, you know what you can win when you take part in The Amazing Race Canada.

So it should make sense why this show is so popular among Canadians as well as international viewers.

The official Twitter account of The Amazing Race Canada has over 55,000 followers.

If you follow The Amazing Race Canada on Twitter, you’ll save yourself a lot of time by not having to search for all the latest updates on the show.


Another show that is great to watch on CTV Canada live stream is Motive.

The show is basically a police procedural drama TV series.

It started in 2013 and aired its final episode sometime in 2016.

Some sources ranked Motive as the best Canadian season premiere when the show came on the scene back in 2013.

The show managed to have 1.23 million viewers on the day it premiered.

Those numbers show that Motive actually had tremendous entertainment value.

What’s the story of the show?

The story basically revolves around one person.

Or more specifically, one single mother.

But this isn’t just any average single mother.

This character is a Detective.

Detective Angie, more precisely.

She is one detective who likes to work.

And that’s what the show is about:

Detective Angie working on multiple cases and investigating different cases involving murder and what not.

MasterChef Canada


Finally, Canadian viewers too can know what the mystery box challenge is all about.

Still didn’t get it?

Of course, we are referring to the show that goes by the name of MasterChef Canada.

The first season of MasterChef Canada premiered in the year 2014.

And just like all its other iterations, the show basically follows Canadian chefs and tests them with different culinary challenges until only one remains.

Who judges them in this show?

Well, MasterChef Canada has three judges.

They are,

  • Claudio Aprile
  • Michael Bonacini
  • Alvin Leung

Again, if you want to know about the latest happenings with the show, you are better off subscribing to their official Twitter account.

The Twitter account usually has all the information regarding updates and on/off set content related to MasterChef Canada.

CTV Canada News

This is the channel you want to have a look at if you are interested in consuming daily updates of all the important stuff that is happening around the globe.

Of course, there are tons of other channels that give you news as well, but CTV Canada is different.

It is different because it changes the flavor of the same pieces of news so that it appeals more to the Canadian audience.

CTV Canada News has several bureaus around the world.

And that is what ensures that CTV Canada news doesn’t miss out on any single headline-worthy news story.

The channel has some national programs as well.

Some of which are,

  • CTV National News
  • Question Period
  • Canada AM
  • W5

As mentioned before, you don’t need to have access to your TV if you want to view anything and everything CTV has to offer.

You can take advantage of CTV Canada live stream if you want to watch it from someplace other than your home.

But again, if you are outside Canada then you can’t watch CTV.

As mentioned before, if you want to make sure that you can watch CTV outside Canada then make use of the two methods that we mentioned above.

Now, we will take this opportunity and discuss each of them turn by turn.

How To watch CTV outside Canada With A VPN Service

A VPN service is a great way to watch CTV outside Canada.

We have already mentioned the fact that CTV Canada knows your IP address.

And when it knows that you are not in Canada, it blocks your access to its content.

So what do you need to do?

It’s obvious.

You need to find a way to change your IP address so that CTV Canada thinks that you are from Canada.

This is what a VPN service will do for you in this case.

VPN services allow users to trick streaming services such as CTV Canada to think that you are from Canada.

That way you can make use of CTV Go App along with its website to watch CTV outside Canada.

In short, you don’t have to have physical presence in Canada to watch CTV outside Canada if you know how to use a VPN service.

That is what we will teach you now.

First, you should know that VPN services mainly come in the form of software applications.

You install these software applications on your computer machine.

Most of the time, these VPN services can cost users between $6 to $10 per month.

If you sign up with a VPN service provider for at least one year then usually qualify for a huge discount.

How To Get The Best VPN Service

Because so many people want to watch CTV outside Canada, there are hundreds of VPN service providers in the market today.

Only a few of them are worth your money.

The main purpose of any VPN service is to unblock content and protect the user’s privacy.

As mentioned before, VPN services do that by changing the user’s IP address.

This is just a small part of how VPN services protect user privacy.

Now, users have a lot of choices when it comes to subscribing to a VPN service provider.

And sometimes, the whole process of signing up for a VPN service provider becomes daunting.

We’re here to save you all the headaches though.

We have researched and reviewed hundreds of VPN service providers.

Our research tells us that IPvanish is the best VPN service provider in the industry today.

Especially if you want to watch CTV outside Canada.

All you have to do now is to sign up for IPVanish.

You can do that by

Remember, IPVanish is the best VPN service provider for a reason.

It is fast, reliable, secure, relatively cheap and well-reputed.

Plus, all of its packages come with a money-back guarantee.

So users don’t have to take any risk when they are signing up for a VPN service provider like IPVanish.

How To Use A VPN Service To Watch CTV Outside Canada With CTV Go

As mentioned before, first you have to sign up for a package.

You can do that by going to the official website of any VPN service provider or IPVanish if you want to take our advice.

After that, you need to download the official VPN app from the official VPN website.

Remember that you must download the app that is suited to your operating system or favorite mobile device.

That is, the device that you want to use for live stream CTV outside Canada.

IPvanish has dedicated apps for Mac and Windows along with every other major platform.

So if you want to use IPVanish on your desktop computer then you will have to download the Windows or Mac version of IPVanish VPN app.

And if you want to use IPVanish on your mobile then you should probably check out IPVanish VPN app on Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store.

To do that just go to the official Google Play Store site or Apple App Store site and search for IPVanish in there.

Of course, you’ll have to search for a different VPN service provider if you did not sign up for IPVanish.

After you have successfully downloaded the right VPN app, you have to install it on your system.

That is extremely simple nowadays since Google Play Store and App Store would automatically install the app for you.

For Windows and Mac, you will have to run the downloaded executable VPN app file on your machine.

After you have installed the app you need to run it.

When you run the VPN app, the VPN app will ask you for your login and password information.

You should have received these when you signed up for your VPN service provider.

So re-check your welcome or confirmation email.

After that, you must connect to a VPN server that is based in Canada.


Because you want to watch CTV outside Canada.

Hence you need to make sure that the CTV website thinks you are from Canada.

The only way to do that is to change your IP address to a Canadian one.

A VPN server will do that for you.

Hence, you must connect to a VPN server that is located in Canada.

And that is it.

Now all you have to do is go to the official CTV website and start watching the content you want to watch.

More On Apps

The apps in and of themselves are pretty easy to use nowadays.

If you are using a premium VPN service provider such as IPvanish, then the process of watching CTV outside Canada is simply:

Login and then connect to a Canadian server.

That’s it.

However, if you wish to watch CTV outside Canada on your Windows or Mac machine then the process is slightly different.

Not complicated, but different.

The Thing You Should Know About VPN Servers

Every VPN service provider is different, so for the purposes of this section, we’ll assume that you are using IPVanish.

You have to understand one rule here:

The further your original location is from your VPN server, the slower your streaming experience.

Hence, in order to not have a bad streaming experience, you must connect to a VPN server that is closest to your current physical location.

That could mean different things for people living in different regions of the world.

For example, if you are using IPvanish, and you install its VPN app and then log in, then you need to select a server from the location given to you in order to change your IP address.

Of course, as we have mentioned before, you need to connect to a Canadian server.

But you have to connect to one that is closest to your location.

For people living in Africa or Europe, the best Canadian VPN server could be on the east side of Canada.

If someone from the US wants to watch CTV outside Canada then that user would have to connect to a Canadian VPN server that lies on the west coast of Canada in order to have the best streaming experience.

Once you have connected to your preferred VPN server, then all you need to do is to launch the CTV Go app.

Or, you can also make your way to CTV Go website.

It all depends on the user.

As mentioned before, with a VPN server you will have no problems in streaming CTV outside Canada.

All those shows and TV series that you couldn’t watch before, you can now.

And that too from the comfort of your original location.

How To Watch CTV Outside Canada Using Kodi

Using Kodi in order to watch all the sweet stuff on CTV is a fantastic idea.

Kodi is the only open source media player that you need if you want to watch CTV outside Canada.

Now, before we begin the tutorial, know that Kodi itself can’t do anything.

You have to install the right Kodi add-ons in order to watch CTV outside Canada on Kodi.

If you want to know how to install Kodi for PC and Android then click here.

And if you would rather run Kodi via USB on your PC or Mac, then click here.

Now with that out of the way, let’s get to how to watch CTV outside Canada on Kodi.

What you need is the Made in Canada Kodi add-on.

More specifically though, you need to know how to install Made in Canada Kodi add-on.

It is a great Kodi addon if you want to view content that airs on Canadian channels.

The best thing about this addon is that it doesn’t just show CTV Canada content.

It takes content from many other Canadian channels as well.

To install Made in Canada Addon, follow the guide below,

  1. Run Kodi
  2. Go to the main menu
  3. Then go to System
  4. And then to File Manager
  5. After that hit Add Source
  6. And then None
  7. After that, input the following piece of text in its exact form, https://archive.org/download/repository.mic.
    Then hit Done
  8. Now, look at the box below the box that said None.
    You should see the text that says Enter a name for this media Source.
    In this box, you need to enter MIC.
    And then hit OK.
  9. After that make your back to your Kodi home screen
  10. And then to go System again
  11. Then to Add-ons
  12. And then choose Install from zip file
  13. Then hit MIC
  14. And then select MIC repository
  15. After that, you need to wait a bit before Kodi shows you the notification for add-on enabled.

And that is it.

You have Made in Canada on your Kodi system and cannot only watch CTV outside Canada but much more.

To access your Kodi addon you have to go to your Kodi home screen and then to System and then to Add-ons.

Then simply click the Made in Canada option to start watching.

You May Need to Install FM4 Tester To Watch CTV Outside Canada on Kodi With Made In Canada Kodi Addon

Here is how to do that,

  1. Run Kodi
  2. Go to the main menu
  3. Then go to System
  4. And then to File Manager
  5. After that hit Add Source
  6. And then select None.
    When you do that you should have a text field ready for an input.
    Type https://mediarepos.net/kodistuff (No longer available) in there.
    And then hit Done
  7. After that go to the box below the NONE box.
    It should say something like enter a name for this media source.
    Once you click on it, you should input Kodistuff in there.
    And then hit OK.
  8. After that, you need to make your way back to home screen.
  9. And then select System.
  10. Again go to Add-ons
  11. And then to install from Zip file
  12. Then hit Kodistuff
  13. And then choose repository.smash-x-x-x.zip
  14. Then you need to wait again for the add-on enabled message.
  15. After you have received the message, choose Install from repository
  16. And then choose Smash repository
  17. Then go to Video Add-ons
  18. And select F4Mtester
  19. Then hit install
  20. And then show some patience again for the add-on enabled message to appear

And that is it again.

Your Kodi setup has now installed F4M Tester.

Now you should have no problems when trying to watch CTV outside Canada on Kodi.

Another Way To Watch CTV Outside Canada

Kodi is great to watch any channel from any place on earth. But you have to tinker with it a bit.

For this next method, you will first have to install the Podgod repository.

Then you will need to install CanTVLive.

After that, to view streams via CanTVLive you will need to install and then setup P2P streams on your Kodi setup.

We’ll go through the three stages one by one.

Let’s go.

How To Install PodGod Repository

  1. Run Kodi
  2. Go to the main menu
  3. Make your way to System
  4. And then to File Manager
  5. Then choose Add source
  6. And then choose None
  7. After that type this: https://fusion.tvaddons.ag (Defunct) in the text field.
    And hit Done
  8. Then look at the box below the NONE box where it says Enter a name for this media source.
    Type Fusion in there.
  9. Then hit OK
  10. After that go to your Kodi home screen
  11. And then to SYSTEM
  12. And then to Add-ons.
  13. After that go to Install from zip file
  14. Then select Fusion
  15. And then choose Kodi-repos
  16. After that hit english
  17. And then choose respository.podgod-x.x.zip
  18. Then wait for a bit before Kodi shows you the add-on enabled message on your Kodi screen.

You now have podgod repo on your Kodi.

Next step is to install CanTVLive (after that we will tackle the problem of enabling P2P streams on Kodi).

How To Install CanTVLive On Kodi

If you followed the guide so far then you should have Podgod repository on your Kodi system.

You have it?


Let’s go to the next step.

Now you must install CanTVLive on your Kodi device.

This is the best Kodi addon if you want to watch CTV outside Canada

To do that, follow the below steps,

  1. You have podgod on your Kodi. So now you just need to go to System
  2. And then scroll down a bit to select add-ons.
  3. Then choose Get Add-ons.
  4. And then select Kodi Podgod repo.
  5. After that hit Video Add-ons
  6. And then choose CanTVLive
  7. Then click on Install

And that’s it.

You can do to your Kodi add-on section and start your journey to watch CTV outside Canada.

Actually, before you do that, there is one more thing you need to do.

That is, enable P2P streams on Kodi.

Read the next section to learn how to do that.

How To Install And Then Configure P2P Streams On Your Kodi

If you try to play something on CanTVLive the first time you open it, it will give you an error.

To make that go away you must install P2P streams on Kodi.

Here is how to do that.

  1. Go to  and download the repo.
    Remember, you must save the file at a convenient place so that you won’t forget.
  2. Then you must run Kodi
  3. Then go to System
  4. After that go to Add-ons
  5. And then make your way to Install from zip file option
  6. It is here that you will need to go to the same place where you downloaded the file from step 1.
    When you have found the downloaded file, you must choose repository.p2p-streams.xbmc-1.0.4.zip.
  7. Now all you need to do is wait for that special add-on enabled message
  8. Then choose Get add-ons
  9. And then select p2p-streams repository
  10. After that click on Video Add-ons
  11. And then choose p2p-streams
  12. When you are done with that, you must select Install

If you followed the above steps correctly, Kodi should install P2P streams and PYTZ along with MECHANIZE.

However, you’re not done yet.

You see, even if you have P2P Streams Kodi addon on your system, you still need to tweak it a bit before it will start to work.

To do that, follow the below guide,

  1. Go all the way back to your Kodi home screen
  2. Then hit Videos
  3. And then Add-ons
  4. This step is a bit off-putting so pay attention.
    What you need to do is to locate the option that says p2p-streams but not click on it.
    Just highlight it.
  5. Then open up the Context menu with C on your faithful keyboard.
    To do it with a mouse, right click on the option.
    If you want to use your Kodi remote, then press the Menu button.
    After you have done that, choose Add-on settings
  6. Then to go General.
    When you get there, enable Download modules on boot option
  7. You should see something like Lists/Parsers.
    Here you must select Run a python script
  8. When you do that, you must type this: https://bit.ly/allparsers (no longer available)
    Then hit Done
  9. And then select OK.

The setup is as good as complete.


Plexus is not working at the moment. So the above method may not work. Try the first two methods with Kodi.

Always Use A VPN Service With Kodi

Kodi is open source and that allows users to stream any content on it.

Even the copyrighted on.

Hence you may get into trouble while watching copyrighted stuff on Kodi.

But you may not.

In either case, to stay on the safe side you should use a VPN service provider.

With a VPN service, no one would know what you are doing online.

Hence you internet service provider along with government agencies would not be able to monitor you.

And that is great if you don’t want them to know what shows you are watching on Kodi.

IPVanish is the best for this purpose.

It is one of the few VPN service providers that is fast, reliable, secure and works with all Kodi add-ons.

To sign up for Kodi right now for the official website


CTV Canada is a premium broadcast channel.

But people outside Canada can’t watch it.

To watch CTV outside Canada you must,

  • Use a VPN service
  • Or use Kodi

Both methods work fine.

For both methods, we suggest that you use a VPN service.

IPvanish is the one we recommend because it is the best and most secure.

to sign up for IPVanish from the official website right now.

On a side note, in order to get every feature and addon possible on kodi and to not get sued if you accidentally watch something pirated, you need a VPN. You can find the 5 best VPN’s for Kodi here.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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